There are no more DREs in Washington!

The heroic Paul Lehto, who has been fighting to get touch-screen voting machines OUT of Washington state, has some great news:

Unless a minor county snuck in with DREs that I didn’t hear about, Washington state is now completely free of DREs (and BLUE!)!!! The county I sued shifted the balance of power to Democrats on the county council and the Dems just canned the Sequoia DREs effective September 2005 in favor of an Oregon vote by mail type system (or vote by dropoff at a regional drop off facility).

If you’re interested in verifying that angle that there are no longer any DREs in use in POLLING PLACES as opposed to for legitimately disabled voters, would know for sure.

Here’s the DU post as well as a link there to the local press.

A senator whose time has gone

If any of you has connections with Lamont, please let me know!

CT-Sen: Lieberman freaking out about Lamont
by kos
Tue Jan 17, 2006 at 02:03:01 PM PDT
Lamont is not a fringe candidate, and this isn’t a hopeless battle. Uphill, yeah. Improbable, yup. But not hopeless. And given that he’s promised to spend 7-figures of his own money, as well as possible support from DfA and MoveOn, and we’ve got ourselves quite an epic showdown brewing. Old world politics versus new. Insurance and corporate interests versus people-power. A Fox News Democrat versus a real one.
From the Q&A:

I believe that we as the Democratic party should and I as a senator would push back against some terrible policies, starting with the wrong headed invasion of Iraq and ill-advised tax cuts, and stand up forcefully for a Democratic agenda, which includes healthcare reform, education reform, and energy conservation. The Senator can speak for himself; I would oppose the nomination of Judge Alito since he jeopardizes a woman’s right to choose, I would oppose education vouchers since they undermine our commitment to our public school system, I would have strongly opposed federal intervention in the Terri Shiavo case, I would have pushed for energy conservation and bio fuels as a better alternative than the liquefied natural gas plant in LI Sound; I would oppose diverting social security taxes into private accounts, and I would replace American troops on the front lines in Iraq with Iraqi troops as the first step towards bringing our troops home.

Read more.

A DINO or a dodo?

From Liz Rich:

Here is a partial transcript of last night’s HARDBALL WITH CHRIS MATTHEWS. Steve McMahon is an example of why Democrats can’t get any footing in any debate. Democratic spokespeople are so inept that it boggles the mind. Matthews didn’t need a Republican spokesman because McMahon was so clueless. Repugs have talking points, Dems have foot in mouth disease.

MATTHEWS: We’re a back, on a national holiday, Martin Luther King Day. Steve McMahon came in for the holiday, he’s a Democratic strategist, and Ben Ginsberg is working all the time. He is an adviser to the Bush-Cheney campaign.

We have a got a couple poll numbers out there. One of them is 81 percent of the people in the new Pew poll that says that bribery in Congress is common behavior. Now, I just want to know if you guys agree with that. You do know, you’re in law practice here in Washington and a counselor to the Republicans and you know a lot of people. Do you believe four out of five members of Congress are crooks?

BEN GINSBERG, FMR. COUNSEL, BUSH-CHENEY ’04: No, absolutely not. No

MATTHEWS: Can you make the case to the American people why you know better?

GINSBERG: Sure, because I’ve seen them and know them. I know that most people in Congress, despite the cloud of the Abramoff scandal, and it is a cloud and you can’t denigrate the importance of it, but most members in Congress are honestly there to do the people’s business, it’s true of both sides of the aisle, and that’s why they’re there.

MATTHEWS: So they’re not taking money under the counter.

GINSBERG: No. In fact, if you saw the lifestyle that most of these guys and women lead, it’s just not true.

MATTHEWS: Describe that. Tom Foley, the former Speaker of the House, would always talk about the fact that in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” the senior senator from that western State was living in The Cosmos Club, this gigantic mansion on Massachusetts Avenue, when most congressmen are living in basement apartments, sharing rooms with two or three other people.

GINSBERG: Sharing it with each other. They commute back home to their families as often as they can, which is why votes get scheduled the way that they do. They don’t have a whole lot of disposable income. They’re usually raising the kids back home. It can be a tough slough for some of them, but they do believe in public service.

MATTHEWS: And they fight over every pay raise.


MATTHEWS: Because they want that money, that three percent.

GINSBERG: Well, some want the money, and some don’t.


