Denial in "the liberal media"

Joe Bageant: ‘Goodbye Terry Gross, we niver knew ye’
Posted on Friday, January 20 @ 09:38:47 EST
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On liberal media denial

Joe Bageant

Having come to understand that mainstream media are in the business of selling fried chicken and cars, giving Wall Street head, and stealing bandwidth from the public’s airwaves, none of us expect them to question anything afoot in the empire. We quite understand they cannot be wasting profitable air time on a nation whose collective memory is 30 seconds long. So we watch them pull their punches and wait for the commercials, which are their whole point anyway. If, god forbid, you are the pointy headed type interested in details, turn on NPR. And if you consider yourself hipper than the couch taters out here in Budland, go onto the net and visit Salon. Or if you are so worldly and hip you are a downright commie, then subscribe to Mother Jones. That’s the way it used to be.

But now we are seeing what were once considered the more intelligent and in some cases more principled media such as NPR, Salon and Mother Jones distance themselves from meaningful controversy–pulling the few wimpy punches they have. (Bullshit controversy, however, is still in fashion.) We are talking about Mark Crispin Miller’s new book, Fooled Again – How the Right Stole the 2004 Election and Why They’ll Steal the Next One, Too (Unless We Stop Them). Miller has become a known and respected progressive figure, one of the few in-your-face bespectacled lefty author types with any credibility. But when it comes to promoting Fooled, the guy can’t even get arrested. No interviews, nothing.

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Frist and the Hammer making out like bandits

Insider Trading in Frist and Delay’s Office: Story Growing
Thu Jan 19, 2006 at 03:04:45 PM PDT
In an exclusive last night on Air America Radio’s The Majority Report, Rep. Louise Slaughter alleged that day-traders had been operating inside the offices of Senator Frist and Congressman Delay. Telling us that her source was “as good as gold,” Rep. Slaughter promised to investigate further and get back to us. Audio available via AMERICAblog here.

“I’m going to track this down, I know it’s true,” Slaughter told us,”that Frist, DeLay and probably others had some day traders working out of their offices.” Those working out of the Congressional offices “would find out there’s a bill being written by lobbyists, that there would be no asbestos bill … and when the market opened the next day, the cost of asbestos stock had doubled.”

UPDATE: Congressman Baird (leading this cause on the Hill) laid out the problem on The Majority Report tonight…audio over at AMERICAblog here.
The context of this story, and the practice of spreading insider “political intelligence” is starting to unfold…developments on the other side…
The backstory of this involves what’s called “political intelligence.” The Hill did a story nearly a year ago on firms that harvest insider political info and feed it to Wall Street to get ahead of the news cycle; obviously much of what happens in DC affects the market.
The Hill piece is here.

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you won't believe these photos

I’ve been selling and shipping stickers and books on the web for a couple years. I use US Mail exclusively because I live near a post office and it’s cheaper than UPS, so it saves the customer money. I’ve been pretty happy with their service and NEVER has a package been lost or severely damaged (often it takes longer than it should but that’s another story). Until now.

Seemingly by coincidence, or not, in the span of two days, I had one package mysteriously disappear and another one destroyed beyond reason.

The package that was lost was significant. It was 25 copies of the Election Truth CD-ROM, which was being mailed to a radio reporter, so it would have delievered the truth to a lot of people.

Then, amazingly, on the same day, it was determined that another package was lost. This was a copy of Fooled Again, Mark Crispin Miller’s new (great) book on the same subject. I was about to ship another copy to the customer, when she contacted me to let me know it finally arrived (3 weeks after I shipped it). What was incredible, was the condition of the package. Now I have shipped and received hundreds if not thousands of packages in my life, and I have never seen anything like this. The customer said she took a look at it and couldn’t help but laugh. It wasn’t like the package was dropped and there is a little dent in the book. It actually looks like the book was ripped in half. and the customer commented that it appeared that the book may have been completely submerged in water at some point as well.

