Brits can’t even CONCEIVE that BoJo’s “victory” was bogus—just as WE can’t grasp the possibility (or likelihood) that Trump was really NOT elected, after all

Here Catte Black notes, among her fellow Brits, a certain cognitive dysfunction that I’ve been trying to counter Over Here, since the start of the millennium: a total blindness, and/or deafness, even to the possibility that an election has been stolen (not by Russia).

Just as British voters on the left and right and middle all “explain” the Tory sweep (or “sweep”) according to their own respective politics, so voters over here seem utterly unable to conceive that the results of our elections have been fixed, preferring to interpret them in line with what they want to think, rather than with the evidence of theft.

Thus Hillary’s tribe has, for three years, been screaming that she “lost” because of Russia, and Jill Stein, and Bernie Sanders, while Trump’s tribe (of course) hails him as “the people’s choice,” “the people” being themselves; and Bernie’s tribe thinks Hillary “lost” because she was a lousy candidate (which she was), and likely to start still more wars (which she was, and is), and to bend over for the banks (which she was, and is)—so that she “lost” because she so deserved to lose.

All those theories—based on wishful thinking (and also, in Hillary’s case, the imperatives of anti-Russian propaganda)—break into smithereens against the inconvenient likelihood that Trump didn’t really win (as he obviously didn’t want to). As I have noted in these emails now and then, Trump’s “victory” in the swing states has been pretty much disproven by the exit poll results, several stark numerical anomalies (e.g., the 70,000+ “undervotes” cast inexplicably by Democratic voters in and near Detroit), and—not least—the GOP’s ferocious efforts first to sabotage, and then shut down, the recounts mounted by Jill Stein, which they would surely not have done if Trump had really won in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. (There also is compelling evidence of theft in North Carolina, Florida and Ohio.)

The inability to think beyond one’s tribal code, and look into the evidence that our elections have been stolen, whichever side has benefited from such theft, is certainly among the gravest problems facing us, and a key reason why we’re in the lethal fix we’re in today; because if we, or many of us, don’t step back and try to look at our elections scientifically, and with an open mind, our rotten voting system will become more rotten still, and, with it, “our” government, and the economy, society and culture of the USA.


Boris Johnson’s Incredible Landslide

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