For those who want to stop 5G in New York City, come to this meeting tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon

From Les Jamieson:

Hello all,

Here’s a reminder for tomorrow’s 5G/Smart Meter meeting. In addition to some film footage of a recent Santa Clara city council meeting in which residents and technical experts voices concerns and personal experiences on EMF exposure, we’ll have a conference call with Susan Clarke. She has a long history dealing with utilities and fighting the battle for responsible technology. She’ll be presenting background on a cease and desist letter which groups around the country are using and sharing recent success stories.¬†

Hopefully the rain won’t keep you indoors.

Here are details:
Alternative Cinema – 5G/Smart Meter SeriesWhen: Dec. 14th, 1 – 4 pmWhere: Revelation Gallery, 224 Waverly Place in the West Village. It’s an easy walk from either the 14th Street Station on the 2/3 line or West 4th Street.

As another reminder, plans are underway for a global 5G protest event on January 25th. It’ll be important to have a major action here in NYC.¬†

Looking forward,
Les Jamieson 

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