Please LOOK at this, and do what’s right.

Look at the photos below—you won't see such images in "our free press"—and then PLEASE help my friend Amal Arafa and her team in Gaza, with whatever sum youcan afford:  

These people are getting maimed and murdered every day, with firm support from both "our" government and media, whose long blackout on this slo-mo genocide is a disgracethat will, one day, be haunting them. Their silence does not absolve us from doing whatwe can to help: on the contrary, it requires us to do what we can. 


From Amal:

These days we are exposed to very harsh situations in our work, which we have been doing for about a year and 10 months

We have been helping the wounded in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the Great Return marches (east of the Gaza Strip). These peaceful marches demand the lifting of the unjust, 14-year siege on the Gaza Strip. In response, the Israeli Zionist army has been injuring and killing demonstrators.

More than 60,000 people were injured in the return marches, and there are some 10,000 seriously injured people, some of whom have lost their feet, hand, eye, or another body part.
Every week we lose one of those infected. On Friday we lost two more of the injured due to the difficulty we faced in their treatment.

We started our mission to treat the wounded in the field under severe danger and heavy shooting. We’ve been exposed to many difficult situations and injuries, as well as killing by the Israeli occupation. The Israeli forces killed more than 10 nurses working in the east of the Gaza Strip and wounded more than 100 other nurses, including 5 from my team. I have personally sustained minor injuries more than once.

Professor Mark’s presence, who began to help us with a group of his friends, has been vital. There are also many friends (such as Simeon, Garth, Dorothy, David, Peugeot, Holm, Sarah, Tim, Ryan, and many of the other names that supported us.)

These days, we are under great pressure and may stop working. The work has become increasingly difficult these days because of the lack of support and the difficult economic conditions within the Gaza Strip (as those who were supporting us from within the Gaza Strip are struggling.)

We need emergency assistance from you to get equipment to help us for months to come so that we don’t have to stop this work of helping the wounded inside the Gaza Strip.

I want to say that we are very sorry for everyone who is bothered by Professor Mark because of this email, but our work is very difficult and requires such requests for donations.

We need support to get gauze, iodine, medicine, some antibiotics and some other tools to help the injured. Thank you.

– Nurses in Gaza Strip

You can support us at the following link


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