AP reports the dems as the child molesters !!

Now Associated Press Labels Foley as a Democrat!

First on Fox, Then on AP! Though Atleast AP Had the Decency to Issue a Correction!

ON UPDATE: Hastert Also Labelled a DEM by AP!

As of a quick Google search moments ago, there were still several articles from AP indexed as showing Foley as a “(D-Florida)”:


OHIO MELTDOWN ’06: A ‘Serious Problem’ Reported on First Day of Early Voting on ‘Shiny New’ Diebold Touch-Screen Machines…

Voter Given Wrong Ballot on Diebold Touch-Screen Machine, as the First Reports of ‘Glitches’ in the Buckeye State’s General Election Begin…


Hastert victimized by Foley's prey!

Daily Kos: State of the Nation
Dennis Hastert Says Foley Victims Are “Out To Get Him”, Against War on Terror
by Hunter
Tue Oct 03, 2006 at 01:32:54 PM PDT
Simply amazing. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, on Rush Limbaugh’s show, says it’s all the Democrats’ and the kids’ fault:

SPEAKER HASTERT: There were two pieces of paper out there, one that we knew about and we acted on; one that happened in 2003 we didn’t know about, but somebody had it, and, you know, they’re trying — and they drop it the last day of the session, you know, before we adjourn on an election year. Now, we took care of Mr. Foley. We found out about it, asked him to resign. He did resign. He’s gone. We asked for an investigation. We’ve done that. We’re trying to build better protections for these page programs.

But, you know, this is a political issue in itself, too, and what we’ve tried to do as the Republican Party is make a better economy, protect this country against terrorism — and we’ve worked at it ever since 9/11, worked with the president on it — and there are some people that try to tear us down. We are the insulation to protect this country, and if they get to me it looks like they could affect our election as well.

In two thin, mean paragraphs, Hastert manages to say that it’s all a conspiracy by Democrats and/or by Foley’s victims, and he says the kids who dared report the child sex predator the GOP had been shielding in their ranks are trying to “tear down” efforts to protect this country against terrorism. He says he’s the “insulation” to protect this country — when all the press reports out there say America would be stupid to trust Dennis Hastert to protect a Boy Scout troop.
This guy is just sick.

He doesn’t get it, even today — he thinks having a sex predator in Congress, knowing about it for at least a year and doing flatly nothing to even investigate how bad it was, not after Alexander knew about it, not after Shimkus knew about it, not after Reynolds knew about it, not after Boehner knew about it, not after Hastert himself was told about it, not even informing the Republican or Democratic members of the Page Board itself, is just another political thing to be “handled” on the Rush Limbaugh Show. And so now he’s attacking the victims who finally did come forward, after nothing else worked, and saying that exposing the predator is all a plot against him and Republicans.

Hastert needs to go. It’s done. He has no compass for leadership — or even for remaining in Washington.

Fascism and what to do about it

The “F” Word and How To Escape From Its Clutches
By Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers

So we’re here. No more shilly-shallying about whether America is beginning toresemble a fascist society. We’re now plopped right down into it.

The slide into our particularly American brand of fascism is not total. There still are areas that, at least for a time, remain relatively free. And dissent is tolerated — up to a point. (That point, by the way, is when that dissent starts becoming effective; watch the number being done on, for example.)

On the issues that really matter, America is fast moving itself into an authoritarian, militarist, imperial state, one that has more in common with Stalinist Soviet Union and Hitlerian Germany than with traditional American society. There are show trials planned, massive propaganda assaults on the populace, a huge bureaucratic system designed to pry and violate personal privacy (including phone calls, emails and institutions from where you get information, be it libraries or bookstore or websites), and a constitutional system of laws that simply are ignored or violated whenever the federal government chooses to do so.

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Two more GOPedophiles!

Two more child predators HONORED by GOP!!

Submitted by Zee on Tue, 10/03/2006 – 11:07am.

It seems INCREDIBLE, but in 2002 the National Republican Campaign Committee named first ONE, then ANOTHER child molester “Republican of the Year!”

Why don’t they just change the honor to “Child GOPredator of the Year?”

The Republican from VA molested 2 of his own kids, plus 4 more and was sentenced to 26 years in prison. The Colorado Republican was also convicted on 6 counts of sex crimes, but apparently, the NRCC never got the memos on these two it tried to honor!

