WikiLeaks has ‘insurance files’ on Rupert Murdoch, Assange says (2 items)

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks Has ‘Insurance Files’ On Rupert Murdoch, News Corp.
by Jack Mirkinson

WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange revealed that he has damaging “insurance files” on Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp media empire that he will release if something happens to him or to WikiLeaks.

Assange made the revelation in a conversation with journalist John Pilger that appeared on the website of the New Statesman magazine on Wednesday.

“If something happens to me or to WikiLeaks, ‘insurance’ files will be released,” Assange told Pilger. He said that the contents of the files “speak more of the same truth to power…there are 504 US embassy cables on one broadcasting organisation and there are cables on Murdoch and News Corp.”

Assange also said that any attempts by the U.S. government to prosecute him should worry the American press.

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Exclusive Interview: Julian Assange on Murdoch, Manning and the threat from China
The WikiLeaks founder talks to John Pilger.

In this week’s New Statesman, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange talks to John Pilger about Bradley Manning, his “insurance” files on Rupert Murdoch and Newscorp – and which country is the real enemy of WikiLeaks.

To read the entire feature, pick up a copy of this week’s New Statesman available on newsstands from tomorrow. Some highlights of the piece are below:

The “technological enemy” of WikiLeaks is not the US – but China, according to Assange.

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