Public hearings in Dutchess County, NY

Dutchess Public Hearing on Voting Machines – Tomorrow

Citizens: This Is Your Chance To Be Heard By Policymakers!
A public hearing sponsored by State Assemblyman Joel M. Miller will be held. The focus of the hearing is on the issue of voting machines and HAVA. The discussion will take place in the town of Fishkill at the Town Hall at 6PM. We will discuss the pros and cons of the different machines, the costs and technology involved, and the process of certifying and choosing a machine that’s right for New York State and Dutchess County. Residents can call Assemblyman Miller’s office at (845) 463-1625 for updates and information.

Special Guests
Expected to attend are State Assemblymen Joel Miller, State Assemblymen Kevin Cahill, State Assemblymen Pat Manning and a representative of State Senator Steve Saland. Bob Brim, Deputy Director of Public Information at the the NYS Board of Elections. Both Ducthess County election commissioners will be present.
Machine vendors currently seeking federal and state certification are expected to give formal demonstrations of their touch screen and optical scan equipment.

Sponsored By
State Assemblymen Joel Miller
For questions or directions, please contact Rachel Johnson at Assemblyman Joel Miller’s Office (845) 463-1635 or millerj[at]
This is a non-partisan, educational event. All are welcome. Spread the Word! Be heard!
When: Thursday, March 2, 2006 6:00 PM
Where:Fishkill Town Hall, Fishkill, NY
Residents can call Assemblyman Miller’s office at (845) 463-1635 for updates and information. This event is free and open to the public.

Regards, Vicky P.

A challenge to the freepers!

Today I am issuing a direct challenge to Bush supporters. I challenge them on the facts. I challenge them on the issues. I challenge them to prove that the have even the slightest bit of information about the people in the Bush administration, their philosophies, their histories and their conduct.

I will be reading the posts found on the website. I will be reading and critiquing the responses to the posts. I will offer the members of that website a chance to debate me on the issues as I expose their lack of knowledge and their lemming mentality. I will show you how these people thrive on mutual group political masturbation. I will show you how these people have given up on the notion of thinking for themselves.

Are you up for the challenge? I hope they are! Think about it!

A plea for Steve Heller!

Hello to the family and friends of Steve Heller. My name is Peter Soby, Jr. I am a very close friend of Steve’s. I am writing on his behalf, with the advice and consent of his lawyer, because Steve is in serious legal trouble and he needs our help – not $$ help, but help by writing a letter, making a phone call, sending a fax or an email, things just about anyone can do.

Steve is a whistleblower; he is alleged to have seen and then exposed legal documents showing that Diebold Election Systems, Inc., the country’s leading manufacturer of electronic voting machines and voting machine software, was using illegal, uncertified software in their California voting machines. He has been charged with 3 felonies, which is an outrageous abuse of the law and of power. Details on what is happening to Steve and how to help are in the following links. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone and everyone. Read on…

First, here is a link to a story in the Feb. 22 edition of the Los Angeles Times. If for some reason you cannot open the link, let me know and I will email you the text of the article.

Man Pleads Not Guilty in Voting Device Case

Now, here are more details on this situation, with corroborating links, from I post I wrote for Arianna Huffington’s blog. This is the link with important information on how to help Steve Heller.

Whistleblower Charged With Three Felonies for Exposing Diebold’s Crimes

Another way to help Steve is by writing a letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times. You can use the same talking points from my post (the link above) in your letter to the editor. Directions on how to send a letter to the editor can be found at this link under Their snail mail address is Letters to the Editor, Los Angeles Times, 202 W. 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. They want letters to be 150 words or less, with your name, address and daytime phone number.

The next link is to a post from the same blog written by Lyn Davis Lear

Whistleblower Hero is Threatened with Prison for Exposing Diebold

I thank you in advance for any help you might be able to give Steve. He is a patriot and a whistleblower and should not be prosecuted. And again, this email can be forwarded to anyone you think might be interested.


Peter Soby, Jr.

Filibuster to save the vote in Pennsylvania


Coaltion for Voting Integrity Announces People’s Filibuster to Save the Vote

Contact information:

Mary Ann Gould

Coaltion for Voting Integrity

(c) 215.588.5818

(h) 215.357.5206

Doylestown – The Coalition for Voting Integrity will be hosting a Filibuster to Save the Vote to take place outside the Doylestown Courthouse from 9am to 5pm on Monday and Tuesday, February 27 and 28.

