Sterilization of the masses has a whole new look! (3)

Once upon a time, the champions of (what was called) eugenics in the USA pursued the gradual exterminationof "defective" populations through various state laws allowing outright sterilization programs—measures thatthe Supreme Court, in 1927, deemed right and necessary (in Buck v. Bell, one of its most infamous decisions),and that were then keenly emulated by the Nazis, whose international  pursuit of "race-hygiene," culminatingin the Holocaust, gave eugenics a bad name.

And so those champions of eugenics now rebranded their enterprise as "population control," whereby they'recurrently deploying various tactics far less sinister (apparently) and less coercive (seemingly) than covert sterilization of unwitting subjects. These three pieces each provide a harrowing glimpse into the common planbehind the new and "nicer" versions of the same old genocidal program (which you may find articulated frankly in NSSM 200, drafted by Henry Kissinger, for Richard Nixon, in 1974).

So here's what's coming (first) to India: a birth control injection that will keep innumerable boys and men completely sterile for 13 years—a sort of chemical castration that, although eventually reversible, will last quite long enough to withstand any change of heart by those injected (in their groins). By the time those 13 years are up, the wife of anyone injected will be much less likely to conceive than she had been before the shot. (If this goes through, look for the BJP to push this remedy primarily on India's Muslim population.)

And then there's the experimental program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles—a program funded by the USg overnment—providing cross-sex hormone therapy to children between eight and thirteen years old. Reported (barely) back in April, this study poses grave risks to the physical and mental health of thoseyoung subjects—and, certainly, to their eventual ability to have children of their own.

And then there's the more general push for (what they call) "transgender medicine" on troubled teen swho can get hormone treatment, and breast removal surgery, on demand, at "gender clinics" in Britain and Scandinavia, according to a new book excerpted in The Australian. Where else are such clinics operating, and where else are they on their way?

These are stories (and they're not the only ones) that "our free press," and Hollywood, have buriedor ignored (while hollering indignantly about, say, China's one-child policy). With global birthratesin free fall (e.g.,, we need to ask precisely why that's happening, and to what end: i.e., who benefits. (It certainly is not about survival of the planet, which would benefit far more from the elimination of the world's elites, with all their private jets and many mansions—and the endless warfare that they engineer—than from these strokes of slo-mo genocide.) 


p.s. These are not the only tactics now deployed to whittle down our numbers by the billions. There's also glyphosate and other toxins in our food and water, vaccines known to cause disabling injury and even death, radiation via 5G, and other evils that an actual free press would hammer endlessly, and that real democratic government would ban instead of forcing them on everyone who can't afford to get away from them.

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