If you're a faithful reader of News from Underground, and have not yet contributed to keep us going, I write to ask you to consider making a donation to support the excellent work of my assistant, who oversees the list-serve and the website, and posts my subject lines on Twitter, while doing whatever else may be required from week to week.

This is crucial work, and my assistant does it gratis, while holding down a paying job. (She was holding down two jobs, but just lost one of them.) It would therefore help her greatly, and, therefore, this work, if you could see your way to making a donation, which you may do via the website at, or just pay me directly through PayPal, and I'll pay her. 

Meanwhile, I certainly have not forgotten the generosity of all those who donated to the health fund for my fight with Lyme disease. That money has been indispensable, as that fight continues; so thanks again for that assistance.


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