Members of the Coalition for Voting Integrity and other concerned citizens will be gathering outside the Doylestown Courthouse throughout the day on Monday and Tuesday in anticipation of the Commissioners’ meeting on Wednesday.

The point of the two-day event is to remind the commissioners of their responsibility to the voters of Bucks County, who deserve an accurate, verifiable and cost-effective voting system, which will provide a voter-verified paper ballot.

The public is encouraged to attend. Citizens will be invited to speak. Coalition members will be available at various times throughout the day to answer questions about the issue of voter-verified paper ballots, voting machine options and the lawsuit brought by CVI against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Coalition for Voting Integrity

Coalition for Voting Integrity

SCOTUS ruling on election cases

From the Los Angeles Times
Supreme Court to Vote on Election-Law Cases
At issue are campaign spending caps in Vermont and redrawn voter districts
in Texas.
By David G. Savage
Times Staff Writer

February 26, 2006

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court will take up states’ rights – of both the blue- and red-state variety – in a pair of election-law cases to be heard this week that could have a big impact on the future of American politics.

Tiny Vermont, a true blue state, hopes to restore small-town democracy by greatly limiting the role of money in politics. If its new spending caps win before the high court, they could change how campaigns are conducted across the nation.

Meanwhile, Texas, the biggest of the red states, is defending its right to redraw its electoral districts to give its GOP majority more seats in Congress. If its extraordinary mid-decade shift wins in the high court, other states have signaled they will do the same.

Read more.

Clint Curtis for Congress!

Clint Curtis Announces Run for Congress Against GOP Rep. Tom Feeney
Shortly after the 2004 election, Clint Curtis contacted VR with allegations that GOP Representative Tom Feeney, Fl 24, had asked him to create a software program to flip the votes in favor of Republicans. Curtis swore out an affidavit, testified before Congress Members and passed a rigorous polygraph test.

Well, now Curtis is going to face off with Feeney in this year’s congressional race. In short, Curtis will run as a straight shooter on a progressive platform against Feeney, who has been called one of the most corrupt members of Congress and a protege of Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff.

For all of those who believe in true democracy and representation by people who will not sell out, Clint Curtis is the real deal. Volunteer for him, spread this news far and wide, and donate to his campaign.

Bush's shadow on the Philippines

We in the Philippines Cultural Studies center strongly
endorse and support the statement of the PCPR attached.

E. San Juan, Jr. Philippines Cultural Studies Center
Storrs, CT 06268, USA


Statement of the PCPR (Promotion of Church People’s
Response) condemning the President’s declared state of

Statement on GMA’s Declaration of State of Emergency
February 24, 2006


Around 11:30 am today, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
declared emergency powers effectively authorizing
warrantless arrests, dispersal of people’s assemblies
and systematic suppression of the Filipino people’s
right to participate in collective actions that go
against Arroyo’s wish to stay in power. Ironically, GMA
issued the proclamation on the very day that the nation
commemorates the 20th year of victory of the people’s
collective action for the ouster of a dictator.

Moments after GMA’s declaration, church people in front
of the multi-sectoral rally along EDSA reported the
picture of its immediate implementation: Priests,
pastors, seminarians, religious sisters and lay members
of Roman Catholic and Protestant congregations were
water cannoned and aggressively pushed by police forces
as they linked arms to maintain their peaceful

We condemn in strongest terms GMA’s Proclamation 1017
which is short of formally declaring Martial rule. Let
us not allow the nation to be thrown into the dark days
when political activists and supporters of people’s
movements demanding regime change are arrested without
warrant, brutally killed and forcibly disappeared; when
freedom of the press is suppressed; and when all
instruments of the state are directed to quell the
dissent of people seeking urgent political and socio-
economic reforms. In fact, even before such
proclamation, GMA’s record of political killings and
violations of civil liberties, especially with her
Calibrated Preemptive Response (CPR) scheme, is now the
worst since the downfall of Marcos.