MATTHEWS: But what do you-let me ask you this. Do you think four or five or crooks, or do you think it’s much lower?

STEVE MCMAHON, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: I think it’s much lower. I think there may be a few. WHAT??? And I think the press is building this up to be the biggest corruption scandal in the history of the world. And I think there are going to be some people who go down, but I think the number-you know, there are 535 members up there, and I think if there are three or four or five, that will be a lot and that would represent… WE HAVE TO STOP THESE IDIOTS FROM REPRESENTING THE DEMOCRATS.

MATTHEWS: … The press, as you pointed as saying that this guy, Abramoff was dumping, like, four million bucks into the Congress somewhere.

MCMAHON: Well yes, but you know what? Money gets dumped into campaign committees every single day in this town and it doesn’t mean anything illegal’s going on.

I mean, look, I think you could make the case that a guy like Abramoff, who stands to perhaps cut his prison sentence from 30 years to five years by telling stories, and some of those stories may be true and some of them may not be true. CAN’T YOU SEE GINZBERG LAUGHING UP HIS SLEEVE? STEVE IS MAKING THE REPUG POINTS. WHERE ARE THE DEMOCRATIC ONES??

You know, you’ve got to wonder. When someone’s looking at 30 years in jail, but if you just tell a few stories, you’re going to get off scot-free, whether all the stories are going to be accurate?

MATTHEWS: Do you think the innocent will suffer?

MCMAHON: I think there are going to be some innocent people who suffer. I think there are some people up there who are corrupt, and I think there are some people up there who have broken the law. I THINK SOMEONE SHOULD CUT OUT HIS TONGUE.

MATTHEWS: Do you know the corrupt people?


MATTHEWS: You can make some news here tonight.

MCMAHON: Anybody who’s been reading the papers probably knows who most of those people are. But it’s not a majority of the 535. And it’s not even a significant minority, it’s a few members of Congress.

MATTHEWS: Do you think it’s worse than it was 20 years ago?

GINSBERG: No. I think it’s by in large the same. I mean, I think that there are some things that are different. Was the House Bank (ph) and the way it operated 20 years ago, it was Lyndon Johnson and Bobby Baker and Billie Sol Estes’ 40 years ago. And today, things have shifted a little bit with the different rules that have come about. And there are some certain practices that probably can stand cleaning up, that may get cleaned up in the scandal, and that’s not all bad. Gift rule, lobbying ban, things like that.

MATTHEWS: Yes, I remember the old days, you hear about where the money just poured and they just put it in people’s pockets, their raincoats and there was no accounting for anything, it was all-here’s your scholarship money for your kid.

MCMAHON: None of that happens anymore, but you have these gift rules that make no sense. So for instance, a lobbyist can’t give you more than $50 in a meal or a sporting event ticket, but you can take a private-but he can give you a private jet to fly home for your indictment. Now does that make any sense?

MATTHEWS: For your indictment?

MCMAHON: Well, if you’re Tom DeLay, when he needed to get to Texas to get booked…

MATTHEWS: … All right, we’ll be right back with interesting rules and misrules with Steve McMahon and Ben Ginsberg. And a reminder, Hardblogger is the place to be online for the best political debate. And now you can download Podcasts of HARDBALL. Just go to our Web site,


MATTHEWS: We’re back with Democratic strategists Steve McMahon and former Bush/Cheney adviser Ben Ginsberg. Ben, is this Abramoff thing going to be a net loss for Republicans when it’s all over, by November?

GINSBERG: At the end of the day, I don’t think so. There may a couple more seats that will be in play that could have. But I suspect by November, one or two things will happen. It will either be an equal bipartisan scandal or it will sort of die out as a scandal, period.

MATTHEWS: Can your party used this to win the House?

MCMAHON: Yes. And by the way…

MATTHEWS: … If he pleads, you can win with this?

MCMAHON: Yes. The Republicans are trying to make this a bipartisan scandal. And frankly, I don’t think it’s so much about Abramoff in particular as it is just about the whole culture of corruption that has invaded the Republican Party from the White House, where we still have an ongoing leak investigation.

MATTHEWS: Is the president corrupt?

MCMAHON: No, I don’t think he’s corrupt.

MATTHEWS: Well then, you said there’s a culture of corruption-who’s corrupt?

