The state that re-elected Bush?

This 50-state polling chart compiled by USA Survey is quite telling. Bush’s approval rating is above 50% in only 6 states in the entire country, and Texas is not one of them. In 40 out of 50 states — 80% of the country — more people disapprove of Bush than approve of him.

Most revealing is Bush’s intense and pervasive unpopularity in Ohio, the state which swung the election in his favor. People in Ohio disapprove of Bush’s performance by an amazingly lopsided margin of 37-60%. Apparently, they’re not happy that they have no jobs, their kids have no health insurance, their neighbors have been stuck and are being killed in an increasingly unpopular, endless and senseless war in Iraq, and the President is surrounded by cronyism and corruption and thinks he has the power to break the law. But at least gay couples can’t get married, so that’s good.

Bad news from California

Dear Friend,

I have just learned that Secretary of State Bruce McPherson has conditionally certified the use of Diebold electronic voting machines in California’s 2006 elections.

Secretary of State McPherson’s release of bad news late on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend is a blatant attempt to prevent us from learning about this decision. We were in a similar position the Friday before Christmas last year when the AP ran a story disclosing voting problems from last November’s special election.

But, try as he might, Secretary of State McPherson is not going to succeed in burying this story from the people of California — this is too critical an issue to go away quietly.

With the many problems that have plagued Diebold machines, as well as the complete lack of transparency into this certification process, McPherson’s decision certainly does nothing to restore confidence in California’s elections.

I’ll have much more to say about this Diebold certification in the next few days, and I’ll be inviting you to do your part as well, but for now I just wanted to share this information with you.

Thanks for your continued support.

Have a happy and safe Presidents’ Day weekend!


Debra Bowen
California State Senator

Free CD of talk by MCM

Ginny Ross, of the Oregon Voter Rights Coalition, made a CD of my remarks in Portland last November, on the subject of (you guessed it) Fooled Again. She’s very kindly making it available for free:

Use this image and link it to “info[at]” if you want to let people know how to request the free audio CD of your lecture that I made. People just need to send a snail address.

More on Abu Ghraib, if you have the stomach for it

Airing tonight, Friday, February 17; check this link for station and times.

Link TV Special: Abu Ghraib

You’ve heard about the shocking new Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse pictures just released by Australia’s Dateline. Now tune in for the whole story! As the sole U.S. broadcaster of Dateline, Link TV is the only place where you can view the expose in it’s entirety. Then we bring you the media reaction from the Middle East, with analysis by Link TV’s Director of Middle Eastern Programming, Jamal Dajani. We show you the string of incidents that has Muslim world in an uproar.

A serious warning – some of the images in this program are very disturbing and may offend.

Abu Ghraib – The Sequel

International Dateline broadcasts shocking new photos and video of abuses committed at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Before SBS Dateline’s original broadcast in Australia on February 14th, many of these images were never shown to the public.

Read more.

New MCM interview

with replies by Russ Baker and Mark Hertsgaard.

Articles : Government
Fooled Again?
Wed, 15 Feb 2006 18:22:00 -0800
By Anthony Lappé

In his new book, Mark Crispin Miller argues Bush stole the White House, twice

Editor’s note: If you asked everyone in the U.S. whom they thought won Florida in 2000, half the country (or more) would most likely tell you Al Gore, including Al Gore. But pose the question, who won Ohio in November 2004? and it’s an entirely different story. For most Americans, George Bush earned a commanding mandate on November 2, 2004. The race in Ohio, officially decided by 118,000 votes, was close, but was no Florida. There were no hanging chads or Jews for Buchanan. Democracy worked and the guy with the most votes won. But for a small contingent of left-wing activists and progressive Democrats, Ohio was Florida Redux – a ruthless Republican coup orchestrated under the absent gaze of the lapdog media. In GNN’s new documentary American Blackout, we detail some of the more egregious examples of voter suppression. As the Conyers Report documents, there is substantial evidence that heavily Democratic (and African-American) precincts in Ohio didn’t have enough voting machines, voters were intimidated and valid votes were discarded. Yet for most on the left, it’s still an open question whether Republican shenanigans actually prevented a Kerry win. What does Kerry think? In his new book, American Vertigo, Bernard-Henri Lévy writes he met up with a “haggard, ghostly” Kerry a few weeks after his loss. According to Lévy, the defeated candidate faintly whispered in his ear, “If you hear anything about those 50,000 votes in Ohio, let me know.”

Read more.

UPDATE: An enemy of the state

Roxanne Jekot is a sharp, dedicated activist for election reform–so sharp, and so dedicated, that she’s being persecuted by the state of Georgia, where she lives and works with ever greater difficulty.

Roxanne is a dissident. How can we help her? At the very least, we can make sure that everybody knows what’s happening to her and her family, and why it’s happening.

Alternate source:

Vote-PAD for disabled voters!

Here is a great alternative to those paperless touch-screen voting machines. This is important news, as the latter’s advocates insist that the computerized machines provide the only way for handicapped Americans to cast their ballots. Chris Dodd (D-CT), for example, swears by the likes of Diebold and ES&S, because he thinks that any other choice would disenfranchise many of his fellow-citizens.

Please bring this to Dodd’s attention, and to the attention of all others who still think that DRE machines alone will let disabled citizens cast ballots.