"Investors frightened": Rupert Murdoch's Times

June 03, 2005
Investors take fright at Bush’s choice for SEC chief
From James Doran, Wall Street Correspondent

AMERICA’s biggest investors expressed grave fears over the direction of US corporate governance yesterday after President Bush nominated a Republican congressman with a history of hostility towards the investment community as the new chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Christopher Cox, a Republican congressman on the right of his party who was a key supporter of a Bill that limited the ability of investors to sue their companies, was proposed as the new chairman of the SEC, the Wall Street watchdog, by President Bush.

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There'd be no Watergate today

Deep Throat Cover Blown
Washington Post Still Sucks
Wednesday, June 1, 2005
By Greg Palast

I’ve been gagging all morning on the Washington Post’s self-congratulatory preening about its glory days of the Watergate investigation.

Think about it. It’s been 33 years since cub reporters Woodward and Bernstein pulled down the pants of the Nixon operation and exposed its tie-in to the Watergate burglary. That marks a third of a century since the Washington Post has broken a major investigative story. I got a hint of why the long, dry spell when I met Mark Hosenball, “investigative” reporter for the Washington Post’s magazine, Newsweek.

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What's behind it all

Texas Freedom Network
Religious Right Watch

*The Crusaders*
Christian evangelicals are plotting to remake America in their own image*
Rolling Stone
April 7, 2005

It’s February, and 900 of America’s staunchest Christian fundamentalists have gathered in Fort Lauderdale to look back on what they accomplished in last year’s election — and to plan what’s next. As they assemble in the vast sanctuary of Coral Ridge Presbyterian, with all fifty state flags dangling from the rafters, three stadium-size video screens flash the name of the conference: RECLAIMING AMERICAN FOR CHRIST. These are the evangelical activists behind the nation’s most effective political machine — one that brought more than 4 million new Christian voters to
the polls last November, sending George W. Bush back to the White House and thirty-two new pro-lifers to Congress. But despite their unprecedented power, fundamentalists still see themselves as a persecuted minority, waging a holy war against the godless forces of secularism. To rouse themselves, they kick off the festivities with “Soldiers of the Cross, Arise,” the blood-thirstiest tune in all of
Christendom: “Seize your armor, gird it on/Now the battle will be won/Soon, your enemies all slain/Crowns of glory you shall gain.”

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DeLay's PAC found guilty!

From David Donnelly:

Tom DeLay’s state political action committee was just found guilty of violating Texas campaign finance law.

A Texas judge found, in a civil trial, against DeLay’s Texans for a Republican Majority PAC, holding that the committee failed to report $600,000 in corporate contributions, in direct violation of Texas law.

This is the first time ever in a court of law Tom DeLay’s fundraising empire has been held to account. There are two things you can do to make this news reverberate around the nation.

First, help us expand our campaign today with a donation to our campaign to force DeLay to step down. We are busy building pressure on members of Congress to force DeLay’s resignation, educate the public about the gross violations of standards of conduct, and working with others to spread this message.

Go to https://secure.ga3.org/03/without_delay to make a secure donation on-line.

Second, with this news, we issued a statement and are busy getting the word out to reporters and columnists. Help us spread the word by writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Use the statement as a loose set of talking points to draft your own letter. Let’s keep the story in front of the public.

Read our statement at http://dailydelay.blogspot.com/2005/05/public-campaign-action-fund-statement.html. Share what you want about this news by posting comments at the blog.

We know that DeLay and his allies will push back hard, so we need to frame this debate today.

So please take these two actions today, and, importantly, forward this breaking news on to your friends.


David Donnelly
Public Campaign Action Fund

P.S. Our work is having its impact. Help us spread the word by making a donation at https://secure.ga3.org/03/without_delay

P.P.S. If you want to support our work with a donation, but would prefer to send it in the mail, make your check payable to Public Campaign Action Fund and send it to 1320 19th Street, NW, Suite M-1, Washington, DC 20036. Contributions to Public Campaign Action Fund are not tax deductible for income tax purposes.

Mayor Bloomberg doesn't get it. (Or perhaps he does.)

Let’s all try to help him get it, shall we?

From Kat L’Estrange:

All I can say to Mayor Bloomberg is: So are casinos, and we know they’re rigged for the house. What makes anybody wake up in the morning with the conclusion that electronic voting machines are just fine without verifiable paper ballots? Since when are checks and balances a waste of time?


Mayor Bloomberg Says No Paper Trail Is Necessary With Electronic Voting – May 21, 2005

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says when the city buys new electronic voting machines, he doesn’t think it will be necessary for them leave a paper trail.

On his radio show Friday, the mayor said technology is advanced enough these days that paper backups aren’t needed.

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How to contact Mayor Bloomberg:

Office of Mayor Michael Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 788-3000 (ask for the comment line)
Fax: (212) 788-2460

To email the Mayor go to: http://nyc.gov/html/mail/html/mayor.html

Owen is Texas' worst Supreme Court Justice!

Via Dr. Bombay:

from off the kuff blog:

Judging the judges
posted, May 21, 2005

The Houston Bar Association has published its annual poll (PDF) in which judges’ performances are rated by HBA members. From the press release:

Every two years, the HBA asks its members to evaluate all members of the judiciary that serve in Harris County, as well as the Supreme Court of Texas and the Court of Criminal Appeals. The judges are evaluated in categories that include knowledge of the law, impartiality, efficiency, courtesy, written opinions, appropriate use of visiting judges, and an overall rating.

Each person evaluating a judge is asked to base his or her opinions on firsthand knowledge only. The Judicial Evaluation Poll is not an endorsement by the HBA of any judge.

There were 1,223 polls returned, representing 11 percent of the HBA’s membership at the time of mailing.

The Judicial Evaluation Poll includes federal judges; magistrate judges; state and local appellate judges; civil, criminal, family, juvenile and probate judges; associate judges in the family and juvenile courts; IV-D masters; civil and criminal county court-at-law judges; municipal judges; justices of the peace; and visiting judges that sit frequently in Harris County courts.

The Chron story focuses on the Harris County judges who did best and worst…. finishing last as the Worst Supreme Court Justice in Texas as ranked by the HBA, Priscilla R. Owen, with 39.5% Outstanding and 45.3% Poor.

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"We're all for preventing cancer, but…."

From Catherine Root:

“Giving the HPV vaccine to young women could be potentially harmful, because they may see it as a license to engage in premarital sex,” said Bridget Maher, a policy analyst at the Family Research Council. Some even oppose the vaccine for young people who are already having sex. “Would this vaccine not enable or encourage them to continue to be sexually active?” asked Scott Phelps of the Abstinence and Marriage Education Partnership. “We’re all for preventing cancer,” he said, mploying a phrase sane people seldom follow with the word but, “but is this really the way to do it?”

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