I think pictures are better than words at this point:

Big Hi-res photos here:

The customer commented that she has had packages damaged before, like most of us have, but there is usually an apology note attached. This time, just the book, which was basically torn to pieces, literally. And she did say she’s never seen anything damaged this badly. And keep in mind, this is a hardcover book and it was well packaged in bubble wrap.

The paranoid side of me is thinking, with all this domestic spying going on, and reports of people’s mail being opened, maybe it’s not a coincidence that my first two lost/damaged packages happened at the same time. And it doesn’t seem tht any form of normal accident or neglect could cause this type of damage to the book. The customer even commented, it seemed like somone had to do this on purpose. Does someone at the post office not like what the Solar Bus is doing?

The other side keeps saying, it’s just a coincidence. Go back to sleep.

But I’ll tell you one thing. If something like this happens in the near future, which would be the 3rd incident, I’m going to really wonder what is going on.

gary (the solar bus guy)


Bush/Cheney are still sleeping at the switch

and that’s the most charitable way to look at it.
Wouldn’t another strike on US soil suit them just fine?
Let’s all watch our backs–and keep our heads, whatever happens.

For Immediate Release
January 19, 2006

Statement of September 11th Advocates
Regarding Release of UBL Audiotape

We are now almost four and a half years post 9/11, and once again, Usama bin Laden is grabbing the headlines with the release of his latest threatening audiotape.

It is utterly horrifying that bin Laden still, after all this time, has the ability to strike terror in our hearts with his threat to strike our nation’s heartland.

Additionally, we are incredibly disturbed to learn that even with the use of his illegal domestic NSA spying program, President Bush first learned of the bin Laden audiotape, along with American citizens, as it was being aired on national television.

We have over the course of the last three years continuously, respectfully and stridently disagreed with President Bush’s sentiment on the importance of capturing Usama bin Laden. The President’s unsettling statement regarding Bin Laden on March 13, 2002, “I don’t know where he is. You know, I just don’t spend that much time on him … I truly am not that concerned about him.” seems to illustrate that this Administration did not understand our enemy nor the threat that they posed.

We wish that President Bush would redirect his attention and follow through with his promise of capturing Usama bin Laden – “dead or alive”. Such a capture would send a symbolic message to the world at large that President Bush is a man of his word who understands the importance of bringing terrorists to justice.

In the name of national security and under the guise of being the “Commander-in-Chief during a time of war”, President Bush has sanctioned the torture of individuals, breached constitutional safeguards regarding the privacy rights of U.S. citizens and started an illegal war in Iraq – a war that is costing us billions of dollars and leaving us woefully vulnerable at home.

President Bush has justified his illegal actions by arguing that they are vital tools in fighting the ongoing war on terrorism. President Bush further argues that such illegal actions are necessary to prevent “another 9/11.” Such sweeping authorities assumed by President Bush will mean one thing on the day of the next attack: no more excuses exist for our nation’s inability to prevent such attacks and/or mitigate damages from those attacks.

We hope President Bush is correct in his arguments, assertions and justifications. Because, if we are attacked again, President Bush’s shameless disregard of our constitutional rights and his poor judgment in defending our nation against terrorists should be borne out in his resignation from office or a Congressional demand for impeachment.

Four years and four months post the 9/11 attacks, the purported murderer of our husbands is still free and able to terrorize our nation with threats of attacks. As we continue to be a nation at risk, we draw attention to the areas of serious vulnerability pointed out by the 9/11 Commission and the many other reports and commissions on terrorism before them.

With this latest event, it is our fervent hope that this Administration will perhaps now focus their attention on better safeguarding our homeland:

1. Homeland Security Funding based on risk. President Bush’s inattention to this area causes police officers, firefighters, and other emergency personnel to be ill equipped in emergencies. This will cost lives on the day of the next attack.

2. Intelligence Community Oversight. Without proper oversight, there exists no one joint, bicameral intelligence panel with power to both authorize and appropriate funding for intelligence activities. Without such funding we are unable to capitalize on all intelligence community resources and abilities to thwart potential terrorist attacks. This will cost lives on the day of the next attack.

