From Peter B. Collins:

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St. Louis Police Release Video Of Kajieme Powell Killing That Appears At Odds With Their Story

by Ryan Grim & Ashley Alman

Watch here

Apocalypse of the “Happy Meal”: Worshiping the Golden Calf

By Brian Moench,

Rational, reasonably well-educated and intellectually honest people (obviously that excludes 40 percent of the country and all the Republicans on Capitol Hill) know that the looming climate crisis threatens modern civilization, if not humankind as a species. Ironically, while humans’ accelerating abuse of our planet is now widely recognized as responsible for the sixth great massive species extinction since the earth was formed, we are rapidly setting the table for our own mass extinction, and due in large part to – what we are setting on our tables.

TransCanada, Exxon Mobil, the Koch brothers and Fox News are widely demonized as the enemies of meaningful action on the climate crisis. No argument there, and given that their obstructionism will lead to misery and death for billions of people, why are we not putting them on trial for crimes against humanity? But for far too long what we eat, the corporations that produce what we eat and entice us and our kids to want what they produce, have continued to operate in our climate blind spot. McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Coca-Cola, Kraft and the entire “processed, fast food” empire are just as guilty as Peabody Coal of leading us to our own extinction. “Happy Meals” may eventually become our last meals.

As the countries of the tropics become increasingly integrated into the global economy, and there is steadily increasing demand for ever-limited natural resources, efforts to protect the region continue to be undermined by unsustainable economic demands.

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The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race

by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Ferguson is not just about systemic racism — it’s about class warfare and how America’s poor are held back, says Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Will the recent rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, be a tipping point in the struggle against racial injustice, or will it be a minor footnote in some future grad student’s thesis on Civil Unrest in the Early Twenty-First Century?

The answer can be found in May of 1970.

You probably have heard of the Kent State shootings: on May 4, 1970, the Ohio National Guard opened fire on student protesters at Kent State University. During those 13 seconds of gunfire, four students were killed and nine were wounded, one of whom was permanently paralyzed. The shock and outcry resulted in a nationwide strike of 4 million students that closed more than 450 campuses. Five days after the shooting, 100,000 protestors gathered in Washington, D.C. And the nation’s youth was energetically mobilized to end the Vietnam War, racism, sexism, and mindless faith in the political establishment.

You probably haven’t heard of the Jackson State shootings.

On May 14th, 10 days after Kent State ignited the nation, at the predominantly black Jackson State University in Mississippi, police killed two black students (one a high school senior, the other the father of an 18-month-old baby) with shotguns and wounded twelve others.

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Protesters Gain Detroit Water Shut-Off Moratorium, Demand Investigation of Suspected Rampant Corruption

By Victoria Collier and Ben-Zion Ptashnik

A new mass rally in Detroit is planned for Friday, August 29, the day the state-enforced city bankruptcy trial begins. Democracy activists throughout the Midwest are again urged to come demonstrate against the water shut-offs and the hostile takeover of Detroit’s assets.

In this period of mass despair over rampant political corruption and economic injustice in America, many people ask, “Does protest really make a difference?” The answer is yes, and it is being proven right now in Detroit, the frontline battleground in the growing resistance movement against the hostile corporate takeover and looting of American cities nationwide.

Detroit is the model for a nascent democracy mass movement. On July 18, thousands of demonstrators from around the country linked arms and marched in downtown Detroit, past the City Emergency Manager’s office and the JP Morgan Chase Bank, in a show of solidarity against the ongoing corporate-led assault on city worker’s pensions and most recently, the indiscriminate shut-off of water, without notice, to more than 15,000 families, mostly African American.

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From Dick Atlee:

Listening to James Corbett’s latest podcast, on the Ebola scare, is very enlightening. He feels this kind of claim is overreaching—that the CDC’s claim that it wants the patent to keep private entities from grabbing it and locking it out of the public domain is entirely possible. He by no means leaves the CDC guiltless in any of this, but feels this particular meme grabbed by the alternative media is missing the larger picture.

From Richard Tamm:

This is a very long article with many video clips, and also, very early on, a long audio you could listen to as well.  This is the best and most detailed evidence I’ve seen yet about what happened to MH17.

The best video clip is an approximately half-hour press conference by high Russian military speaking in Russian, followed by an English translator, describing and showing satellite pictures of 4 BUK ground-to-air missile systems in the Kiev-government-controlled area near Donetsk, and radar tracking of 4 airliners, one of which was the MH17 Malaysian airplane, and the appearance of one/more Kiev fighter jets near the MH 17 flight just minutes before the plane disappeared from radar.
If the U.S. and Kiev are using this crash as a pretext to ramp up military interference in Ukraine, it is worth our time to check this out.

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Dear Friends,

Please continue to sign and disseminate the above petition.  

TEPCO’s plan for handling the radioactive groundwater has failed.

Huge amounts of contaminated water continue to spread through the aquifer, which connects to the Tokyo aquifer, and to spew into the ocean.

The very costly system to clean the ground water has also failed.
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Exactly How Often Do Police Shoot Unarmed Black Men?

The killing in Ferguson was one of many such cases. Here’s what the data reveals.

The killing of Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri, was no anomaly: As we reported yesterday, Brown is one of at least four unarmed black men who died at the hands of police in the last month aloneThere are many more cases from years past. As Jeffrey Mittman, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Missouri chapter put it in a statement of condolence to Brown’s family, “Unarmed African-American men are shot and killed by police at an alarming rate. This pattern must stop.”

But quantifying that pattern is difficult. Federal databases that track police use of force or arrest-related deaths paint only a partial picture. Police department data is scattered and fragmented. No agency appears to track the number of police shootings or killings of unarmed victims in a systematic, comprehensive way.

Here’s some of what we do know:

Previous attempts to analyze racial bias in police shootings have arrived at similar conclusions. In 2007, ColorLines and the Chicago Reporter investigated fatal police shootings in 10 major cities, and found that there were a disproportionately high number of African Americans among police shooting victims in every one, particularly in New York, San Diego, and Las Vegas.

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