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  1. So very sorry to hear of your travails Mark. As soon as you began =
    describing the symptoms, I knew it was lyme disease. I am a retired =
    physician, and my very good friend, also a physician, was constantly =
    being called upon to make the diagnosis on patients just like yourself. =
    Unfortunately he himself passed away two years ago. But he did share =
    with me how difficult it was for patients with chronic Versions of lyme =
    disease to get the appropriate care. I have made a donation on your =
    website. Be well brother.

    Donald Goldmacher, Co-Producer
    Office: (510) 527-1761

  2. Dear Mark your situation looks very difficult. Tonight with the Truth Action Project, I learned about the strength you have shown and your determination to continue the good fight for the Big Truth coming into America’s collective consciousness. Here is a small token of my appreciation. Godspeed and may God Light the Spirit of Truth in you always! Matt in Chicago

  3. Mark:

    I hope you can see this. You are an absolute hero of mine. I’ve been so worried about voting and our democracy. I saw you on C-Span after the horrible disaster of the 2004 “election”. You were recounting your encounter with John Kerry. We were all so elated when he said he was going to insure that every vote was counted and then just folded like a cheap lawn chair the next day.

    Thank you so much for your magnificent, lucid writings and appearances on the subject of democracy. I know I’m not the only one who was deeply affected by them.

    Thank You!

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