Why BushCo can't fail on Election Day

February 6, 2006
Study: New Machines Await 4 in 5 Voters
Filed at 9:41 p.m. ET

Fewer voters will cast their ballots by punching a card or pulling a lever in this November’s elections as the country continues to turn to newer, electronic machines, according to a study released Monday.

While the study says old systems that were prone to error are on their way out, experts also note that means many Americans will be voting on unfamiliar equipment this fall.

At least four out of five registered voters will use the newer generation of machines — either ATM-style touchscreen machines or ones that ask voters to fill in the blanks, a vast change from the contested 2000 presidential election that spurred states and Congress to push for improved equipment.

Back in 2000, just over half the voters had access to the latest technology.

By this fall, however, only one out of 33 voters will be asked to use the system that raised the most objections in Florida — punch cards — and just one in 10 will use a lever machine, according to a survey by Election Data Services, a political consulting firm that tracks election equipment. Six years ago, one in six voters used punch cards and one in five used levers.

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Mary Mapes and MCM tomorrow night!!

A great new readings series at
McNally-Robinson Bookstore!!!

50 Prince St.
(between Lafayette and Mulberry)
New York, NY

Tuesday, February 7th, 7pm


Guest MARY MAPES Truth and Duty: The Press, the President, and the Privilege of Power

This new monthly series features writers who have been overlooked or ostracized because their books are just a bit too troubling for the mainstream press. Their work is especially precious in these troubling times. Mary Mapes’ book recounts the surreal fallout that transpired when she dared to raise questions about Bush’s military service. Reading, discussion, and signing.

Thursday, February 9th, 7pm
How The Pro-Choice Movement Saved America
In her pointed critique of the pro-life agenda, Page argues that the abortion issue is a cover for a fundamentalist “anti-contraception” and “anti-sex” movement. Relying on thorough research and intellectual tact, Page presents a book that will fuel heated debates everywhere. Reading, discussion, and signing

(212) 274-1160

Brutalized and busted in Ohio

Brutalized & Arrested in Cleveland for Posting “Bush Step Down” Posters

The following is a first-hand account of police harrassment and brutality against a World Can’t Wait organizer in Cleveland. If anything like this happens to you, let us know asap! Contact

My name is Carol Fisher, and I am on the staff of Revolution Books in Cleveland OH. At the bookstore we have been immersed in building and supporting the initiatives of World Cant Wait. Yesterday, 1.28.06, while putting “Bush Step Down” posters on telephone poles along a
major thoroughfare on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I was brutalized by Cleveland Heights police, charged with 2 counts of felony assault and held incommunicado under police custody in the hospital! This outrage and others like it must be exposed and opposed by all who hate the
direction that the Bush regime is taking this country and the world.

Here is what happened:

I had set out from my house with a full agenda, to contact lots of people and get out materials about our upcoming Cleveland event to Drown Out the State of the Union address, and the call to march around the White House on Feb. 4th. My first stop was the an area known for its community of artists and progressives, where I stapled up posters for blocks and was greeted warmly by those who saw and appreciated what World Cant Wait is doing. I talked to an artist, and a Palestinian store owner who took fliers to distribute to customers.

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More on the darkness at VA


Hi Mark,

I take my dad to the VA and I have never been in the building without noting that FOX is on all the tv’s in all the waiting rooms. I have never seen anything but Fox. I asked a nurse once if they had a policy and she said no, sometimes they put the ball games on.

Matthew B.

From a patriot:

Here are a few links on Nicholson, who placed several GOP operatives in top VA slots, including public affairs, with an eye toward making Bush look good, rather than promoting the needs of veterans. When the world was focused on the incompetence of “Brownie” for failing to prepare and respond to the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Nicholson remained the Secretary for the
second largest U.S. government department, with a budget of $70 billion and more than 200,000 employees.

