Any propaganda drive that’s making everybody PANIC will eventually make everybody PAY

That's obviously true of propaganda drives for war (think 9/11, and Saddam Hussein's "weapons of mass destruction"); and it's just as true—in fact, even truer—of the "climate movement" that has everybody thinking that We Don't Have Time, to quote the name of the NGO that created Greta Thunberg.

Those not too smitten by the spectacle of lonely little Greta waging her brave climate strike outside her school,and by the corollary sight of all those millions of young people surging in demand for ACTION NOW to halt the planet's death-by-burning, and by the mesmerizing street theatrics of Extinction Rebellion—those not intoxicatedby those heady visuals need to look behind them, at the interests paying for them, and applauding them, to understand what's really happening here.

You can get such education from the excellent investigative work by Cory Morningstar, some of whose pieces I've sent out before. For her indispensable first opus, go here:

In brief: This whole huge, and enormously sophisticated, propaganda effort, which is to say, this whole pseudo-grass-roots "movement," has the firm support of the same interests that are chewing up and poisoning the planet,from BP and ExxonMobil to DuPont and Pratt Industries to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and the World Bank.(Check out the Climate Group, and We Mean Business.) 

Their interest in the planet is (of course) not genuinely green, but totally, relentlessly financial, seeking tore-boot the capitalistic system at Mother Earth's expense; and we—as usual—will pay for it, through huge new taxes, and radical austerity (which won't prevent the billionaires behind this propaganda show from flying worldwide on their private jets, and keeping all their mansions brightly lit, fully air-conditioned in the summers, and toasty warm in those persistent winters).   

So here's the IMF now greenly hollering that "the world [sic] needs a massive carbon tax in just ten years," or elsewe're dead —killed not by 5G, Fukushima, glyphosate, insecticide, plastics, fluoride, chemical fertilizer, planned obsolescence and the innumerable toxins pumped out by the US war machine, among other poisons (including vaccines), but by CO2. 

If we really want to save the planet, and ourselves, from that toxic "movement." and the ruinous "solutions" that it's serving to promote, we need to snap out of the spell that it has so expertly cast on most of us.


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