MCMAHON: Well I think that there were some people there who perhaps violated the law.

MATTHEWS: Give me names.
< br />MCMAHON: Well you know who the names are.

MATTHEWS: No, I don’t.

MCMAHON: The Valerie Plame story hasn’t concluded, Fitzgerald hasn’t concluded his work, Karl Rove is still perhaps a target. We don’t know.

MATTHEWS: That’s true.

MCMAHON: You’ve got the majority leader, you’ve got…

MATTHEWS: Scooter Libby, is he a crook? Is he a crook, is he corrupt?

MCMAHON: Scooter Libby’s under indictment. I’m not saying he is corrupt, but I’m saying there’s a culture. AS I SAID, CUT: HIS TONGUE OUT.

MATTHEWS: You said there’s a culture of corruption. What does that mean?

MCMAHON: What it means is the Republicans don’t think the rules apply to them. They don’t think the laws apply to them. And they routinely either ignore or perhaps in some cases violate the laws. And it’s coming home to roost on them. You’ve got Bill Frist is under investigation by the SEC, Tom DeLay is under indictment. The entire House and Senate leadership is…

MATTHEWS: … What about Harry Reid and Patrick Kennedy not giving back the money they got through the good offices of Abramoff?

MCMAHON: This is a Republican argument, they’re trying to make this…

MATTHEWS: … Well, it’s a good question.

GINSBERG: It’s a pretty good argument.

MATTHEWS: Why don’t they give back the money they got thanks to Jack Abramoff?

GINSBERG: This culture of corruption.

MCMAHON: Because the money that they got, as I understand it, wasn’t from Jack Abramoff. It was from people who-a lot of the Republican took money from and haven’t returned either. THE TALKING POINT IS THAT THE INDIAN TRIBES HAD ALWAYS GIVEN TO THE DEMS UNTIL ABRAMOFF TOOK THEM OVER. THEY STILL GIVE TO THE DEMS BECAUSE DEMOCRATS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MORE RESPONSIVE TO THE TRIBES’ NEEDS THAN THE REPUBS HAVE BEEN.


MATTHEWS: And your thought-can you prove that Abramoff gave money to Harry Reid through the Indians?

GINSBERG: As much as he can prove it about any of the Republicans. That’s what the campaign finance reports shows. This culture of corruption nonsense being isolated on the Republicans is just silly. There are just as many Democrats who are doing the things that we think are OK under the gift rules that have not been called into question.

MATTHEWS: You tried to run the Democrat lobbyists off K Street. You tried to monopolize the damn thing.

GINSBERG: No, we didn’t try and monopolize the damn thing. What we…

MATTHEWS: So power doesn’t tend to corrupt, absolute power doesn’t corrupt absolutely?

GINSBERG: Power can be…

MATTHEWS: OK, thank you Ben Ginsberg, thank you Steve McMahon.

Alito vote delayed a week: ACT!

NOT A Done Deal, NOT A Done Deal


CALL YOUR SENATORS RIGHT NOW at 888-818-6641, 888-355-3588 or 800-426-8073.


We’ve noticed the most curious thing. Publically Alito’s supporters state pronouncements that his confirmation is a “done” deal. And yet behind the scenes they are stilly lobbying furiously for a vote as quickly as they can get it. What do we make of this?

It’s con, folks. It’s a great big honking corporate media lie. There is only one way the extreme right wing can win this one, and that is by discouraging the rest of us from speaking out. We’d have to be pretty stupid to go for that one, huh? We’d have to be total chumps, huh? Why else would anyone surrender a fight when they had the numbers to win?

And we do have the numbers. We are the majority. The president is back down to 39% approval rating and dropping again. And even if the majority did NOT oppose their radical dictator president agenda, and all we need are 41 votes to filibuster. We HAVE 41 votes. We HAVE 41
votes. We HAVE 41 votes. All we need to win is to exercise the power we have, the will to win!

We’ll make you a deal. For the next two weeks, we all repeat these words as a mantra


If you just do that, ALL of you, repeat it in your minds until it drives out the negativity, until it drives out the defeatism, until it drives out the despair, until it drives out the insidious right
wing talking point which the cable TV propagandists have planted in our own minds. Just do that one thing, and we promise that we will deliver the victory for you.

