Some (inconvenient) facts about “the Jewish media”

Having written lately about Trump’s directive on “combating anti-Semitism,” I thought I’d share another piece of mine on anti-Semitism—the real thing, rather than the Zionist phantasm now being strategically evoked to change the subject from the horror of what Israel’s been doing to the Palestinians. The fact that Zionists use “anti-Semitism” as a club to smack down BDS and other critics of Israeli policy does not mean that there’s no such thing as anti-Semitism, nor does it mean that some of Israel’s critics aren’t actually anti-Semitic—or, to be more accurate, anti-Jewish, or Judaeophobic (as that word, “anti-Semitism,” is misleading, since “Semitic” technically refers to the languages of both the Jews and Arabs).

What I want to share here is something that I wrote to a good friend of mine about a month ago, in trying to explain my strong objection to “The Impeachment Parade of Jews,” a piece she’d circulated, with approval, to her list. In our exchange about it, she offered, by way of evidence for that screed’s soundness, what she regarded as the fact that the media is “inordinately Jewish.”

As it happens, that view is one I tackled over twenty years ago, in a piece for FAIR: “The Jewish Media: The Lie That Won’t Die,” which moved at least one neo-Nazi to a furious online rebuttal that you now won’t find with Google as your guide, it being (genuine) hate speech; but DuckDuckGo has not deep-sixed it, so here’s the link:

Strangely enough, when my friend sent out that Judaeophobic rant on the impeachment, some other neo-Nazi had just contacted me out of the blue, demanding to know if I still stand by the Big Jewish Lie I’d penned for FAIR

Well, I do; and since my friend is definitely not the only left-wing anti-Zionist who takes for granted that the media is one big Jewish plot, as envisioned in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, I think it proper that I share my detailed take on that enduring myth, which is both false and blinding, as I explain below.

Comments welcome, as ever.


Your claim that the media is “inordinately Jewish” is both untrue and irrelevant to how the system works. 

First, while there are many Jews in upper management of US media, the crucial ownership thereof is not. Jeff Bezos isn’t Jewish, nor is Carlos Slim, the biggest individual shareholder in the NYTimes, while the Sulzbergers, who own much of it, are Jews. (Dean Baquet, the NYTimes editor-in-chief, isn’t Jewish, while Marty Baron at the WashPost is). Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corporation owns the Wall Street Journal and the NY Post, among other properties, isn’t Jewish (although I’ve seen claims that he is, because his mother’s name was Esther). Al Neuharth—who started Gannett, owner of USA Today, and the biggest newspaper chain in the US—wasn’t Jewish, nor are there are any Jews on Gannett’s current board of directors, or among its executive leadership. While IAC, which owns Newsweek, and Time magazine, are largely owned by Jews, People magazine, owned by the Meredith Corporation, is not; the Atlantic is owned by David Bradley, whose parents were pious Christian Scientists; Harper’s is owned by a foundation started by Rick MacArthur, who’s not Jewish; Forbes is chaired and run by Steve Forbes (not Jewish), but now owned by an investment company in Hong Kong (not Jewish); Fortune is now owned by a Thai businessman named Chatchaval Jiaravanon (not Jewish); and so on. 

But such ethnic parsing is, as I say, irrelevant to how the system works, inasmuch as (a) most of the Big Media is owned by publicly traded corporations, whose ownership comprises many little shareholders and a few big ones, including institutional investors. CNN, started by Ted Turner(not Jewish), is now owned by AT&T (not Jewish, either in its management of ownership). ABC is owned by Disney, two of whose top five shareholders are Jewish, while the rest is mainly owned by a big slew of mutual funds and hedge funds, some of which have Jews in their top management, while others don’t.* NBC and CBS are each largely owned by Jews (Brian Roberts and Michael Redstone hold majorities of shares in their respective companies), while the CW is jointly owned by AT&T and CBS. Yet NBC and CBS are run no differently than ABC or CNN, in terms of either business practices or world-view. All those companies are owned with an eye on the stock market—and (b) in deference to their major corporate advertisers, which aren’t Jewish.

We could go on to note the ownership of US book publishing (e.g., Penguin Random House owned by the German media giant Bertelsmann, MacMillan owned by the lesser German giant Holtzbrinck, Harper Collins owned by the publicly traded News Corporation, Little, Brown, and several other US imprints, now owned by French media giant Hachette)—and even the big movie studios, which, despite their longtime Jewish management, were, back in the day, accountable to the big banks back in New York (which weren’t Jewish), and which now are, in some cases, largely owned by Jews (like Paramount, owned by Viacom, which SumnerRedstone dominates), while others aren’t—as Sony owns Columbia, and AT&T nowowns Warner Bros. 

What all this detail points to is the crucial fact, or pair of facts, that all “our” media (a) serve the capitalist system, which is not Jewish (although Hitler thought so), and (b) defer to theUS war machine: the CIA and Pentagon, which also are not Jewish. To harp on the ethnicity of certain media shareholders and/or managers, then, only blinds us to how the US media really works—exactly as the major media work in the UK and Germany, and they’re not”Jewish,” either. (I’m halfway through Udo Ulfkotte’s Journalists for Hire, his eye-opening, and long-censored, takedown of the press in Germany, which is also largely managed by the CIA.) 

This is why I think your over-focus on the putative “Jewishness” of US media is so wrong-headed—just as I feel about your view that 9/11 was a Jewish plot (and you may also think that JFK was murdered by “the Jews”). Such arguments—they’re basically just racist arguments—aren’t merely inaccurate, but blinding, in a way that only serves the system, and the state.


*I strongly recommend Peter Phillips’ book The Transnational Capitalist Class, which identifies, precisely, all the members of the “global social stratum” that essentially controls the world economy. The vast majority of those key players are not Jews.

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