Over 26,000 girls and women raising funds for breast removal—and Coca-Cola’s really into it! (2)

This trend—a mass demand for surgical mutilation—is not a sign of progress, nor is it in anyway "progressive" to embrace it, or promote it: on the contrary. On the one hand, it's a highly profitable trend for the medical-industrial complex, which makes millions off those surgeries, despite the copious evidence that they won't leave those who undergo them any happier, and that many will eventually regret them. 

Moreover, this is not a social justice issue, but one aspect of a public health emergency, whose recency should give us pause. Why has the number of teens identifying as "trangender" spiked 4000% over the last ten years (in the UK)? That sudden rise suggeststhat some environmental factor has affected sexual development—such as (for example) the use of atrazine, a pesticide that causes sexual abnormalities in frogs. When scientist Tyrone Hayes made that discovery, noting its possible ill effects on human beings, he was silenced by its maker, agribusiness giant Syngenta.  

(While banned in the EU, atrazine is used in the UK, although the government "controls" releases of the chemical, whatever that means.)  

On the 4000% spike in gender dysphoria: 

On the silencing of Tyrone Hayes:

Far from treating this dysphoria epidemic as a public health concern, US elites are applauding it, and thereby pushing it—as in a bizarre new Sprite commercial thatpitches not that soda per se but breast-binding. (Scroll down.) Why on earth would Coca-Cola (Sprite's owner) pitch their product in that way? That's not a rhetoricalquestion.

One last point: Both pieces linked here are from right-wing outlets: Breitbart and PJ Media. Despite such provenance, both articles are wholly sound—the first, from Breitbart, by Dr. Susan Berry, a highly reputable pediatrician at the University of Minnesota. That her piece is on Breitbart, and not in (say) the New York Times, surely tells us more about the "liberal media," and its tendency to idealize "genderdysphoria,"  than it does about the author's politics. 


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