If you are listening to a progressive show, and you hear someone say that it is not worth fighting anymore, IMMEDIATELY call them and chew them out. Demand that they give out one of the toll free numbers over the air, 888-818-6641, 888-355-3588 or 800-426-8073. And to do it not in some “ain’t gonna work anyway” tone of voice, but to do it with enthusiasm and the belief that it WILL work. Demand that they make


a recurring theme of every one of their shows for the next two weeks. If they are not giving out the toll free numbers periodically, demand to find out why. There are other good action pages besides our own but they should be giving out something. For the purpose of something
to be given out over the air it should be something that is easy to say and remember like

If you visit a progressive blog and you do not see the toll-free numbers and links to action pages RIGHT AT THE TOP of the page as prominently displayed as possible, email them and demand to know why. We control an enormous amount of page space on the internet and it is NOT being used effectively to advocate for policy change. EVERY home page MUST have these toll free numbers and action links FEATURED on them now without exception.

Send the emails to the bloggers, post messages. Ask them, are you activists or are you not? Why are you not helping with the fight? Why are you not using your media prominence to help save our Supreme Court? What are you not acting? Why have you not dedicated space on your site to the cause? Why are you not contributing to the mental energy of believing we can prevail? Do you want to win or not?

If we all do just that, a magical thing will take place. People will begin to believe that we can win. People will believe that we can make a difference. People will believe that democracy can work. And it will work. And we will win. We promise.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at

Or if you want to cease receiving our messages, just use the function

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DINO alert

That’s “Democrats In Name Only.”

Here is an important email from Josh Mitteldorf, urging that we take a long hard look into the “opposition party,” to find out why it’s not an opposition party.

Dear Mark,
The reason our republic is in crisis is not that we have a ruthless, criminal administration in power; it is not that the press is controlled by self-serving corporations; it is not because rampant bribery has overtaken the Congressional agenda; and the massive, devious and sinister program by Repuglicans to subvert democracy is still not adequate explanation for the crisis. The reason our republic is in crisis is that we have no opposition party.

Without proof, I offer the following hypothesis as a possible explanation for softness of the Democrat opposition: the Democratic party is thoroughly infiltrated by well-paid, under-cover agents of the Right.

It is awfully convenient for the junta that controls America that mainstream Dems are not screaming, “Crisis! Crisis!” In abandoning a great mass of disaffected voters on the left to pursue a tiny sliver of swing voters at the ever-shifting right, the Dems have forsaken their majority status. With their silent acquiescence to election theft, they have helped Repuglicans hollow out the foundation on which Democracy is built.

Perhaps the Democratic surrender should not be attributed to stupidity or incompetence. Rather than puzzle about all this behavior that runs dramatically counter to the Democrats’ self-interest, we should be asking, In whose interest are these policies being pursued? This line of reason leads to the hypothesis that the Democratic party has been deeply infiltrated. Many of the weak candidates that run and win in Democratic primaries are posing in this role in order to subvert the party; and trusted advisors who are whispering in the ears of top Democratic leaders are double agents, generously funded by the Right to infiltrate and subvert the Democratic strategy machine.

We know that the “conservative” takeover of the Repuglican party and the American government which we have witnessed in recent years was masterminded and meticulously planned decades ago by a handful of rich fascists: Irving Kristol, Nelson and Bunker Hunt, Richard Mellon Scaife, Joseph Coors
( ). We know that their plan allowed for initiatives in the media, for think-tank facades, which fabricate the appearance of an intellectual base for the movement. There are paid ideological agents of the Right posing as journalists (Armstrong Williams, James Guckert) as scientists (global warming is a myth), posing as economists (deregulation; supply-side stimulation) and as policy theorists (the dangerous neocon notion of American hegemony). Why would they not have thought to pose as Democrats as well? Infiltration of the Democratic party is easy, legal, and cheap compared to these other strategies. Indeed, if they hadn’t done it we should be surprised, because the tactic is so effective: they can blunt opposition to their initiatives, and promote weaker candidates to oppose Repuglicans. They can whisper in the ears of prominent Democrats, warning them that they risk losing support in the “political center” every time they call a spade a spade. Why wouldn’t the diabolical masterminds have thought of this?

