ACLU calls for tampons in men’s restrooms, to achieve “menstrual equity” for trans and non-binary persons

Meanwhile, there’s never been so great a need for the ACLU as it was first intended—as a watchdog ever-vigilant in defense of our free speech. As Julian Assange rots in prison, and the authorities, both state and corporate, variously ban discussion of vaccines, Israel, transgenderism and the numerous state crimes against democracy committed by the US government, among other too-hot topics, the ACLU has become a Social Justice propaganda mill as ridiculous as it is sinister.

For a sense of how that outfit now serves as a Social Justice police force, read(again) how ACLU staff attorney Lisa Nowlin smears those Seattle women who intend to hold a public panel on transgenderism at the city’s public library:

Jane Addams is turning over in her grave. 


ACLU calls for tampons and feminine hygiene products to be placed in men’s restrooms to achieve ‘menstrual equity’ for transgender and non-binary individuals

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