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The fight to save democracy resumes on Monday

From Sheila:
Dear Resisters,

We are doing Amazonian work. We are succeeding. I am expecting more miracles.

Thanks to us the mailboxes of the senators’ phone lines are filled. We don’t need to call them this weekend (YAY, a little rest time). We need to start calling them again on Monday.

I don’t know whether their fax machines are filled or not and I don’t have a fax. If someone could test the waters on that and get back to Mark, that would be very good.

The DNC phone is also filled. We need to call them also, but on Monday: 202-863-8000. Their fax number is 202-863-8063. No money ever again unless there is a filibuster

I did get through this morning (Saturday, 1/29) to the DSCC (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) phone – 202-224-2447. Their fax is 202-969-0354.Their email is info[at] No money ever again unless there is a filibuster.

I am ambivalent about making a list of which senators to concentrate on, because what if we pick the wrong senators. And I like the idea of people following their own hearts, minds, intuition about who to call. On the other hand, people have information sometimes about who to focus on and what is happening right then that we all need to hear.That being said, my own short list so far are Biden, – (tell him he will never be president if he does not filibuster;not clear yet whether he is undecided about filibuster or is against) and Inouye (only democratic in gang of 14 to vote against Roberts and will vote against Alito)

I am wondering if we can get it together by Sunday at say about 5PM to have vigils/standouts all over the country demanding a filibuster and am talking with others about this.

I know there are many reasons why Alito does not belong on the Supreme Court, but a very visible symbol would be for each one of us to carry a hanger – the symbol of women dying in back alley abortions, often done with coat hangers, when abortions were illegal.

Sheila, proudly here in Boston


The last two days have been amazing.
Early Thursday afternoon, we broke the news that Senator John Kerry would lead a filibuster against Judge Sam Alito if he could get 41 Senators to sustain the filibuster. Three hours later, CNN confirmed our story.
Naturally, the White House freaked out and told Senator Bill Frist to schedule a cloture vote as quickly as possible – Monday at 4:30 p.m. – to prevent Democrats from uniting behind Kerry.
But even as Karl Rove was doing his dirty work, progressive activists like you were calling your Senators urging them to support John Kerry’s filibuster.
And one by one, Democratic Senators began to turn around.
At the start of the day, only Dick Durbin and Debbie Stabenow supported Kerry and Kennedy. Just before noon, Hillary Clinton’s office called to say she supported us. Then Harry Reid came on board, along with Barbara Boxer, Russ Feingold, Ron Wyden, Chris Dodd, and (I think) Chuck Schumer.
Most importantly, we even picked up Dianne Feinstein, who just yesterday said she opposed a filibuster.
That’s 12 votes for a filibuster – and exactly 12 more votes than we had two days ago!
I believe we really can stop Alito by Monday at 4:30 p.m. – but here’s what we must do.
1. Ignore the media whores. Karl Rove is feeding them lies as he always does, and they are swallowing those lies as they always do. The only media that matters is the media we are creating right here by calling each Senator and getting a YES or NO statement from them.
3. Keep calling the Senators who are undecided or opposed to a filibuster. You can call their DC office all weekend and leave polite but firm voicemails urging the Senators to support Kerry’s filibuster. When offices open on Monday 9 a.m. ET, make another round of calls. Let’s shut down the Capitol switchboard on Monday!
4. Call the DNC (202-863-8000) and the DSCC (202-224-2447) and tell them your 2006 contributions will depend on the success of the Alito filibuster. Tell them they need to get every Democratic Senator on board.

5. Call talk shows like Air America, C-SPAN, etc. and talk about what we’re doing on this blog and how we’re killing ourselves to stop Alito – and how we can win if everyone who cares about the future of our Democracy joins us.
6. Keep hope alive – because American Democracy is worth it!!!


From Sheila:

Second Democratic Senator that we thought was a lost cause on Alito has announced he is taking a poll from any US callers. His lines were BURNING UP this afternoon.

(People for the American Way tells us that one quarter of a million faxes have been sent re Alito since last night!)

The Washington Senatorial offices are closed for the day,Friday, (but if you don’t get through today you can also call Monday)but the Colorado district offices will be open till 5 pm Mountain Time.

A vote is expected on Alito on Monday or Tuesday. Ted Kennedy has been quoted as saying it’s an uphill battle to uphold this filibuster, but it IS DOABLE.

Call this Senator below — tell him NO on Alito. YES on filibuster.

It was very hard to get through, and I had to call several offices before I got one that did not just give me a busy, but I got through on one and had to leave a message and I did

Senator Ken Salazar

702 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
(202) 224-5852 main
(202) 228-5036 fax

Denver Metro Region
2300 15th Street, Suite 450
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 455-7600
Fax: (303) 455-8851

Pikes Peak Region
3 South Tejon, Suite 300B
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: (719) 328-1100
Fax (719) 328-1129

North Central Region
11 Old Town Square, Suite 260
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Phone: 970-224-2200
Fax: 970-224-2205

High Plains Region
109 E. Railroad Avenue, Number 4
Ft. Morgan, C0 80701
Phone: 970-542-9446
Fax: 970-542-3088

Arkansas River Region
129 West B Street
Pueblo, CO 81003
Phone number 719 542-7550
Fax number 719 542-7555

Four Corners Region
835 East 2nd Avenue, Suite 203
Durango, CO 81301
Phone: (970) 259-1710
Fax: (970) 259-9789

Western Slope/I 70 Corridor Region
225 North 5th Street Suite 511
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: 970-241-6631
Fax: 970-241-8313

609 Main Street, #110
Alamosa, CO 81101
Phone: 719-587-0096
FAX: 719-587-0098


Senator Ben Nelson, a Democrat!