We have read about Theresa Le Pore, the butterfly ballot lady whose Repuglican loyalties were discovered too late to save the Florida election. Harris Miller is a former Diebold lobbiest running for US Senate as a Democrat ( Tom Reilly is running for governor of Massachusetts on an “inclusive” platform, despite the fact that Democrats hold solid majorities throughout the state ( When Katherine Harris ran for Congress in Florida, her “Democratic opponent” was a Republican running a sham campaign ( Joe Lieberman regularly gives bipartisan cover for the Bush War on Iraq. Innocuous small-town peace groups are being watched by Federal agents posing as activists (as Michael Moore has shown us

But what if these examples are only the tip of an iceberg? There may be many more “Democratic” candidates whose only interest is in tugging the party to the right for cold cash. Perhaps party leaders (Hilary Clinton? John Kerry? even Howard Dean?) are getting advice from people who wish them no good.

I don’t know that this is true, but it’s a hypothesis that ties together a number of strange trends. The challenge I’m throwing out is for someone with the means and the skills to set about investigating the subject, to trace past histories of suspect political advisors, and to ask questions of campaign insiders who may have first-hand knowledge. I’d love to know for sure.

-Josh Mitteldorf
josh at

Say NO to Alito, damn it!

Emergency Action Needed!!!!

NOW is working very hard to be a voice for women’s rights with our Senate leadership and keep the Supreme Court from becoming ultra-conservative. NOW members and activists from around the country have been at NOW headquarters in D.C. working 24/7.

The newspapers say there hasn’t been enough “opposition.” What happens on the Supreme Court is a reflection of either a completely weakened Democratic Party or the will of the American people. It is not looking good for those of us who hold dear the long-fought legal advancements made in women’s, civil and worker’s rights — but there is one last thing you all can do. Get on your phones immediately and call Seantors Schumer and Clinton and tell them to request a “one week delay” of the Judiciary Committee vote. They must be granted this request. It is mandatory that they are granted the delay, just for the asking. Also, tell them that they must not let the democratic leadership allow for a “time certain” vote on the floor.

This is our last chance for a Filibuster. If we can’t get a Filibuster, we will be stuck with Alito on the Supreme Court. The one week delay will give us time to get a Filibuster, but without it, essentially a NO vote is not good enough. Please do this immediately, even though it is the weekend, leave a message on their phone. If their phone are shut off, fax them or email them. Don’t delay. this needs to be done immediately!

Dear Senator Schumer:
Having closely followed the hearings for Samuel Alito’s confirmation, I am writing to ask you to do everything you can to stop his confirmation. I believe his unquestioning support of executive power amounts to extraordinary circumstance. Please request a “one week delay” of the Judiciary Committee vote on Samuel Alito’s nomination; and please do not agree to a “time certain” vote on the floor. In the longer term, please work for a filibuster of Judge Alito’s nomination, and should that fail, please vote “no” on his nomination. Thank you in advance for upholding the Constitution.

Senator Charles Schumer
202-224-6542; 212-486-7693
757 3rd Ave. #1702
NY, NY 10017 (email)

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
780 3rd Ave. #2601
NY, NY 10017 (email)

NOW-NYC Demonstration at the New York City Democratic National Committee
Take an hour to take a stand!
Let’s send a message to the DNC – Don’t Sell Us Out!
Wednesday, January 18th
12pm, 60 Madison Ave. (between 27th & 28th St.)

We Need You!

The latest from Pennsylvania

Two important items here from Pennsyvania:

1. An open letter to the governor

2. Announcement of a major rally on Jan. 17

Dear elected representatives,
Last Thursday, January 12, 2006, Governor Bill Richardson showed true leadership for his stateÕs citizens, in a move we applaud and look for you to emulate. By announcing his plan to introduce legislation next week to make New Mexico an all-verifiable-paper-ballot state, the governor demonstrated bold leadership and a willingness to advocate for a voting system that allows citizens to cast their votes with confidence. We are looking for no less than the same type of leadership from our Pennsylvania officials.
His action will accomplish something extremely important. By mandating the use of optical scan paper ballots in all their state elections, then the documented to be inaccurate, unreliable and insecure touchscreen voting machines that produce no voter-verifiable and auditable paper record will be a thing of the past. His proposal is a great victory for upholding our American democratic principle of voting integrity. The catalyst for his decision was their recent lawsuit filed to restrain officials from purchase of additional problematic touchscreen machines.
We are not alone in protesting machines that do not insure our votes are reliably counted. Our own federal governmentÕs investigative Government Accountability Office (GAO), in its September 2005 report, found that Òelection officials, computer security expertsÉ. and others have raised significant concerns about the security and reliability of electronic voting systems, citing instances of weak security controls, system design flaws,Éinadequate security testing, incorrect system configuration, poor security management, and vague or incomplete standards, among other issuesÉ.The security and reliability concerns raised in recent reports merit the focused attention of federal, state, and local authorities responsible for election administration.Ó
We expect you, as our elected officials and servants of the people, to do your job and put our welfare above those of moneyed corporate interests, who stand to profit from millions of taxpayer dollars. We expect you to avail yourselves of the extensively researched facts concerning the advantages and disadvantages of the voting systems, as directed by our own federal government. In the face of all the huge disadvantages demonstrated by touchscreen machines, the most glaring one being that they are not auditable and no recounts can be done in case of election discrepancies, we are extremely perplexed and greatly alarmed that officials are even considering them. No one, vendors or officials, have demonstrated a willingness to debate the merits of the voting systems.
Follow the lead of our own Senator Conti and Representative Frankel, who both have introduced legislation that would require auditable voter paper ballots (SB 977 and HB 2000). Actively push for those resolutions, and make it happen. We challenge you to do whatÕs best for the people who elected you. Follow Governor Richardson and other governors around the nation who have realized that, after their extremely expensive mistakes concerning initial uses of the electronic machines, theyÕve found the best voting systems to guarantee the integrity of our votes. There is a chance for Pennsylvania to avert the same expensive mistakes. Please stop the insane rush to meet an arbitrary deadline with unprovable voting and questionable machines. We should not be forced to vote on machines which have any doubt as to security and reliability. The only immediate answer until this issue of security can be addressed is a way to verify actual votes, not a facsimile or byte in a computer. We must have verified-voter-paper-ballots now!
Mary Ann Gould
Coalition for Voting Integrity

Coalition for Voting Integrity

Coalition for Voting Integrity Announces
An American Patriot Rally to Rededicate Our Democracy
Perkasie, PA Jan 17, 2006 The Coalition for Voting Integrity will sponsor a rally at the Pennridge Central Middle School in Perkasie at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, January 17 to rededicate our Democracy, defend the principals on which this country was founded and preserve the sanctity of our vote.
The Event

Paul Revere, portrayed by nationally-known 18th century historian and orator, Robert Gerenser, will be the featured speaker as he delivers to the crowd and the citizens of Bucks County a warning of the danger facing our Democracy. “It was my job in the American Revolution to alert the countryside of the imminent attack of the British,” ‘Revere’ said. “Our voting rights are under similar assault today unless we have a transparent voting process that ensures that every vote counts as intended by the voter.”
Other speakers scheduled to participate include Mary Ann Gould, co-founder of the Coalition for Voting Integrity; a former Bucks County Commissioner, who will speak as a representative of the seven former County Commissioners, (both Democrats and Republicans) who signed a resolution supporting the immediate passage of HB 2000 and SB 977, the two voter-verified paper ballot bills currently in the PA state legislature and urged Bucks County to pu
rchase a voting system to a
ccommodate them; and State Senator Joe Conti , author of SB 97, is being invited to discuss his bill requiring voter verified paper ballots. We are awaiting confirmation of his availability to attend.
The theme of the event is that we modern Americans are being asked by our founders to protect the Democracy they established on these shores. Paul Revere will begin his trip to the rally on horseback and end it in a car. A fife and drum will accompany his arrival. Audience members will be invited to participate in a referendum vote, using paper ballots, to either affirm or deny the statement: “I support voter-verifed paper ballots.” In a candlelight ceremony, Paul Revere will pass the torch of freedom and vigilance to present-day Americans. Audience members will be asked to participate and patriotic songs will be sung.
The Message
The message of this rally will be clear:
No Paper. No Proof. No Way!
Politicians are fond of saying that the buck stops here. We the people will let them know that the buck starts here, at the grassroots and that we remember the words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who said, “Let us never forget that government is ourselves.”
Coalition for Voting Integrity
The CVI is a non-partisan citizens’ action group dedicated to the integrity of our voting system, thus guaranteeing that each and every vote is recorded/counted/reported fully and accurately . . . with proof.
Coalition for Voting Integrity
phone: 215.588.8518