Will your vote count in 2006?

Will Your Vote Count in 2006?
by Denis Wright [Subscribe] [Edit Diary]
Tue May 30, 2006

‘When you’re using a paperless voting system, there is no security,’
says Stanford’s David Dill.

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FINALLY, a legitimate question from our MSM, this from Newsweek about the fraudulent nature and hackability of these DRE voting machines. So far the queries have only come from academics, bloggers, and foreign journalists like Greg Palast and Andrew Gumbel of London’s The Independent. Why has our own “media” failed to report on this important story for so very long?

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Affirmative action for a presidential mint-schlepper

Bush’s Personal Aide To Enroll at Business School
Gottesman, college dropout and former beau to Bush daughter, to begin in the fall
Published On Monday, May 22, 2006 2:12 AM
Crimson Staff Writer
A 26-year-old college dropout who carries President Bush’s breath mints and makes him peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches will follow in his boss’s footsteps this fall when he enrolls at Harvard Business School (HBS).

Though it is rare for HBS-or any other professional or graduate school-to admit a student who does not have an undergraduate degree, admissions officers made an exception for Blake Gottesman, who for four years has served as special assistant and personal aide to Bush.

Gottesman, a Texas native who attended Claremont-McKenna College in California for one year, has long had ties to the Bush family. He dated the president’s daughter, Jenna Bush, nearly ten years ago when he attended St. Andrew’s Episcopal School of Austin.

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Benefit for Stephen Heller

The performance of
Straight Up with a Twist

to benefit the Stephen Heller Legal Defense Fund is

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And remember, every cent from every ticket sale goes
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If you can’t attend, please share this e-mail with friends and family
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So for everyone who has wondered:

“What can I do to help Steve?”

Here’s your chance!


Non-benefit news:

If you are busy this Friday, but would still like to see the final local performances of Straight Up with a Twist,


for the four remaining shows.


We look forward to seeing you there!

Directions and everything else you’ll need is available below:


NH saboteur advising GOP contenders

Lead figure in phone jam to advise GOP contenders Charles McGee back to work after prison

The Washington Post
May 29. 2006 8:00AM

A major figure in the Election Day phone-jamming scandal that embarrassed and nearly bankrupted the New Hampshire GOP is out of prison and back in the political game.

Charles McGee, the former executive director of the state Republican Party, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and served seven months for his part in the scheme to have a telemarketer tie up Democratic and union phone lines in 2002.

He’s back at his old job with a Republican political marketing firm, Spectrum Monthly & Printing Inc., and will be helping out at the firm’s “GOP campaign school” for candidates. Richard Pease, the firm’s co-president, said McGee would be available to advise candidates at the two-day event, planned for next weekend in Manchester. McGee’s role at the school was reported Thursday by the New Hampshire Union Leader.

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The genocide is spreading

From Bibi Eng:

Unfortunately, the Museveni approach is spilling over regionally as well… Burundi’s President Nkurunziza is a born-again and we have yet to hear him utter the word “condom”. One of his first actions upon taking office was to send out a covert morals police to break up young Burundian couples walking together on the street.


Theocratic genocide in Africa

A disaster for abstinence ideology
By Esther Kaplan
Thu May 25, 2006

Crushing news out of Uganda last week. The Bush administration’s $1 billion experiment in using abstinence messages as the basis of HIV prevention has born its first fruit: In a public speech on May 18, Uganda’s AIDS Commissioner Kihumuro Apuuli announced that HIV infections have almost doubled in Uganda over the past two years, from 70,000 in 2003 to 130,000 in 2005. And despite this chilling wake-up call, Bush has empowered Christian right activists to continue to push their abstinence-only agenda at a UN Special Session on HIV/AIDS, to begin next week. According to a State Department email I obtained, the official U.S. delegation is stacked with some of the very people who contributed to the debacle in Uganda.

Uganda was once an HIV prevention success story, where an ambitious government-sponsored prevention campaign, including massive condom distribution and messages about delaying sex and reducing numbers of partners, pushed HIV rates down from 15 percent in the early 1990s to 5 percent in 2001. But conservative evangelicals rewrote this history–with the full-throated cooperation of Uganda’s evangelical first family, the Musevenis. As one Family Research Council paper put it:

“Both abstinence and monogamy helped to curb the spread of AIDS in Uganda…How did this happen? Shortly after he came into office in 1986, President Museveni of Uganda spearheaded a mass education campaign promoting a three-pronged AIDS prevention message: abstinence from sexual activity until marriage; monogamy within marriage; and condoms as a last resort. The message became commonly known as ABC: Abstain, Be faithful, and use Condoms if A and B fail.”

