On the desperate charade by the House Democrats

A very good takedown of the wild "pantomime" by the the House Democrats, struggling torevisit "Russia-gate" via "Ukrainegate," while covering up the vast corruption of their party's (putative) front-runner, and the players promoting both of those preposterousconspiracy theories.

While I recommend this piece highly, though, I also have to note that Lawrence's grim concluding observation is a symptom of the weird historical amnesia that has long afflicted "our free press" across the board, both corporate and left/liberal. Casting what's now happening as a CIA-driven coup, Lawrence makes this fearful chickens-coming-home-to-roost suggestion: "Maybe it was fated that what America has been doing abroad the whole of the post-war era would eventually come home."

No doubt it was; but to argue that it's only happening now betrays a staggering ignorance—or repression—of the by-now-indisputable fact that "it" happened over half a century ago, in broad daylight, when the CIA and other state agencies pulled off a very gruesome and transparent coup in Dallas, thereby predetermining the outcome of the 1964 election, and then proceeded to ensure the outcome of the 1968 election by the same bloody means, in Los Angeles; and those two fateful murders aren't the only ones from way back then (and since) that (ought to) call to mind "what America ha[d] been doing abroad since World War II,."

What all such murders tell us is that our democracy was shattered long ago—and cannot berestored unless we finally face up to that history, so we can change it.


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