It's the WAR, stupid(s)!

On misreporting the recruitment crisis:

From Jonathan Whiten:

A Problem of How to Best Wage War
Sloppy Reporting on Recruitment Resistance

As the War in Iraq drags on and more and more lives are lost, another ‘problem’ with the military has caught the eye of the press – lack of recruitment. But the majority of mainstream news reports are dismissing the failure of military recruitment, often pinning it on parental fears. Yet if the press could begin to connect the dots, we would be hearing about how the recruiting ‘problems’ are related to a growing antiwar sentiment in America.

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Bush's wars play hell with family values

Soldiers’ divorce rates up sharply
By Gregg Zoroya, USA TODAY
Wed Jun 8, 7:03 AM ET

The number of active-duty soldiers getting divorced has been rising sharply with deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.

The trend is severest among officers. Last year, 3,325 Army officers’ marriages ended in divorce – up 78% from 2003, the year of the Iraq invasion, and more than 31/2 times the number in 2000, before the Afghan operation, Army figures show. For enlisted personnel, the 7,152 divorces last year were 28% more than in 2003 and up 53% from 2000. During that time, the number of soldiers has changed little.

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It's only what the press deserves

Gallup: Public Confidence in Newspapers, TV News Falls to All-Time Low
By E&P Staff
Published: June 10, 2005 11:00 AM ET

NEW YORK Public trust in newspapers and television news continued to decline in Gallup’s annual survey of “public confidence in major institutions” in the United States, reaching an all-time low this year.

Those having a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in newspapers dipped from 30% to 28% in one year, the same total for television. The previous low for newspapers was 29% in 1994. Since 2000, confidence in newspapers has declined from 37% to 28%, and TV from 36% to 28%, according to the poll.

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Because the French aren't Christian soldiers?

June 7, 2005
Fair-Weather Friends
US Denies French Fighters Emergency Landing Rights

Talk about fair-weather friends!

When nine French fighter jets and a weather plane from a French carrier taking part in a joint exercise with Canadian Naval forces in the Atlantic off New Jersey ran perilously low on fuel last Friday because of a freak storm that prevented them from returning to their ship, they figured, no problem. They weren’t too far from the U.S. mainland, and so they could just land at McGuire AF Base in southern New Jersey.

No dice, the Francophobe U.S. military told them. According to a State Department source, quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer, they were denied landing rights at the facility.

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Today's targets

To get the Downing Street Memo on the national radar screen,write to these three officies today. (What follows the addresses is the sample letter, recently revised, by Kitty Overton.)

*** *** *** ***


1. National Public Radio, Ombudsman Jeff Dvorkin
phone: 202-513-2000
fax: 202-513-3329

2. Philadelphia Inquirer, Deputy Managing Editor for News Carl Lavin
phone: 215-854-4562
OR National News Editor Ned Warwick

3. ABC World News Tonight
phone: 212-456-4040
fax: 212-456-2795

According to what is being called The Downing Street Memo, in July 2002 the invasion of Iraq was a foregone conclusion, and our President and his staff intended to manipulate intelligence to justify their plans. If the memo is true – and the British have not denied its veracity – during the lead up to the invasion, President Bush lied again and again to Congress and to the American people in order to persuade us not only that war was necessary, but that he was doing all he could to avoid that “option of last resort”.

This is the story that defines this presidency.

A letter written by John Conyers and co-signed by 88 Congressional Representatives asking President Bush to answer questions about the Downing Street Memo was presented to the President on 5/5/05. Incredibly, it was dismissed out of hand as not worthy of response.

As of 6/5/06, more than 145,000 citizens have signed a similar letter written by John Conyers. (For more information about this issue and an up-to-date count of signatures, please go to )

The country needs answers and the press needs to take up the dialogue. I urge you to begin talking about this crucial matter now.

Thank you,
Kathleen Overton
New York, NY

Well, thank God he wasn't a terrorist!

June 7, 2005
Man With Chain Saw Allowed to Enter U.S.
Filed at 5:28 p.m. ET

BOSTON (AP) — On April 25, Gregory Despres arrived at the U.S.-Canadian border crossing at Calais, Maine, carrying a homemade sword, a hatchet, a knife, brass knuckles and a chain saw stained with what appeared to be blood. U.S. customs agents confiscated the weapons and fingerprinted Despres.

Then they let him into the United States.

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Let's say the glass is just half-empty

The bad news here is obvious enough: We have more theocrats per square mile than any allied nation, including Mexico.

The good news is that, according to this poll, only 40% of us are theocratically inclined; and the national reaction to the Terri Schiavo mess would seem to indicate an even smaller sector of our population.

Religious zeal sets U.S. apart from allies

Monday, June 6, 2005 Updated at 10:43 AM EDT
Associated Press

Religious devotion sets the United States apart from some of its closest allies. Americans profess unquestioning belief in God and are far more willing to mix faith and politics than people in other countries, AP-Ipsos polling found.

In Western Europe, where Pope Benedict XVI complains that growing secularism has left churches unfilled on Sundays, people are the least devout among the 10 countries surveyed for the Associated Press by Ipsos.

Only Mexicans come close to Americans in embracing faith, the poll found. Unlike Americans, however, Mexicans strongly object to clergy lobbying legislators, in line with the nation’s historical opposition to church influence.

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A pal of Hannity's

Hannity’s Soul-Mate of Hate
[posted online on June 3, 2005]

This year a man named Hal Turner sat before his computer at his suburban home in North Bergen, New Jersey, posting bomb-making tips on his website, hailing the firebombing of an apartment containing “Savage Negroes” and calling for the murder of immigrants. “When enough illegal aliens get killed they will stop coming to the country!” Turner wrote.

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Republicans don't draw joyful crowds?

From Dr. Bombay:

One photo was taken at a 2004 Dean for President rally sponsored by the American University College Democrats in Washington, D.C. The other photo comes from Republican Bret Schundler’s campaign website.

reznick_dean.jpg reznick_bret.gif

They’ve removed the photo from the website now…

Can you say — fuckin’ sleazball republicans!!

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