The Tory “victory” has Dr. Goebbels grinning in the flames

Here Caitlin Johnstone nails the epic smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, who was overwhelmingly “defined,” throughout the British (and US) press, as both a Kremlin tool and closet Nazi, with a “long history of embracing virulent anti-Semites”—two slanders that, by no coincidence, have been used expertly, and widely, Over Here. Thus Corbyn was subjected to the same false, strident and relentless defamation that was one of Dr. Goebbels’ specialties, now routinely used by our CIA-connected “free press,” and its Israeli adjuncts, to “neutralize” dissenters of all kinds, from Jill Stein and (especially) Julian Assange to anyone who criticizes Israel. Thus the US “meddled” zestfully in that election, through organs like (of course) the New York Times, whose view of Corbyn has been just as fair and honest as its view of Bernie Sanders, or Assange, or Bashar al-Assad, or Nicolås Maduro, or whoever else is on the CIA’s shit-list. Yesterday (UK’s Election Day), the Times joined the attack with a ferocious op-ed by Bret Stephens—”A Vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party Is a Vote for Anti-Semitism”—from which I took that bit above, about Corbyn’s “long history” as a Nazi sympathizer.

That excremental screed is really something, coming, as it does, from a newspaper that played down the Holocaust while it was happening, hailed the neo-Nazi junta in Ukraine as a bulwark of “democracy,” and is now blacking out the fascist crackdown in Bolivia—all the while comparing Trump to Hitler, and endlessly deploring “white supremacy” (as well as “anti-Semitism”).

Caitlin is quite right: This disgraceful episode affirms—or, rather, re-affirms—that propaganda works (a fact that’s also evident in the astonishing success of many other campaigns raging now, from the impeachment farce and measles panic to the corporate-driven “climate movement” and transgender cult—just to name a few).

And yet we must be careful not to see such propaganda as the only reason for the Tory sweep, which depended also on election theft—to what degree we don’t yet know, and must find out, through rigorous investigation.


Someone Interfered In The UK Election, And It Wasn’t Russia

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