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Bush's My Lai

Bush’s My Lai
By Robert Parry
May 30, 2006

The new U.S. atrocity in Iraq, the alleged murder of two dozen Iraqis by revenge-seeking Marines in the city of Haditha, appears likely to follow the course of other Iraq war-crimes cases, such as the prisoner abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib – some low- or mid-level soldiers will be court-martialed and marched off to prison.

George W. Bush will offer some bromides about how the punishment shows that the United States honors the rule of law and how the punishment is further proof of America’s civilized behavior when compared with the enemy’s barbarity. It’s also likely the U.S. news media won’t place too much blame on Bush.

But the common thread from the bloody invasion of Iraq in 2003 through Abu Ghraib to Haditha is that Bush cavalierly sent young Americans into a complex and frightening conflict with false and alarmist rhetoric ringing in their ears.

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Partners in crime

George W. Bush and Kenneth Lay
By Jason Leopold
t r u t h o u t | Report
Monday 29 May 2006

The Bush administration knew Enron was on a collision course two months before the high-flying energy company collapsed in a wave of accounting scandals that wiped out $60 billion in shareholder value and left thousands of company employees penniless.

It was August 15, 2001, when Enron lobbyist Pat Shortridge met with then-White House Economic Adviser Robert McNally, one day after Jeff Skilling made a stunning announcement that he was stepping down as president of Enron.

Shortridge confided in McNally that Enron was headed for a financial meltdown – one that could very well cripple the country’s energy markets – and urged the White House economic adviser to alert President Bush about the company’s financial problems so he could help put together a federal bailout, according to thousands of pages of documents about the meeting released by the government’s Enron Task Force.

It certainly made sense for Enron to seek help from the White House. In August of 2001, Ken Lay was still known as “Kenny Boy” to President Bush, a nickname Bush bestowed upon him when the two men were up and comers in the Texas energy and political industries respectively.

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The man behind the curtain

Cheney aide is screening legislation
Adviser seeks to protect Bush power
By Charlie Savage, Globe Staff | May 28, 2006

WASHINGTON — The office of Vice President Dick Cheney routinely reviews pieces of legislation before they reach the president’s desk, searching for provisions that Cheney believes would infringe on presidential power, according to former White House and Justice Department officials.

The officials said Cheney’s legal adviser and chief of staff, David Addington , is the Bush a dministration’s leading architect of the “signing statements” the president has appended to more than 750 laws. The statements assert the president’s right to ignore the laws because they conflict with his interpretation of the Constitution.

The Bush-Cheney administration has used such statements to claim for itself the option of bypassing a ban on torture, oversight provisions in the USA Patriot Act, and numerous requirements that they provide certain information to Congress, among other laws.

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Zogby's 9/11 poll

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Last week, the results of a nation-wide Zogby Poll with questions about 9/11 were reported in a press release from, which sponsored the poll ( It reported that only 48 percent of the public were confident that the truth about 9/11 had not been covered up. This is quite remarkable, given the fact that 99.9 percent of the coverage in the mainstream press has presupposed the truth of the official story.

There was no certainty, however, that this poll would be reported by the mainstream press, because it had not reported on a Zogby Poll in 2004 that showed that 49 percent of the residents of NYC believed that the government had had foreknowledge of the attacks but had consciously failed to take action to prevent them.

It is of some significance, therefore, that a story has now appeared, on the front page at that, in the Times Herald (the newspaper of Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County). It is pasted below.


David Griffin

Opinion split over 9/11 report
By: KEITH PHUCAS, Times Herald Staff

NORRISTOWN – More than 40 percent of Americans believe that the 9/11 Commission Report that investigated the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks is a cover-up, according to a recent poll. And nearly half surveyed said the attacks should be reinvestigated.

In May, a Zogby International poll of adults found that 42 percent of adults polled believe the U.S. government and the 9/11 Commission “concealed or refused to investigate critical evidence” that contradicts the official explanation of the attacks.

However, 48 percent polled believe there is no reason the 9/11 Commission would want to cover up information surrounding the terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 at the World Trade Center towers, Pentagon and in Somerset County, Pa.

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