3. Transportation Security. There has been no concerted effort to harden mass transportation security. Our planes, buses, subways, and railways remain under-protected and highly vulnerable. These are all identifiable soft targets of potential terrorist attack. The terror attacks in Spain and London attest to this fact. Because our transportation systems remain more vulnerable than necessary, many lives may be lost on the day of the next attack.

4. Information Sharing among Intelligence Agencies. Information sharing among intelligence agencies has not improved since 9/11. The attacks on 9/11 would have been prevented had information been shared among intelligence agencies. On the day of the next attack, many lives will be lost because of our intelligence agencies refusal to work together. President Bush should demand that they work together. Lives will be lost as a result of this failure to share information. 9/11 proves that.

5. Loose Nukes. President Bush has not made a concerted effort to secure the thousands of loose nukes scattered around the world – particularly in the former Soviet Union. If the next attack involves any kind of “loose nuke” component as a result of al Qaeda securing such loose nukes, many lives will be unnecessarily lost.

6. Security at Chemical Plants, Nuclear Plants, Ports. There has been no concerted effort to harden such soft targets. If Bin Laden attacks such targets, many lives will be unnecessarily lost. We have done nothing as a nation to secure these known, identifiable, and fixable soft targets of terrorism.

Last chance to weigh in on NY voting machine regulations

Last Days to Inform the NYState Voting Machine Regulations
  • Please consider sending an email to the New York State Board of elelctions.
The single most important requirement that we can hammer on is that the regulations must require disclosure of source code. Please ask for this key requirement.
Voting machine selection is the biggest change to voting in our lifetimes.
Contact state officials and please send a specific note saying that:
1 – the regulations must require controlled disclosure of source code of electronic voting machines.
2 – ask that New York State model its law on the excellent North Carolina requirements.
3 – also the state of Virginia has a very good new proposal.
4 – excerpts of the North Carolina and Virginia laws are attached below for quick review.
5 – the source code should be available to the Board, State technology members, the chairs of each political party and someone at the purchasing county.
Please send comments to state officials:
Contact info for the Board of Elections:
NYS Board of Elections, Executive Unit
40 Steuben Street
Albany, NY 12207-2108
Phone 518-474-8100
Fax: 518-486-4068
Please address your contacts with the State Board to:
Stanley Zalen, Co-Executive Director
Peter Kosinski, Co-Executive Director
The email address for the NYS Board of Elections is:
and the spokesperson (Lee Daghlian):
98.19 KB
55.83 KB

The Senate's turning! KEEP AT IT!

Following yesterday’s meeting of Senate Democrats, a consensus to fight Alito’s nomination is emerging, but a final strategy has not yet been decided.

We can’t tell you what will happen today or tomorrow, but we can tell you that your activism has had a real impact in this critical time and will continue to. Thanks in part to the thousands of calls you poured into Senate offices yesterday, senators are becoming more vocal in their opposition to Alito. Just today, senators off the Judiciary Committee — including Max Baucus, Tom Harkin, Barbara Mikulski, and Ken Salazar — have announced their opposition to Alito.

Today three members of the Committee — the Committee’s Democratic leader, Senator Leahy, and Senators Kennedy and Durbin — are announcing their positions in speeches around the country. Normally such statements would be made on the Senate floor, but in a move that has wrankled many Democrats, the Senate’s Republican leader, Bill Frist, has already moved to limit debate by denying them time to speak in the Senate chamber.

If you haven’t called your senators yet to let them know you’re counting on them to stop Alito, please do so right now. If neither of your senators is a Democrat, call Democratic leader Harry Reid or the Judiciary Committee’s top Democrat, Patrick Leahy.

Call toll-free! 1-877-851-6437

If you’ve already called your Democratic senators and their leaders, Senators Reid and Leahy, send them a fax!

