People RISING UP against 5G in Burlington, Petaluma, San Rafael, Booneville (Arkansas) and other towns!

December 26, 2019

Never lose heart. We need to fight this evil (among others) through this coming year.


From Les Jamieson:
Hello all,
Here is recent news about citizens in Burlington, VT specifying certain standards be met for “small cells”. 

Also, I urge everyone to see the bill passed in New Hampshire to establish a commission to study 5G. It’s only about 3 pages long, but quite comprehensive in its scope. The only thing I found missing is having experts report on the benefits of fiber optic networks over wireless.

Here’s the link:

I’ve also attached it here. Next, there’s another major legal action happening led by a telecom analyst with 37 years experience, Bruce Kushnick. It focuses on billions in Verizon overcharges. This money was supposed to pay for fiber optic infrastructure, but Verizon stopped and switched to wireless without advising its customers, getting approval by regulators, etc. It’s all at

Let’s make 2020 the year we achieve full accountability from the telecoms, the FCC, the financial moguls lusting for a 5G gold rush, and the media prostitutes blindly promoting wireless radiation putting the planet in peril. 


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