Official VA Biography

VA’s massive new spending on “Faith Based” initiatives for veterans, which is a huge plug for religion and Bush… http://www1.va.gov/opa/fbci/index.htm

VA gives free press and promotes large corporations (also major GOP donors) who hire veterans for low-paying, dead-end jobs without healthcare and retirements benefits

Official State Dept. Biography, New:


Catholic-related biography

Daniels Fund biography

Nicholson gives more speeches to Catholic groups than to veterans groups…

Nicholson Stumps in FAVOR of Pre-emptive war

Ironically, Nicholson failed in his mission in the first few months, leaving VA $2.6 billion short to take care of 120,000 Iraq War veterans already diagnosed by VA after their return from combat.

The VA is in dangerous hands

Mr. Carmichael:
You wrote a superb article about Supreme Court Justices Scalia, Thomas, and Alito, and their likely connections with intolerant political extremist Catholic groups, such as opus dei.


Off the record, here is another rarely-reported fact to connect the dots: Robert James Nicholson, an ardent Catholic and the former national chairman of the GOP, was the ambassador to the Vatican for four years who brokered the Bush-Papal meetings that torpedoed the Kerry campaign (along with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth).

Nicholson was richly rewarded in early 2005 with a plumb political appointment as the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs, even though he has no background in healthcare or disability benefits, save the fact he is a veteran. Nicholson is now gutting government workers (one measure seeks to cut 30,000+ union workers at hospitals) from VA and replacing them with contract workers supplied by larger GOP corporate donors.

In addition, Nicholson is preparing to merge VA with DoD, thus making 4 out of every 7 federal workers DoD employees, few of whom are actually government workers or soldiers, but rather corporate mercenaries. Nicholson is also widely reported to be testing the waters to become Governor of Colorado.
The ominous implication of the merger of Church and Corporations and State is that the U.S. is witnessing the rise of both fascism and theocracy, yet most are blind to this development or the dire consequences it portends.
A patriot

Help MoveOn set the right priorities!!

Move-On online survey to set priorities
Two points to remember:
—-All topics are important, but none of them matter if electronic voting systems are facilitating and concealing tampering.
—-All topics have major organizational support already EXCEPT opposition to evoting altogether because it will never be handled securely, and the demand for voter-verified printouts and use of them for auditing elections. These struggles are taking place in every state, and this is where MoveOn can make a difference.
The order of choices varies. Two suggestions:
—-Mark low priority for all except “Require electronic voting machines to print voter-verified paper records”
—-In the entry area called “Other” enter these suggestions:
. . . . Mandatory independent random vote-count audits
. . . . Immediate public posting of precinct data for absentee, early-voting, and election-day voting including number of voters, number of ballots, and tallies

Joint Chiefs threaten WashPost over Toles cartoon

Pentagon trying to censor top US political cartoonist
by John in DC – 2/01/2006 05:09:00 PM

The Joint Chiefs of Staff just sent a menacing letter to the Washington Post over a cartoon. AMERICAblog received a copy of the letter at 10AM this morning, but as its veracity was not yet confirmed, we waited until E&P was able to confirm that is is for real.

Here’s the letter the Joint Chiefs of Staff wrote to the Post.

And why not have the Pentagon try to stifle a free media while supposedly promoting freedom in Iraq? The US government just arrested one of President Bush’s top political critics for threatening his life with a t-shirt. So why not now threaten a top political cartoonist for drawing a cartoon that the Pentagon doesn’t like? Why not use the power of government to try to censor the media, something that’s a direct violation of that pesky and quaint 1st Amendment to the US Constitution – you remember, that document the Bush administration doesn’t think is relevant.

I have no problem with citizens speaking out about political cartoons they find offensive – hell, we’ve done it recently with the anti-gay cartoon in the Post. But when the government does it, that’s a whole other story that smacks of censorship, especially when that government is the Pentagon threatening you during wartime.

RAVA will help save American democracy!