We call on the governments around the world to withdraw
support to the Arroyo government which proved to be
best in stealing, lying and cheating rather than
governing the nation towards genuine progress and

GMA’s Proclamation 1017 is grossly illegal, immoral and
serves no one but the illegitimate president who
refuses to heed the people’s demand for her to step
down. In her extreme desperation to hold on to power,
GMA ordered the heads of the Armed Forces of the
Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police
(PNP) to implement the force of repression against all
civilians, military forces and politicians perceived to
be part of various movements demanding her ouster.

Contrary to GMA’s speech today that the protesters are
bringing down the economy and creating lawlessness, it
is her corrupt administration that has aggravated the
economic miseries of our people. GMA cheated her way to
victory in the May 2004 elections, using public funds
to secure votes in her favor and rig the election
results. She has now committed another grave crime by
robbing the people again of the least democratic space
they could have enjoyed after the EDSA I and II

To our friends and partners in the international
community, we urge you to speak and act again in
solidarity with the Filipino people in this challenging
period of our life as a nation. To the members of the
AFP and PNP, may you join the ranks of patriotic
officers and elements who side with the people in the
quest truth, justice and meaningful change.


EDSA Spirit Alive as Filipinos Unite in One Call to
Oust Gloria No permit, no rally policy defied

Today, as the nation marks the 20th year of the
people’s victory against the Marcos dictatorship, the
EDSA spirit is very much alive as thousands of
Filipinos congregate at the People Power monument in
Manila as well as various protest centers nationwide
with a single call: Oust Gloria Now! From 8:00 am,
church people from the Roman Catholic and Protestant
congregations gathered towards the People Power
Monument and joined other sectors in defying the
government’s no permit, no rally policy.

Promotion of Church People’s Response (PCPR)

Cover-up for Diebold in Alaska

NO, YES, NO: Alaska Now Refuses Release of 2004 Election Data Citing Security Concerns!
State’s Top Security Officer Refuses Public Record Release of Diebold GEMS Database Files
The Latest Chapter in the Rollercoaster Battle to Audit Puzzling 2004 Poll Numbers Continues…

A bizarre story concerning Alaska’s 2004 Election has taken yet another even more bizarre turn this week, The BRAD BLOG has learned.

A long-standing public records request for the release of Election 2004 database files created by Diebold’s voting system had been long delayed after several odd twists and turns, including the revelation of a contract with the state claiming the information to be a “company secret.”

But while it finally appeared as though the state had agreed to release the information (after reserving the right to “manipulate the data” in consultation with Diebold before releasing it), the state’s top Security Official has now — at the last minute — stepped in to deny the request. The grounds for the denial: the release of the information poses a “security risk” to the state of Alaska.

We couldn’t make this stuff up…

Full Story, including the Letters from Election & Security Officials and Much More:

Cleveland's disappearing Democrats

Cleveland Audit Reveals Vote Count Discrepancy in Bush’s Favor-Need Help!

Time for change (1000+ posts) Fri Feb-24-06 02:28 AM

We are requesting help in attempting to confirm vote count discrepancies in Cuyahoga County, which could prove election fraud in the 2004 Presidential election. Here is the background to this effort, the current status of our efforts to audit the Cuyahoga County election returns, and details of our future plans and request for help.


It was well known in the days prior to the 2004 Presidential election that a Kerry/Edwards victory was almost certain if they carried either Ohio or Florida. Central to Kerry’s chances of carrying Ohio was a good turnout in Cuyahoga County, and especially in Cleveland, the most heavily Democratic city in the state.
Therefore, Cleveland was very heavily targeted by Democrats, with a massive voter registration drive and an intense voter turnout effort on Election Day. And these efforts appeared to be highly successful by Election Day, with 230 thousand new voters registered in Cuyahoga County in 2004, the success of the voter turnout effort evidenced by the presence of impressively long voting lines throughout Cleveland, and the Ohio exit poll showing a comfortable Kerry lead throughout the day. Even CNN’s right wing hack, Robert Novak, acknowledged that it would be an uphill climb for Bush.

Read more.

AP: 100,000 errors in Palm Beach vote!

Audit Shows Electronic Voting in Disarray, Thousands of Re-boots, Re-Calibrations Required Throughout Election