All over Europe on Black Friday, Amazon workers protest their grotesque mistreatment. (WHY NOT HERE?)

Why no such movement in the US, where Amazon workers suffer no less than their European peers (who should be comrades)? On those forced to go right back to work after one employee dropped dead on the warehouse floor:

On the 911 calls from workers in an Amazon "colony of hell":

And from today's New York Times, an unusually good piece (by Scott Shane) on Amazon as master of all Baltimore:

We need a push to break up Bezos' empire, and one grand boycott of his holdings. There have beenmoves against Whole Foods for very different reasons—for its supporting Drag Queen Story Hour, foradvertising on Breitbart, and now for Whole Foods Magazines naming Mitch McConnell "Person of the Year." 

So what if all those outraged liberals and conservatives joined forces to make Bezos feel the pain?Wouldn't that be something, in this fractured polity?


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