Breaking: CLG: Supreme Court Denies ‘DC Madam’ Attorney Request to Release Records ‘Relevant to 2016 Presidential Election’


Attorney Sibley will attempt ‘procedural second bite at the apple’ By Lori Price, | 06 April 2016 | Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG) has learned that Montgomery Blair Sibley, the attorney for the late ‘DC Madam’ (Deborah Jeane Palfrey), has been refused by the U.S. Supreme Court to remove the restraining order imposed on him regarding the release of Palfrey’s escort service records. Recently, numerous articles and social media posts have prompted wide speculation that the name and/or phone number of Republican presidential candidate, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, is in Palfrey’s sealed escort service records.

Mr. Sibley sent the following statement to CLG early Wednesday:

Montgomery Blair Sibley and the D.C. Madam Records

As you asked me to keep you in the loop, here is the latest on the D.C. Madam’s records:

Yesterday, Chief Justice Roberts denied my Application to remove the Restraining Order which prohibits me from releasing the D.C. Madam’s Escort Service Records I believe relevant to the Presidential Election. Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 22, I am now renewing that Application to Justice Thomas – a procedural second bite at the apple so to speak. I will wait upon his decision – which in the normal course should come by the middle of next week – before taking any further action regarding those Records. The Renewed Application can be found on my blog:

I have reviewed the putative D.C. Madam records released on-line and can state they are not the Records I seek to release. Instead, they appear to be those that I released publicly in 2007… [See also: CLG’s ‘DC Madam’ Phone Records posted September 2007.]

Respectfully, I have sought to answer all your questions, so now I am going to ask you a few of my own: With the Wisconsin Primary now in the books and more primaries on the horizon:

    1.    Will the Press begin to “press” Chief Justice Roberts as to why he denied my Application in Supreme Court Case No. 15A1016? Is he a Caesar at the Coliseum turning his thumb up or down as the whim strikes him or does he have to account-through-legal-analysis for his decision to allow my First Amendment Political Speech to be muzzled by explicitly approving the refusal of the lower courts in his administrative jurisdiction to allow me to file my Motion to Modify the Restraining Order? (I trust you know for time sensitive or urgent questions, reporters can contact the Supreme Court Public Information Office at 202-479-3211, press 1.)

    2.    When will the Press begin to “press” D.C. Circuit Court Chief Judge Garland as to why his Court has refused – since March 9, 2016 – to address my Petition which seeks an order directing the District Court Clerk to file my Motion to Modify the Restraining Order. Notably, in Case No.: 16-3007, I requested Expedited Consideration which the Circuit Court also has refused to grant or deny creating in effect a judicial pocket veto without explanation and thus denying me the ability to appeal such a decision. (Such an inquiry can be directed to: Tracy Hauser Scarrow, (202-216-7460) Special Assistant to Chief Judge Garland.)

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How to Hack an Election

Andrés Sepúlveda rigged elections throughout Latin America for almost a decade. He tells his story for the first time.

By Jordan Robertson, Michael Riley, and Andrew Willis

It was just before midnight when Enrique Peña Nieto declared victory as the newly elected president of Mexico. Peña Nieto was a lawyer and a millionaire, from a family of mayors and governors. His wife was a telenovela star. He beamed as he was showered with red, green, and white confetti at the Mexico City headquarters of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, which had ruled for more than 70 years before being forced out in 2000. Returning the party to power on that night in July 2012, Peña Nieto vowed to tame drug violence, fight corruption, and open a more transparent era in Mexican politics.

Two thousand miles away, in an apartment in Bogotá’s upscale Chicó Navarra neighborhood, Andrés Sepúlveda sat before six computer screens. Sepúlveda is Colombian, bricklike, with a shaved head, goatee, and a tattoo of a QR code containing an encryption key on the back of his head. On his nape are the words “</head>” and “<body>” stacked atop each other, dark riffs on coding. He was watching a live feed of Peña Nieto’s victory party, waiting for an official declaration of the results.

When Peña Nieto won, Sepúlveda began destroying evidence. He drilled holes in flash drives, hard drives, and cell phones, fried their circuits in a microwave, then broke them to shards with a hammer. He shredded documents and flushed them down the toilet and erased servers in Russia and Ukraine rented anonymously with Bitcoins. He was dismantling what he says was a secret history of one of the dirtiest Latin American campaigns in recent memory.