For Immediate Release press[at]overseasvotefoundation.org Contact: Overseas Vote Foundation Contact: Morgan Allen Moore Public Affairs Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat Con Franklin US Tel: +1 202 470 2480
UK Tel: +44 1892 546 779
Cell: +49 89 172 951 0865
Overseas Vote Foundation Launches RAVASM 2006
Registration and Absentee Voter Application
First Online System to Meet Registration Needs of All UOCAVA Voters
Friday, February 3, 2006, Washington, D.C. – Overseas Vote Foundation has announced the launch of RAVA, its new Registration and Absentee Voter Application, accessible through: www.ovf-rava.org, www.overseasvotefoundation.org and www.overseasvote.org. RAVA is the first nonpartisan, secure, Internet-based voter registration solution for both military and overseas citizen voters.

“RAVA is to voter registration what ‘Turbo Tax’ is to filing taxes. It’s the right tool for the job,” said Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, OVF Executive Director. “As of today, eligible American civilian and military voters anywhere in the world can use RAVA to complete their voter registration in as little as five minutes. The system provides the voter with a mailing address and state-specific signing instructions,” continued Ms. Dzieduszycka-Suinat.

An estimated seven million overseas citizens and uniformed services members, whose voting program falls under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA), are eligible to use the system. UOCAVA voters include civilians and US government employees abroad, active duty military both within and outside of the US, and their accompanying dependents.
“We expect OVF RAVA to have a tremendous impact on the number of UOCAVA voters registering for the November 7th 2006 General Election. OVF will lead UOCAVA online voter registration in 2006 and beyond,” stated Ms. Dzieduszycka-Suinat.

UOCAVA voters must comply with the Federal Voter Assistance Program (FVAP) voter registration system. The Federal Voter Assistance Guide (FVAG) comprises 462 pages to accompany the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) voter registration form. RAVA automates the 55 different sets of state/territory-specific requirements set forth in the FVAG; thereby shielding the voter from the complexity of the UOCAVA voter registration process.
RAVA guides the voter through the registration process asking question which pertain to the voter’s state-specific regulations. Its integrated database includes every address for the 7,838 local election offices, and is continually being updated. OVF uses the Internet to provide the most up-to-date, accurate local election office addresses and regularly updated registration deadlines ö both of which are constantly subject to change.

– ends –
Overseas Vote Foundation Executive Board and Advisor Comments:
“The RAVA system provides the missing online component of UOCAVA implementation.
We fully expect the majority of registrations to go through RAVA ö itâs automated and easier. Government agencies embraced the independent software developers of online tax filing systems. That same successful formula is now here for overseas voter registration,ä asserts Jim Brenner, OVF Chair and Managing Director of Broad Cove Partners.
“We’ve essentially taken a confusing, time-consuming process and applied technology to make it usable by any voter, anywhere. RAVA will breathe new life into the UOCAVA voter registration process for military and overseas citizens who want to participate in our democracy,ä stated Cameron Quinn, OVF Vice Chair and former chief election official for Virginia. Ms. Quinn points out, “By making the voter registration forms more legible and reducing inadvertent errors, it is more likely that every overseas vote will be counted. This is about enfranchisement.”

“We are proud to be the leader in providing a secure, online, and user-friendly system to our men and women in uniform,” said Sam Wright, OVF Advisor and Director of the Military Voting Rights Project, National Defense Committee. “RAVA will lift a tremendous burden off the Military Voting Assistance Officers who can benefit from its built-in error-checking and customized state-by-state requirements,” added Mr. Wright.

Further Information
Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF) was founded in 2005 to assist eligible Americans in registering to vote in federal elections, starting with the November 7th 2006 General Election. The corporation is registered in Delaware. OVF is the first and only nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) public charity organization dedicated solely to serving the voter registration needs of UOCAVA voters. RAVA ö Registration and Absentee Voter Application is the first Internet-based system to provide a complete voter registration solution for both civilians and military voters.
Additional OVF programs include an outreach program to youth voters overseas, and an online Voter Help Desk Support Service to voters of all ages.
OVF is a public charity and relies on donations to maintain its operations. Support of our organization is essential to maintaining this system. OVF would like to reach out to the donor community to request that support.