The overwhelming number of calls made yesterday shut down the Capitol switchboard! (We’d love it if you do that again!) If you can’t get through on 1-877-851-6437 today, visit to find direct numbers for Senate offices. Let us know how your calls go by visiting

Then forward this email to anyone you know who is worried that Alito would likely condone the abuse of power by the president, vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, and help curtail Congress’ ability to protect the civil rights, health, safety, and welfare of the American people.

–Your Allies at People For the American Way

Good news from New Mexico, New York

Two new items:
Good News – We are FINALLY on the agenda!
Monday, January 23rd, 2006.
County Board meeting starts at 5:30 PM.
Please come and speak AT THE START OF THE MEETING, in favor of Resolution No. 206019
We support this resolution. It says the County Legislature wants the State to absolutely make sure that optical scanners will be certified. (If no vendor offers them, our election commissioners effectively must choose DREs). In other words, a vendor will NOT be allowed to offer only DRE if they also have a scanner to sell as well.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, January 19 – On January 18, 2006, New Mexico District Judge Eugenio Mathis authorized the plaintiff voters in Lopategui v. Vigil-Giron, et al. to proceed with the collection of evidence and preparation for a trial in which plaintiffs will seek a permanent injunction against use of inaccurate and unreliable electronic voting machines in New Mexico elections. At an afternoon hearing in Las Vegas, New Mexico, Judge Mathis denied a motion for summary judgment filed by defendant Rebecca Vigil-Giron, the Secretary of State, seeking to dismiss the lawsuit. He also lifted a stay of discovery he had imposed in December, 2005. Finally, Judge Mathis granted motions to be dismissed from the lawsuit that had been filed by the county clerk defendants, but only on the condition that they agreed to be bound by any injunction subsequently issued against the Secretary of State.
The court’s rulings are a victory for the plaintiffs, who may now subpoena testimony, documents, and voting machine inspections. The new evidence will augment the substantial evidence plaintiffs have already amassed of the inaccuracy and unreliability of electronic voting systems used in New Mexico elections.
In the meanwhile, an agreement remains in effect that temporarily prevents the Secretary of State from spending millions of dollars on hundreds of additional Sequoia AVC Edge touch screen voting machines. The agreement was negotiated between attorneys for the plaintiffs and for the Secretary of State prior to the January 18th hearing. The agreement will remain in effect until the court rules on the matter, probably in late February or early March.
On January 12, 2006, Governor Bill Richardson announced a plan to convert all of New Mexico to voting on optically-scanned paper ballots. Plaintiffs support rapid adoption, funding and implementation of the plan. Unless and until that occurs, however, plaintiffs intend to push forward with the lawsuit as the only means to assure that inaccurate and unreliable electronic voting systems are never used again in a statewide New Mexico election.
Voter Action is a project of the International Humanities Center

Why won't the media touch this book?

Friends, I just sent this out to a humongous press list. Any help you might provide would be appreciated greatly.

Let’s do it for American democracy!


Bush/Cheney stole their re-election in 2004. They stole it not just in Ohio, but all throughout the USA, from coast to coast. They stole it not by using any single ploy, but through a stealthy combination of computerized vote theft, bureaucratic monkey business, systematic shortages of viable equipment and old-fashioned dirty tricks, including rampant bullying, disinformation and obstructionism. Such foul play was not apparent “on both sides” in the 2004 election, but was committed mainly by the Bush Republicans.

The evidence is both abundant and precise–and it’s all here in Fooled Again.

“This second heist of the White House is one of the great untold stories of our time – even though it was largely carried out in plain sight. Miller performs the simple but increasingly rare act of journalism and gathers a mountain of overwhelming evidence from publicly available material. This is no “conspiracy theory” stitched together from anonymous sources, strained inferences and dark innuendo, but a solid case based on official records, sworn testimony, eyewitness accounts, news reports – and the Bushists’ own words.”

Those words were published in an excellent review of Fooled Again that will come out
tomorrow–in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Also tomorrow, a number of Web sites
will be posting a review of Fooled Again by Paul Craig Roberts, who was Assistant Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan. A genuine conservative, Roberts is unafraid to read the evidence and face reality:

“Miller describes considerably more election fraud than voting machines programmed to count a proportion of Kerry votes as Bush votes. Voters were disenfranchised in a number of ways. Miller reports incidences of intimidation of, and reduced voting opportunities for, poorer voters who tend to vote Democrat….

“The outcome of the 2004 presidential election has always struck me as strange. Although Kerry was a poor candidate and evaded the issue most on the public’s mind, by November of 2004 a majority of Americans were aware that Bush had led the country into a gratuitous war on the basis either of incompetence or deception. By November 2004 it was completely clear that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction and that Bush had rushed to war. People were concerned by the changing rationales that Bush was offering for going to war. Moreover, the needless war was going badly and the results bore no relationship to the rosy scenario painted at the time of the invasion. It seems contrary to American common sense for voters to have reelected a president who had failed in such a dramatic way.”

Roberts–a former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, and a former contributing editor for National Review–concludes with a warning that the Founding Fathers would appreciate:

“Miller directs our attention to Bush’s high-handed treatment of dissenters. If electronic voting machines programmed by private Republican firms remain in our future, dissent will become pointless unless it boils over into revolution. Power-mad Republicans need to consider the result when democracy loses its legitimacy and only the rich have anything to lose.”

Despite its wealth of evidence–meticulously documented in 57 pages of detailed endnotes–and despite the standing of its author (Miller is an NYU professor with a solid global reputation), Fooled Again has been pointedly ignored by the national media.

>There have been no national reviews of Fooled Again.

>No network or cable TV show would have the author on to talk about the book.

>NPR has refused to have him on. Even shows that Miller has appeared on in
the past, and more than once (“The Connection,” “On the Media,” “Talk of
the Naiton”), have refused to him on to talk about this book.

>Only one daily newspaper–the Florida Sun-Sentinel–has published
a review.

>WHYY, the NPR affiliate in Philadelphia, recently refused to broadcast
paid ads for the book, offering several different and unlikely explanations.

>Aside from C-SPAN, Air America and Pacifica, no national media would
have the author on to tell his fellow-citizens about his findings.

Those few reviews of Fooled Again that have appeared were mostly positive: Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, The Florida Sun-Sentinel, The Chicago Reader, The Baltimore Chronicle and other publications have all stressed the book’s importance and the soundness of its evidence. (Fooled Again is certainly the only book in history to be highly praised by both The Christian Century and Hustler!) In short, the media would seem to have buried Fooled Again not because of any weakness in the book itself, but for political reasons above all.

Right now the very soul of our democracy is at unprecedented risk. The president is openly contemptuous of the very system that the Founding Fathers put in place. He seeks to rule regardless of what Congress and the people want, does all he can to silence the free press, has recklessly subjected millions of Americans to government surveillance, and demands the right to bomb and torture other peoples as the spirit moves him. And all of this goes on with little protest from the Democratic Party, which now behaves not like the patriotic opposition but merely as a bunch of bystanders afraid to speak out loud and clear against the Bush administration’s un-American activities.

At this moment, it is crucial that we openly discuss the likelihood that this administration was not duly re-elected in 2004, any more than it was properly elected in 2000. That national debate must take place now, so that the people understand that their democracy had been subverted–and, even more important, so that we can begin to talk about electoral reform in these United States as soon as possible. The crucial democratic conversation won’t take place until the scandal of the last election finally resonates; and that is what impelled Mark Crispin Miller to write Fooled Again. His fellow-citizens deserve no less than to be told what’s in this deeply edifying book.

Mark Crispin Miller is a seasoned and effective interviewee, who has appeared on many news programs both in the US and abroad, including The PBS News Hour, Frontline, The O’Reilly Factor, Washington Journal, Democracy Now! and Bill Moyers’s The Public Mind.

He can be reached at this email address, or at New York University, at 212-998-5188.

Jamie Brickhouse is his publicist at Basic Books:

A safe way for disabled voters to cast ballots!

Yolo County, CA, makes the democratic choice! (No thanks to the Democratic Party.)


Contact: Ellen Theisen
President, Vote-PAD, Inc.

Yolo County, California Chooses the Vote-PAD

Port Ludlow, WA. Thursday, January 19, 2006. Vote-PAD, Inc. is proud to announce that it has reached an agreement to provide the Vote-PAD (Voting-on-Paper Assistive Device) to Yolo County, California to assist persons with disabilities in marking a paper ballot.

Ms. Freddie Oakley, Clerk-Recorder of Yolo County, said, “After an enormous amount of research, we in Yolo County feel lucky to have found this assistive device. My skepticism about computer-controlled voting is well-known, and so is my concern for poll workers. The Vote-PAD is so well thought out, it keeps control of the elections with the peopleís servants rather than surrendering it to big corporations. And at the same time it provides the most useful features for persons with a wide variety of disabilities of any assistive device weíve seen.”

The Vote-PAD is an inexpensive, non-computerized, voter-assist device that helps people with visual or dexterity impairments to vote independently and privately. The Vote-PAD was developed to help small jurisdictions, especially those using hand-counted paper ballots, comply with the accessibility requirement of the federal Help America Vote Act of 2002. It allows them to comply without changing their entire election process to accommodate computerized voting. Since its release, it has also gained interest from larger jurisdictions that use optical scanners to count ballots.

Ellen Theisen, President of Vote-PAD, Inc. and developer of the device, said, “We’re delighted to be able to offer jurisdictions like Ms. Oakley’s a product that makes sense. Towns and counties all across the country are struggling with how to meet federal requirements. The law requires each polling place to have a method by which individuals with disabilities can vote unassisted. The Vote-PAD offers a simple, affordable, reasonable solution.”

As evidence surfaces about the failures of computerized voting systems and the lack of accessibility on many of them, it is difficult for jurisdictions to know where to turn.

“The Vote-PAD provides the alternative they need,” Ms. Theisen says. “It is neither a computerized device, nor a voting system. With the Vote-PAD, assistance is simple and direct. It allow individuals to retain the dignity of marking a paper ballot the way other voters do.”

The Vote-PAD, developed in consultation with members of the disabilities community, has performed successfully for people with a wide range of disabilities including those with visual and dexterity impairments.

See for more information about the device and how it used by people with disabilities.

This press release is posted at

See “Vote-PAD Rocks the Disabled Vote

Real conservatives bReal conservatives believe 2004 was stolenelieve 2004 was stolen

Lew Rockwell, whose Web site ran this piece today, is a conservative Republican. Paul Craig Roberts was Asst. Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan.

Hey, “liberal media”! Thanks for nothin’!

Evidence of a Stolen Election
by Paul Craig Roberts

As coincidence would have it, Mark Crispin Miller’s new book, Fooled Again (Basic Books), documenting the Republican theft of the 2004 presidential election, arrived in the same mail delivery with the January 12 edition of the Defuniak Springs Herald, the locally owned weekly newspaper in a Florida panhandle county seat.

The Florida panhandle is thorough-going Republican. Even Democrats run as Republicans. Nevertheless, the newspaper’s editor, Ron Kelley, believes that American political life is measured by something larger than party affiliation. In his editorial, “The shepherds and the sheep,” Kelley reports that two Florida counties have banned any further use of Diebold voting machines after witnessing a professional demonstration that the machines, contrary to Diebold’s claim, are easily hacked to record votes differently from the way in which they are cast by voters.

The pre-election statement by Diebold’s CEO that he would work to deliver the election to Bush was apparently no idle boast. In five states where the new “foolproof” electronic voting machines were used, the vote tallies differed substantially from the exit polls. Such a disparity is unusual. The chances of exit polls in five states being wrong are no more than one in one million.

Miller describes considerably more election fraud than voting machines programmed to count a proportion of Kerry votes as Bush votes. Voters were disenfranchised in a number of ways. Miller reports incidences of intimidation of, and reduced voting opportunities for, poorer voters who tend to vote Democrat.

Read more.