For eight years, Sepúlveda, now 31, says he traveled the continent rigging major political campaigns. With a budget of $600,000, the Peña Nieto job was by far his most complex. He led a team of hackers that stole campaign strategies, manipulated social media to create false waves of enthusiasm and derision, and installed spyware in opposition offices, all to help Peña Nieto, a right-of-center candidate, eke out a victory. On that July night, he cracked bottle after bottle of Colón Negra beer in celebration. As usual on election night, he was alone.

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Roger Stone: ‘They Ought to Put the Handcuffs On’ Ted Cruz for Vote Fraud


Saying Texas Senator Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 97% is more Nixon than Reagan, Donald Trump ally Roger Stone spoke with Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle.

“Having worked very hard to collect evidence of voter fraud and irregularities in Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah, Hawaii and Texas, frankly, they ought to put the handcuffs on him,” said Stone, referring to Ted Cruz, “because the Trump people can go to credentials and challenge the seating of hundreds, literally hundreds of Ted Cruz’s delegates who were fraudulently elected.”

Asked to elaborate, Stone said, “Go to For over a month we have had an 800 number up, a toll free number. We have collected and documented with sworn affidavits thousands of claims of voter irregularities in the states where Ted Cruz has won. And we’re prepared to present them to the credentials committee.”

“If they want to fight, let’s fight,” Stone continued. “Ted Cruz’s delegates in Texas were fraudulently elected. There are thousands of examples of voter fraud. That means people voted for Donald Trump, but their vote was counted for Ted Cruz. Thou shalt not steal, Ted,” said Stone. “You’re a big bible man, Ted, read that one carefully. Thou shalt not steal. That’s why I call him tricky Ted,” concluded Stone.

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Why is the CDC Petrified of the Film Vaxxed?

By Richard Gale and Gary Null

Progressive Radio Network, April 3, 2016

America’s patrons of the theatric and visual arts, the lovers of film, dance and music, are among the nation’s most diehard advocates for liberty, self-expression, and art’s civil rights to challenge the failures and wrongs in the social and political status quo. During every decade, during every generation, many of our most memorable artistic achievements and performances are recognized as such because they raise relevant and timely insights that stir controversy. Projected on the screen, films can magically crack the veil of our collective illusion, the mythic, wonderland fantasy of self-deception and ignorance perpetuated by governmental and corporate powers to manipulate a mentally compromised mainstream media. By their very nature, documentary films offer an alternative story to the scripted propaganda streaming across our TV screens and monitors. Frequently they adventure into a deeper reality that so often underlies the mere posturing and veneer of half truths and lies that take hold of society and masquerade as fact. For this reason, artistic truth and censorship are a horrible marriage and have never been suitable bedfellows.

The recent controversy over the acceptance and rapid withdrawal of the documentary film, Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe, at Manhattan’s Tribeca Film Festival, is an alarming case of censorship to protect the guilty and demonize a messenger of warning, the film’s director Dr. Andrew Wakefield.[1] Popular scientific consensus has yet to tackle the huge uncertainty gap to identify the most probable causes of autism. Legitimate medical protocol and integrity demands honest debate of all the scientific evidence, regardless of its undesirable conclusions. Yet the CDC and Big Pharma adamantly refuse to engage in such a debate and review. Therefore the expurgation of Wakefield’s film is a dangerous step closer to widespread medical McCarthyism.

What is equally disturbing is the mass media’s outcry to denounce a film before its release. In unison, a barrage of press simultaneously condemned the festival’s co-founder, actor Robert De Niro, for his decision to screen Vaxxed at Tribeca. Within a 72 hour period we witnessed ABC, CNN and MSNBC, the UK’s Guardian, Time Magazine, the Washington Post and the LA Times, the New York Times, Forbes, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Variety and many others ridiculing De Niro’s original decision then celebrating its withdrawal two days later. From pariah to messiah, De Niro caved into powerful private interests. It should be comforting to know that all of these publications and news bureaus are on the ready to report simultaneously en masse as this story develops.

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Tell members of the Internet Association: Disavow endorsement of the TPP

Dear Reader,

The unprecedented corporate power grab known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal could be headed for a possible vote in Congress later this year. But thanks to the work of thousands of CREDO activists, whether it has enough support to pass is still an open question.

Unfortunately, the TPP just got a major boost from some of the largest and most well-known internet companies. A trade association representing companies including Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo just announced their full support of the TPP.1,2

This is outrageous. The TPP is antithetical to the interests of internet users. Furthermore, many of these companies pride themselves on putting the rights and interests of their users first and claim that principles such as free speech and privacy are at the core of their mission. TPP directly undermines those values in favor of corporate profit.