Ben Nelson, who previously stated he was voting YES on Alito, is now taking a tally from ALL COMERS, regardless of state. Getting LOTS of calls!
Still time to call Nebraska. – I just did. Or call his DC office and leave message if you want – free- 1-866-340-9281 or 1-866-340-9279

Here are Nebraska district office numbers, open till 5 pm Central: – so earlier than est and we can still call

Lincoln: Tel: (402) 441-4600

Scotsbluf: Tel: (308) 631-7614

Chadron: Tel: (308) 430-0587

Omaha: Tel: (402) 391-3411

Electoral disaster in Ohio!

Welcome to Ohio, 2006–where voters must present i.d.’s, random machine audits will be strictly limited, and recounts will be unaffordable for average citizens.

Welcome to Bush-style “democracy”!


Go to:

On Tuesday, January 31, the Ohio House & Senate will likely approve Ohio HB3, a bill which will severely undermine future elections in Ohio, unless we speak out. The issues at stake are:

1) The cost of a recount will quintuple, making recounts virtually unaffordable;
2) Random audits of electronic voting machines will be restricted, making it harder to track machine fraud; and
3) Voter ID’s will be required, potentially disenfranchising specific groups.

There has been little recent press about these controversial changes. The issue of requiring a voter ID itself should be a page-one story, not a tiny blurb buried deep within the Local section of the January 27,2006 Cincinnati Enquirer (see below). The other changes, possibly even more damaging to fair elections, are not mentioned.

The reason the bill was not passed before Christmas and, instead, sent back to committee, concerned campaign contribution limits. Because the media was asleep, there was no public debate on the real issues at stake.

While the provision to dis-allow a secretary of state to also serve as head of a political campaign is heralded as progress, it is a smokescreen for the inequities hidden within the lengthy bill. Even this specific provision seems too little too late . . . considering last year’s election where Blackwell served in the dual role of Secretary of State and Co-Chair of the Ohio Bush-Cheney campaign.

There is still time for a public outcry, but without the help of the media and with only a few days remaining, we rely on you to quickly and aggressively get the word out.

As Mr. Blackwell and his Patriot Pastor buddies are fond of saying, “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.”

Marji & Janice

Friday, Jan. 27, 2006 Cincinnati Enquirer
Overhaul bill sent for vote

A joint legislative committee voted Thursday to send a bill overhauling how Ohio conducts elections on to the House and Senate for full votes next week. The bill would require voters to show identification at the polling place, prohibit the Ohio secretary of state from serving on a campaign or issue committee other than the secretary’s own campaign committee, and increase the number of signatures required to initiate a statewide ballot issue from 100 to 1000, among other changes. The committee took out a cap in the original bill on the money local officials could receive from their employees for political campaigns. Instead, the committee expanded the prohibition for state and county elected officials from soliciting donations from employees to include local officials such as mayors. The House and Senate take up the compromise Tuesday.

Paper ballots are the choice of most Americans!


From Rob Kall:


The poll results are in. I'm just starting to distill them.

The first results are astounding, including 80+ support for paper ballots and government vs. privatized ownership of Election technology and voter registration.

Regarding the Santorum race, Casey's numbers tank when people find out about his positions-- and it's a certainty that Santorum will make sure they know Casey's positions. Both liberal candidates, once positions are known, draw a bigger percentage of responders than Casey.

Here's the link.

*OpEdNews.Com/ Zogby People's Poll -- Casey Plummets When His Positions are Known, Santorum Loses to All Democratic Candidates, Paper Ballots Soar, Privatized Vote Gets Big No, Impeach Bush if He's Guilty... lots more.

There's a link in the article to an action page that makes it easy to tell your local paper to cover it. Tell your favorite progressive media to carry it too.


Rob Kall

Fire in your belly? Harry Reid will put it out!

From Carolyn Kay:
Do we need this guy?
Fri Jan 27, 2006 11:27 AM ETclip_image001_15.gif
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid admitted on Friday he and fellow Democrats lack the votes to block President George W. Bush’s nomination of conservative appeals judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court.
“Everyone knows there is not enough votes to support a filibuster,” Reid said, referring to the procedural roadblock that some Democrats said should be used to put off a vote on Alito.
His message box is full, so I sent him a message via his webform:
What could have possessed you, sir, to tell Reuters that you don’t have enough votes to stall cloture on the Alito nomination?
You Democrats keep doing this. You declare defeat before the battle is even joined. Meanwhile, Republicans declare victory when they don’t have it. They thereby create an “aura of inevitability” that often carries them on to unlikely victories.
Why can’t Democrats do the same? It’s just not that difficult to figure out.

Lots more really good stuff at

Hillary says no to filibuster

From Bob Fertik at

I just spoke with Senator Clinton’s New York City office and confirmed that Senator Clinton is NOT supporting the brave and urgent filibuster of Sam Alito by Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy.

Please call these numbers immediately and urge Senator Clinton to SUPPORT THE ALITO FILIBUSTER:

Senator Clinton NYC Office: 212-688-6262
Friends of Hillary NYC Office: 212-213-3717
Senator Clinton DC Office: 202-224-4451
Friends of Hillary DC Office: 202-263-0180

Please be polite but firm.

If you know any prominent supporters of Senator Clinton, please ask them to call Senator Clinton or her closest advisors directly.

For the latest updates visit: