MUST-SEE video of Dr. Beverly Rubik’s lecture on 5G!

Hi all — The 5G lecture last week by Dr. Beverly Rubik to a packed house at Union Theological Seminary was a great success due to her excellent, highly informative presentation about the science and health risks of 5G microwave radiation. Watch it now on YouTube.  A must-see!! 

Next, we’ll be having a meeting with film, discussion, and most importantly – organizing! I’m hoping people will want to team up on letter writing. In the meantime, I urge everyone to lobby elected officials from NY City Council, NY State Senate, and Congress. Share your concern about 5G, smart meters. Point out that Verizon is advertising “We do 5G right.”

The truth is, “Verizon can’t do 5G right because it’s untested for safety of humans, the environment, and all living things which are affected by radio frequencies.”
Alternative Cinema – 5G/Smart Meter SeriesWhen: Sat. Dec. 14th, 1 – 4pm

Where: Revelation Gallery, 224 Waverly Place (West Village)
One thing to discuss is how Maui City Council was presented with cease and desist letters to block 5G, and how this can be replicated everywhere. Ideally, these letters should come from lawyers, but if we got hundreds, better yet thousands of people to take this action, we can make an impact. See more here:

I’m also attaching the report on a court victory against the FCC. This is a very promising development which gives the movement a lot to build on.¬†

Looking forward,

Les Jamieson 

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