Tell members of the Internet Association: Disavow endorsement of the TPP. Click here to sign the petition.

Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo don’t have to go along with the Internet Association’s disastrously poor decision to endorse the TPP. One of its members, Reddit, has just come out and disavowed the endorsement.3 This is why we are joining with our friends from Fight for the Future to pressure other members to do the same.

The TPP was written and negotiated in absolute secrecy, and it’s easy to see why. It would eviscerate broad swaths of regulations that protect consumers, workers, the environment, and the soundness of our financial system. And it would set up a global system where corporate profits trump the policy priorities of sovereign governments.

Passage of the TPP could mean more American jobs offshored, developing countries losing access to lifesaving medications, and unsafe foods and products pouring into our country. The deal includes countries that are notorious for human rights violations without once mentioning “human rights” in its 5,600 pages.

The deal could also mean the end of internet freedom as we know it. It would expand corporate copyright enforcement at the expense of privacy and free speech. It would criminalize tinkering and modifying products under fair use purposes. And it would allow corporations to avoid the legal and democratic process by using secretive international tribunals to attack internet users’ rights – the same tribunals that could be used to undermine environmental and consumer protections.

The members of the Internet Association have no obligation to support this wrongheaded endorsement of the TPP. And, fortunately, many of these companies would be extremely sensitive to a backlash from their own users. After all, companies like Facebook and Twitter wouldn’t have a product if it weren’t for their users’ ability to freely express themselves and create content on a daily basis.

Tell members of the Internet Association: Disavow endorsement of the TPP. Click here to sign the petition.

With the media currently focused on the corrupt practices of corporations revealed in the release of the Panama Papers,4 we have the opportunity to shine the spotlight on how the TPP is just another attempt by corporations to skirt domestic and international law.

If we can get these major internet companies to publicly reject the TPP, as Reddit just did, we can turn this pathetic and self-defeating endorsement into exactly the opposite: A major public statement against the TPP and the corporate power grab it represents.

Tell members of the Internet Association: Disavow endorsement of the TPP. Click below to sign the petition:

Thank you for your activism.

Murshed Zaheed, Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

Hillary Clinton Is No Barbra Streisand

By William Boardman, Reader Supported News

02 April 16

Streisand supports Clinton with unwarranted grievance 

In her essay “Sexism in American Politics,” Barbra Streisand has written (or had ghostwritten) the sweeping and quite false claim that Hillary Clinton is “held to a pernicious double standard” only because she’s a woman, a claim that Streisand fails to support with any relevant, substantive evidence.

Streisand claims, correctly, that there is sexism in America, though she omits how little it has affected her own career. She’s earned millions of dollars and won two Oscars by having genuine talent, working hard, and creating actual artistic achievements in music, theatre, and film. Her net worth was estimated at more than $600 million in 2014. Streisand is easily identified by her work, whether performing in “Funny Girl” or “Hello Dolly” or “Yentl” or singing “People” or “Send in the Clowns,” or pick your own Streisand favorite. Her record is clear, extensive, and compelling. She is a star on her merit.

So it’s odd for someone with a life of such consistent accomplishment to hector her readers in support of Hillary Clinton, who has no comparable career of identifiable accomplishment anything close to Streisand’s. Allowing for the difference between the singer/actress and the lawyer/politician, surely a similar catalogue of achievements or causes should be possible for an accomplished lawyer/politician. What is Hillary Clinton best known for? Being a top corporate lawyer, standing by her man, holding office (honorific, elected, appointed), bungling healthcare, attacking Libya, “Benghazi” (whatever its reality), secret Goldman Sachs transcripts, emails, pick your favorite, but where are the “Oscar winners” in the set?

So if it’s not accomplishments that distinguish Hillary Clinton, what about lasting commitment to just and honorable causes, even in the face of frustration and setback? Is such an example in her lengthy resume? Hillary Clinton is not now and never has been a person of consistent, principled integrity. She has dabbled with democratic decency, but without being committed to making it her life’s work. That’s not to say she hasn’t done much good for people at times. Her record is replete with moments of real grace and service to a variety of good causes. But there is no clear, sustained engagement in any of those causes. What does she truly and deeply stand for?


“Did Bernie Sanders win Nevada?”

Ask Google for the answer, and you’ll get this:

Nevada caucus

Last updated Apr 3, 2016 at 3:23 PM ET

Feb 2035 delegates

99% reporting Delegates Votes
Clinton (won)

But those results changed yesterday, when Bernie won the Democratic convention in Nevada’s Clark County, as reported by the Las Vegas Sun,, US Uncut, RT—and the Associated Press, in a story not picked up by the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN or any other of the major “liberal media.”

