How BushCo raised that dirty money

The. Biggest. Scandal. Ever! Phony Front Companies Cycle Millions Back to GOP!
by Sherlock Google
Sat Dec 10, 2005 at 09:48:20 AM PDT

Brent Wilkes & Mitchell Wade – Bagmen in the Successful Plot to Take Over the United States and Enrich GOP Officeholders

I hope you are sitting down when you read this. The Duke Cunningham scandal goes much deeper than just the $2.4 million in bribes being reported by the media. There is a lot the media is not telling you.

Ever wonder why the Republicans have SO much money in every national election?

And what did the Dukester do to get his Rolls-Royce, anyway? Whose Lear Jet was he flying around in? The answers to those 3 questions turn out to be The. Biggest. Scandal. Ever!

The. Biggest. Scandal. Ever! on the flip!

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Ohio Christians protest HB3

From Kat L.:

As we approach the 5th anniversary of Bush v Gore (December 12) and remember the day they stopped the counting of votes in Florida in 2000, I think it’s important to give advocates of honest elections in Ohio like Jonathan and Kyle our time and attention. For those of you outside of Ohio, keep them in your good thoughts or contact them if you can for an interview or to send them well wishes. For those of you in Ohio, take a stand beside them for fair public elections. December 12th is the day for all of us to renew our commitment in this struggle, and we do so by demanding that power in our democracy be shared and that not one more American is disenfranchised.

Update on Hunger Strike, Prayer Vigil to Stop HB3

Contact: Jonathan Meier, (614)208-1593; Rev. John Edgar, (614)327-5468

COLUMBUS, Ohio – (December 9, 2005) – Despite the heavy snow storm and bitter temperatures, Jonathan Meier, a 23 year-old divinity student and Columbus resident, is continuing a prayer vigil and hunger strike at the Ohio Statehouse to signal his disgust and distrust with House Bill 3 – the vote reform bill proposed and supported by GOP lawmakers. Early this morning, Meier was joined by Kyle Poorman, a 25 year-old voter organizer from Columbus.

Meier says that the demonstration is his way of highlighting the injustice of House Bill 3.

“Most people don’t realize that this legislation, if passed by the senate next week, would make it virtually impossible for homeless folks to vote, would make it virtually impossible for groups to register large numbers of voters, would eliminate oversight of voting machines, and would cancel our right to challenge election results.”

Why prayer and a hunger strike? Meier says that his Christian faith calls him to “constantly pursue social justice and illuminate social ills, and, often, this call requires personal sacrifice.”

The Ohio Senate is expected to vote on House Bill 3 next week. Meier affirms that he will continue praying and fasting until that point.

“Who gains from this legislation?,” Meier asks. “Instead of addressing the long lines at the polls, instead of making it easier for people to register and to vote, Republican lawmakers put forward 424 pages of legislation that will set up roadblocks to our democracy. I, for one, do not trust a vote reform bill that is purely a partisan act.”

Filibuster the PATRIOT Act!

Emergency Petition to Filibuster PATRIOT Act!

House and Senate negotiators have struck a deal on reauthorizing the USA PATRIOT Act, leaving many of the bill’s worst provisions intact. Before leaving for recess, several senators were threatening to filibuster this legislation if it contained these provisions. Let’s call on them to go all the way to fight for our civil liberties!

Tell your senators to filibuster the USA PATRIOT Act by signing this emergency petition!

If passed:

… the Justice Department will retain the authority to investigate American citizens without judicial oversight, a power that is invoked more than 30,000 times each year.
… the government will still be able to search individuals’ private property without notifying them.
… authorities will still be able to search citizens’ library records, medical records, school records, and financial records virtually unchecked by the judiciary.

The Senate has an opportunity to take a stand for one of Americans’ most cherished traditions –the right to be free from government intrusion.

Tell your senators to filibuster the USA PATRIOT Act by signing this emergency petition!

Ohio Honest Elections Campaign

Ohio — The Crucial State In ’08

Ohio Honest Elections Campaign
Democracy For Democrats Forum

The Ohio Honest Elections Campaign will hold a forum for the candidates running for Chair of the Ohio Democratic Party.

Where: First Congregational Church
444 E. Broad Street (at 9th St.)
Columbus OH, 43215

When: Tuesday December 13th 2005
7:00 – 9:00 PM
Doors open at 6:00 PM

Click here for Google Map Link
Click Here for Yahoo! Map Link

This forum is open to the public and admittance is free of charge. We are also inviting members of the Ohio Democratic Party Executive Committee and ODP County Chairs. Parking is available behind the First Congregational Church.

Please check the Ohio Honest Elections Campaign website for additional information – including organizational endorsements.

Many thanks to the First Congregational Church for hosting this forum.