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Brief filed re: Hastert's summary "election" of Brian Bilbray

From Paul Lehto:

Here are the last few paragraphs of our appellate brief just filed. A press release will be issued in the next 24 hours. This concerns the constitutionality of House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s action to swear in Republican Brian Bilbray to Congress only 7 days after the election, when a minimum of 12,500 ballots were still uncounted, the race was reported as only approximately 4,000 votes apart, and certification would not take place for more than two weeks. Despite these facts, the defendants argued that this premature swearing in deprived the state courts and everyone else of all power or jurisdiction to look into the election, an “exclusive jurisdiction” instead vesting in the House of Representatives alone. As argued below in our conclusion, there is an exclusive jurisdiction but it is far narrower than the defendants recognize.



The defendants’ arguments would literally end meaningful democratic elections for the House and the Senate by We the People, because it completely fails to respect the State’s constitutionally sanctioned jurisdiction and role in elections, which was violated by the early swearing-in, and instead portrays itself as an absolutely expanding power that knows no limits, rather than a narrowly circumscribed power as required by the Powell v McCormack case.

{In conclusion,} this case is not rendered moot or nonjusticiable or without jurisdiction by the seating or swearing-in of Brian Bilbray. Even if the premature swearing-in of Bilbray were a constitutionally permissible end-around of the requirement of elections every two years “by the People,” a sovereign state’s constitutionally sacred sovereignty doesn’t simply disappear upon the assertion of the House’s corollary power. Elections are a unique and particularly strong area of state’s rights, where they act as sister sovereigns, and federal legislation impacting that status can be struck down, rather than operating to preempt state law. Instead, Art. I, sec. 5 simply means that judicial-like decisions of the House concerning qualifications of its members are insulated from attack by courts, provided they stay safely within the narrow confines of section 5’s limits.

The Framers intended that elections be the primary instrument used by the people to protect themselves from oppressive government and the evils of absolute power. The construction of the defendants creates a rule so broad and expansive that elections are rendered completely irrelevant and meaningless except to the extent and only for so long as the House wishes that those elections continue, and it creates a form of absolute power that is abhorrent to our constitutional structure. The power to swear in a House member Constitutionally elected every two years “by the People” does not contain the absolute power to terminate elections or ignore them in favor of a simpler and more efficient swearing-in process. Indeed, sweeping dicta in a few cases aside, the law does not leave the states “without jurisdiction” at all, it just insulates the Qualifications Clause adjudications of the House against outside attack.

For these reasons, the decision of the San Diego Superior Court should be reversed, Jurisdiction should be found, and the case remanded with instructions to order an immediate recount and discovery of the bona fides of the June 6, 2006 special election.


Foley's folly



September 29, 2006 – – The following is an instant message exchange a former page says he had with Rep. Foley in 2003. Warning: sexually explicit language, reader discretion is advised.

Maf54 (7:25:14 PM): hey

Auto response from Xxxxxxxxx (7:25:14 PM): scrounging for food…brb

Maf54 (7:25:25 PM): ok

Maf54 (7:25:35 PM): kep scrounging

Xxxxxxxxx (7:31:51 PM): boo

Maf54 (7:32:13 PM): bo dude

Xxxxxxxxx (7:32:17 PM): lol

Xxxxxxxxx (7:32:26 PM): whered ya go this afternoon

Maf54 (7:33:39 PM): i am in pensecola…had to catch a plane

Xxxxxxxxx (7:33:47 PM): oh well thats fun

Maf54 (7:34:04 PM): indeed

Xxxxxxxxx (7:34:14 PM): what are you doing in pensecola

Maf54 (7:34:21 PM): now in my hotel room

Xxxxxxxxx (7:34:39 PM): well why did you go there

Maf54 (7:35:02 PM): for the campaign

Xxxxxxxxx (7:35:29 PM): have you officialy announced yt

Maf54 (7:35:45 PM): not yet

Xxxxxxxxx (7:36:06 PM): cool cool…

Maf54 (7:37:27 PM): how my favorite young stud doing

Xxxxxxxxx (7:37:46 PM): tired and sore

Xxxxxxxxx (7:37:52 PM): i didnt no waltzing could make you sore

Maf54 (7:38:04 PM): from what

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GOP now likes the Taliban!

From R. Miller:

Conservatives are abandoning ship! (see below) Frist advocates
giving in to the Taliban and the conservative backlash is just starting!

Frist urges surrendering to the TALIBAN

by Geekesque

Mon Oct 02, 2006 at 05:02:30 PM PDT(From the diaries, with some editing — kos)

Bill Frist has just put the final stake in the heart of they myth of Republican toughness on national security.

U.S. Senate majority leader calls for efforts to bring Taliban into Afghan government

Huh? No, really. Huh?

QALAT, Afghanistan U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said Monday that the Afghan guerrilla war can never be won militarily and called for efforts to bring the Taliban and their supporters into the Afghan government.

The Tennessee Republican said he had learned from briefings that Taliban fighters were too numerous and had too much popular support to be defeated by military means.
“You need to bring them into a more transparent type of government,” Frist said during a brief visit to a U.S. and Romanian military base in the southern Taliban stronghold of Qalat. “And if that’s accomplished we’ll be successful.”

Talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations.

What about Mel Martinez, who was also on the trip?

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BushCo trying to kill the Internet

U.S. loosens control over Net oversight body
By Victoria Shannon

Story last modified Sun Oct 01 18:16:00 PDT 2006

The Commerce Department agreed Friday to loosen its control over the agency
that manages the Internet address system, a move that experts called a big
step toward private-sector control.

The agreement is part of a three-year renewal of the partnership between the
government and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the
California-based nonprofit group that keeps technical tabs on the Internet.
It replaces an agreement that expired Saturday.

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"The Elephant in the Polling Booth"

The Elephant in the Polling Booth
By Mark Crispin Miller | 10/01/2006

To say that this election could go either way is not to say that the Republicans have any chance of winning it. As a civic entity responsive to the voters’ will, the party’s over, there being no American majority that backs it, or that ever would. Bush has left the GOP in much the same condition as Iraq, Afghanistan, the global climate, New Orleans, the Bill of Rights, our military, our economy and our national reputation. Thus the regime is reviled as hotly by conservatives as by liberals, nor do any moderates support it.

So slight is Bush’s popularity that his own party’s candidates for Congress are afraid to speak his name or to be seen with him (although their numbers, in the aggregate, are even lower than his). It seems the only citizens who still have any faith in him are those who think God wants us to burn witches and drive SUVs. For all their zeal, such theocratic types are not in the majority, not even close, and thus there’s no chance that the GOP can get the necessary votes.

And so the Democrats are feeling good, and calling for a giant drive to get the vote out on Election Day. Such an effort is essential-and not just to the Democrats but to the very survival of this foundering Republic. However, such a drive will do the Democrats, and all the rest of us, more harm than good if it fails to note a certain fact about our current situation: i.e., that the Democrats are going to lose the contest in November, even though the people will (again) be voting for them. The Bush Republicans are likely to remain in power despite the fact that only a minority will vote to have them there. That, at any rate, is what will happen if we don’t start working to pre-empt it now.

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GOP, "Gang Of Projectors"

Or “Gang Of Perverts,” if you prefer a simpler line.

Remember the John Fund/Morgan Pillsbury story? If not, check it out.
Fund, who cooked up the canard that Clinton aide Sid Blumenthal had
beaten up his wife, was later busted for assaulting his own girlfriend.
(And that’s the least repulsive aspect of the narrative!)

That sort of mad projection–pederasts decrying pederasty, closet
cases backing homophobic laws, Jews sounding off like Nazis, and so on–
is no trivial or seconday matter, but the driving force behind Bush/Cheney’s

In other words, it’s not just the money and/or power. Deep down, it’s
the pathology.


Hastert, Cheney, Bush and Boehner Go Easy on Pedophiles and An Adulterer Accused of Beating His Mistress, Half His Age
By Mark
Created 10/03/2006 – 8:51am
Published on BuzzFlash

You would think that with the GOP betrayal of our youth still red hot in the news, the Republican leadership wouldn’t be raising money for a Congressman who last year was outed for allegedly trying to strangle his mistress.

But you would be wrong.

Pennsylvania Republican Don Sherwood is 64, married and the father of three daughters.

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