“The Perils of 5G”: A talk by Dr. Beverly Rubik in NYC on 11/18 (and live -streamed everywhere)!

Live Video-Streamed Presentation Monday, November 18, 2019

Coming to you LIVE from New York City

4:00 pm Pacific * 7:00 pm Eastern *  00:00 GMT

The Live Stream will be video archived for 7 days so you can arrive late, watch again, watch later or pickup any pieces that you missed.

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The Internet of Things is upon us. Fifth-generation wireless (5G), which will soon blanket the planet, enabling “smart” homes, “smart” cities, and self-driving cars. Yet, its social justice implications are staggering. International appeal from 207 nations: “5G threatens permanent damage to all of Earth’s living systems”  

“The evidence that radiofrequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is overwhelming,” according to an appeal to the UN by over 175,000 signatories, including hundreds of scientists. “These plans,” says the petition, “threaten to provoke serious, irreversible effects on humans.”  

“We have no reason to believe that 5G is safe.”—Scientific American

5th generation wireless, with frequencies in the gigahertz range, requires that 5G ground antennas be installed every 100 meters in urban areas, and up to 20,000 5G satellites will circle the globe. In the US, this rollout is federally mandated, overriding local government jurisdictions. Yet, in a recent Congressional hearing, leaders of the top telecom companies acknowledged that “no research on 5G’s health risks were active.”

In this talk by a leading scientist, learn the facts:

• Discover how 5G greatly differs from earlier generations of wireless
• Learn about the evidence for 5G’s health and environmental effects
• Get a comprehensive update on the ethical, political, and regulatory issues

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