You can visit the First Congregational Church on the World Wide Web at

To register and all media inquiries please e- mail

NY event, 12/14

How Can We Restore the Integrity of Our Electoral System?
Let’s Talk About the Bottom Line

What: “A Call for Honest Elections: How Electronic Voting Threatens Democracy and What We Can Do About It”

Where: The Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist, 40 E. 35th Street, New York

When: Wednesday, December 14th at 6:30 p.m.

The most basic step toward building the type of America we want is putting people in office who share our vision. If the way we cast and count votes is broken, nothing else can get fixed.

From lost votes to hackable software, the electoral system is broken. Noted authors and activists are coming to New York to talk about what can be done. Can you join in?

The event is called “A Call for Honest Elections: How Computerized Voting Threatens Democracy and What We Can Do About It”, and it’s on Wednesday, December 14th at 6:30 p.m. The program will feature musical satire, illuminating discussion, and activist networking and action.

This event, which will be a launching pad for effective action, will be held at The Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist, 40 E. 35th Street, New York, NY. Tickets are $15, $10 for seniors/students/fixed or low income. (Your money can have more impact for a $50 or $100 ticket – you’ll receive a signed copy of Mark Crispin Miller’s recent book and you’ll be contributing to the great work of New Yorkers for Verified Voting and TrueMajority’s SpeakEZ.)

Click for details.

The discussion will be led by panelists who are well-known advocates of electoral reform:

Mark Crispin Miller, author of FOOLED AGAIN: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election Why They’ll Steal the Next One, Too (Unless We Stop Them)
Rachel Maddow, Host of Air America’s “The Rachel Maddow Show”
Robert Fitrakis, co-author of How the GOP Stole America’s 2004 Election and Is Rigging 2008
Bo Lipari, Executive Director of New Yorkers for Verifiable Voting

We also need dedicated volunteers to help at the event, including seating, admission, tabling, sign-ups, etc. If you can help, please write to and include your name, the date and times you are available, and any task preferences.

This is a 501(c)(3) event sponsored by New Yorkers for Verified Voting, TrueMajority’s SpeakEZ, and Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities (BLSP).

Reserve your seat now for this important event! Your participation will help spread the word and create critical mass to make this an issue not to be ignored! Meet like-minded folks and make a difference for all of us.

Many thanks,

Diane Jones
SpeakEZ Coordinator

What went down today in Bucks County

Words, UnLtd.
8 December 2005
The DRE Museum: Part 2

Just because we have a democracy doesn’t mean it’s perfect. A few of the guards will commit torture.

–Condoleezza Rice, in Europe, quoted by NPR 12/8/05

ON LESS THAN TWO DAYS’ NOTICE, the crowds in front of the board of elections (and voter registration) office in Doylestown, the county seat of Bucks County, PA, milled around a display of two DREs. Notice had been so short that the other two manufacturers, Danaher and ES&S (the only certified PBOS manufacturer so far, as in New York; the only one willing to sell PBOS because they cost less than DREs; the largest manufacturer of its kind in this country), couldn’t be there.

Though the display was open to the public, those who attended, around thirty to forty when I was there in the morning for about an hour and a half, were all activists, all vociferously opposed to paperless DREs that so far are running ahead of other options here. All asked bladed questions to the hapless displayers, undoubtedly hired because of their sang froid, though the displayer I spoke to the most rubbed up against me pleadingly, sensing a kind heart behind my kind smile, mumbling under her breath in exasperation at one point that she didn’t make these machines. The manufacturer in this case was Advanced Voting, a company I hadn’t heard of previously.

I spoke at length also with Councilman Jim Crawley, who told me to call him Jim, the only member of the council present. A juror/officer of elections in a red dress came up to us briefly to voice her disappointment at the small number of people present, but scurried off before I could get her name or be refused this information.

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On that putative money-laundering operation

Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but drop addresses and missing or empty websites don’t confirm anything except that something is odd. The assumption of fraud–without real proof of fraud–is a dangerous one. Despite some very lax accounting at the DoD in the last few years, every contract has an identifying number. Every contract has a contract manager. During the course of all contracts, there are progress reviews and reports, and expenditures over $2500 have to have competitive bids from suppliers and subcontractors. When a contract is renewed or closed, there should be an audit. That is the paper trail that has to be tracked down.

One of the assumptions that Cannon has made that may be leading him astray is that there seem not to be actual companies in some locations. All it takes is one principal company receiving the contract and it can then be subcontracted out to an extraordinary number of levels (I’ve counted at least five on just one Halliburton contract for Katrina clean-up). The top-level company need only apply whatever minimum amount of oversight of subcontractors required to satisfy the contract and rake off their percentage from the top.

