Some reasons not to go for Trump’s impeachment

This came in response to Jeff Greenfield's "When JFK Was Trump," which I sent out on Nov. 1.(

I think this makes a lot of sense, though I would add, re: #4, that there's good reason not to see Trump as the people's choice, inasmuch as there's considerable evidence that his electoral college "win" was just as bogus as Hillary's "victory" as her party's nominee.


From Paul Lehto:

Mark, thanks very much for sending this very important article by Jeff Greenfield showing that not all things Trump are to be destroyed.

As abominable as Trump is, he also occupies critical spaces necessary for the achievement of democracy. We would really be throwing thedemocracy baby out with the Trump bathwater if we reject the following things, as Democrats are increasingly doing:

1. The power of We the People to run the country. As Jeff Greenfield points out, distrust of the CIA and “deep state” was one of JFK’s better features. Greenfield writes: “We shouldn’t let the current president’s lapses reset our expectations for civiliancontrol over the military and foreign affairs.” This impeachment is CIA-sponsored and it is importantnot to have the CIA removing Presidents or involved in domestic affairs.

2. Freedom of thought. (Trump’s affinity for “conspiracy theory” could resuscitate this freedom or kill it forever.)

3. Freedom to have a movement to support elected presidents.  (Trump going direct with twitter so media can’t control all communications.) 

4. Protecting elections and publicly talking about election fraud. (Early on, Trump alleged “rigging” of elections, opening space for mainstream discussion of election fraud. If everything Trump is disgraceful then we won’t be able to talk about insider rigging, just election fraud by foreigners.)

5. Populism. (Trump is being painted as the reason why all populism should be suppressed or distrusted, yet populism suh as Bernie’s is key to progressive gains). 

6. Renegotiating corporate multilateral treaties. (The WTO corporate control regime could become even more completely hegemonic if all things Trump are bad and therefore “free trade” must always reign post-Trump, and tariffsall be rejected.)   

7. Anti-Corporate censorship. (Reaction to Trump excesses in lying political ads are prompting unseemly demands by Dems for MORE corporate censorship by Facebook and Twitter, rather than less.) 

We need to call the good the good with Trump, in addition to calling out the more prevalent bad.  Restoring democracy means more than impeaching Trump. If we don’t protect the above values from being smeared by association with Trump, impeaching Trump will not save democracy it will be a box of nails for the coffin of democracy.

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