Will Boris Johnson “win” the American way—by stealing his “election”?

Let’s hope not; but this is from a good friend over there, who learned this from a source she trusts:

Already over a million postal votes (ballots sent by mail) have gone missing.

Bojo will win the election because many voters have not received their vote- by-mail ballots (there are many disabled who are shut-ins, so can’t get outto vote), and overseas UK citizens will not receive their ballots by mail in time to send them in.

This will be the worst election in British history, in terms of counting votes and/or allowing those cast to be counted, but it will all be covered up.

If this does happen, the cover-up will work if Corbyn just rolls over, as Gore, Kerry and Sanders did in 2000, 2004 and 2016 respectively.


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