The very important thing to do is to stop concentrating on websites and company addresses and get the contract details for any and all contracts related to Wilkes’ companies, Wilkes company officers or to Wilkes himself. The Center of Public Integrity’s database may help and they should be contacted, as should POGO, as well. But, in truth, Wilkes contracts may actually not add up to a sufficient amount to even show up on those NGO databases. FOIAs to the DoD–and the GSA–must be made to obtain the contract details, and one has to have the help of a cooperative media organization because it will inevitably involve artificial delays and the likely necessity of a suit to force the issue. And, if any of those contracts involve intelligence, you can forget it. You won’t get the info, and without the info, there’s no real proof.

I’d hate to see anyone get sued for libel by jumping the gun and describing non-evidence of fraud as fraud. I’d like to see these sleazy bastards’ hides nailed to the wall once and for all, but, frankly, Cannon doesn’t have the goods on `em.

He’s got an hypothesis.


Roswell, NM

Vast GOP money-laundering operation!

It takes a lot of dough to steal a national election. This could be how they did it.

From Glenn Z.:

Ladies & Germs,

You probably remember me from my previous panicky “Downing Street Minutes” email blast. I try to keep cattle-calls to a minimum, but I think there’s a piece of breaking news that deserves your attention. Last month’s revelations about Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham and his ugly relationship with corrupt defense contractors came as no surprise to those of us who have been awake during the last five years, but they certainly seem to have caught the public’s imagination at long last. Add in the present and pending “Plamegate” indictments and the indictments of Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay, and we have an American populace that’s beginning to wake up to the thread of corruption that weaves through the entire Republican political system.

Well, I think it’s about to get even worse for our friends on the Right side of the aisle. Interpid blogger Joseph Cannon has been doing the work that the Congress and the media refuse to do and he has stumbled upon something that, in my mind, may prove to be even bigger and more embarrassing than the Abramoff-funded network. Cannon took a deeper look at the network that fed and clothed Duke Cunningham and discovered that the corruption extends waaaaaaaaay beyond Cunningham. In fact, it appears that a large defense contractor may not even be a defense contractor, but rather a clearing-house for defense dollars received in good faith from defense appropriations bills and distributed to (gasp) GOP politicians. That’s right: the contractor was a shell company that received YOUR and MY tax dollars for defense goods and services and merely disbursed the money as political contributions to Henry Bonilla, Roy Brown, Rick Clayburgh, Duke Cunningham, John T. Doolittle, Maria Guadalupe Garcia, George W. Gekas, Lindsay Graham, Duncan Hunter, Darrell Issa, Samuel Johnson, Thaddeus G. McCotter, Constance Morella, Devin Nune, Steve Pearce, Bill Van de Weghe Jr., Jerry Weller, President Bush, Katherine Harris, Tom Delay, Virgil Goode Jr. and Elizabeth Dole to name just a few. Do you notice anything in common with these names? They’re all Republicans. And believe it or not, no Democrats appear to be involved. So please resist the temptation to brush this away as another case of “they’re all corrupt.” This is a new breed of corruption, unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

Just so you can be in on the ground-floor of a developing scandal, here it is.

or, for those of you whose mail-programs break URLs,

Read it and vomit. Let’s hope this starts a fire. Don’t let the fact that this is coming from a blog dissuade you; that’s how most real news starts nowadays. I suspect we’ll be hearing more about this elsewhere soon. Tell all your friends!

RED ALERT for Bucks County PA!

Commissioners announced just today that there will be a demonstration TOMORROW of the voting machines they are considering. Unless A LOT OF US show up at the courthouse between 8:30A.M. and 2:30 P.M., to demand voter verified paper ballots – the best way to prove that our votes are accurately recorded – we could get stuck with expensive machines that are already being sued over in other parts of our country, and will soon have to be replaced. “PLEASE BRING EVERYBODY YOU CAN to the Bucks County Courthouse. The demo will be in the hall opposite the jury room. There is free parking on Main Street, across the street.

VVPB’s (voter verified paper ballots) are the only way to prove that a computerized voting machine registers exactly what we believe we’re voting for, and, with optical scanners, the least expensive, practical way to verify both original votes and re-counts.

How can we ever have machines that our own government has found to be less than secure? We must have paper proof for every vote. We believe that Bucks County Commissioners are likely to put in expensive touch-screen machines with no way to verify our votes. OUR VOTES – AND OUR MONEY – ARE AT RISK. We urge you, for your sake, for your children’s sakes, and for this country which was founded on the freedom to vote and have our votes count, to come out and show the commissioners how important it is for you to know, without a doubt, that your vote counts.

“As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.” – Justice William O. Douglas

For more information call: Mary Ann Gould 215-357-2937 or Ruth Mathey 267-250-2829