From Stephanie Dube Dwilson’s story in (a comprehensive story well worth reading, at

Bernie Sanders won Nevada Saturday after county conventions took the win from Hillary Clinton. The Clinton and Sanders campaigns clashed at Nevada county conventions, and Sanders walked away with three county wins, including Clark County where Clinton had originally won the vote. This means that although Clinton got more votes on caucus day, Sanders will likely end up with more delegates. Projections put him getting anywhere from 1 to 10, although most hover around 1 to 4. Some sources, such as Ralston Reports, said he gained two delegates over Clinton. Sanders’ campaign manager said he netted four over Clinton.

The Clark County convention was filled with drama, including rumors that Sanders delegates were told not to show up and others being threatened with arrest. In the end, more delegates voted for Sanders than Clinton, flipping the results of Clark County, which includes Las Vegas. It’s unclear at this time exactly how many new delegates Sanders is picking up from Nevada, since delegates are unbound until the state convention, but he definitely won some today.

See also:

A Curious Case of Depression
The face of depression in today’s screen-bound world is changing.

By Victoria L. Dunckley, M.D., the author of Reset Your Child’s Brain

Dan was a twenty-year-old young man with mild social anxiety and attention deficit disorder who — despite a genius-level IQ — was failing out of college. His social life had gone from being fairly active to nonexistent, his sleep-wake pattern was almost completely reversed, and he rarely left his room. Although not actively suicidal, Dan reported he often felt he ’d be “better off dead” and didn’t “see much point to life.” What was happening?

Upon graduating from high school, Dan had continued living at home with parents. But without the eight-hour school days and no job to go to, he suddenly found himself with a lot of extra time on his hands. His electronics’ use skyrocketed.

When he began college classes that fall, Dan continued to spend anywhere from six to twelve hours a day on the computer, playing games, chatting, or reading articles. Dan barely scraped by the first two semesters. By the end of his third, he had dropped one class and was getting Fs in the other two. Despite Dan’s high IQ, he was struggling to keep up.

He’d also lost a lot of weight, even though he was thin to begin with. Dan’s mother reported that Dan had stopped going to the kitchen to get food or water, and that he was dependent on her to nag him into eating and drinking. By the time Dan came to see me, he was gaunt and pale, and his muscles had literally atrophied from sitting andlying down so much.

To see this in a young male was shocking. Dan complained of fatigue, joint pain, back pain, shortness of breath, depressed mood, trouble sleeping, and feeling “flat.” His mother had made the rounds to numerous medical specialists and therapists — for both physical and psychiatric complaints — but to no avail. By the time I consulted with him, Dan was taking three psychotropic medications plus a pain medication, and had been tried on numerous other “psych meds” but found them all ineffective.  Dan and his mother had even started looking into electroconvusive therapy (ECT), where the brain is “shocked” with electricity to produce a therapeutic seizure; it’s thought that ECT may work by resetting brain chemistry. Not one person ever suggested he remove the computer and other devices from his bedroom, despite this being a standard-of-care intervention for sleep disturbance.

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Oliver Stone Makes Impassioned Plea for Sanders: ‘Hillary Clinton Has Effectively Closed the Door on Peace’
Stone writes that Sanders has rescued him from complete despair about our political scene.


When fear becomes collective, when anger becomes collective, it’s extremely dangerous. It is overwhelming… The mass media and the military-industrial complex create a prison for us, so we continue to think, see, and act in the same way… We need the courage to express ourselves even when the majority is going in the opposite direction… because a change of direction can happen only when there is a collective awakening… Therefore, it is very important to say, ‘I am here!’ to those who share the same kind of insight. — Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist Monk, The Art of Power

I’ve been in deep despair these last few months about our political landscape. This quote from Thich Nhat Hanh recently elevated my spirit, and I share it with you. Because I am — we are — still here! Though it’s clear that the die is cast and that Clinton will win — that is, if you believe in numbers and materialism, but I don’t, not completely.

I enclose here (below) several recent articles, which you need to read to understand how difficult a situation we’ll be in if we continue with a harder-line version of Obama. Hillary Clinton has effectively closed the door on peace, blasting both the Palestinian peace process and the Russians in the same week. NATO is her god, the best thing the “exceptional” US has to export in this new “American Century.”

But who set this policy and who controls this country? Her point of view is steeped in the traditional post-World War II, Atlanticist, NATO-domination of the universe. It’s set in stone. No president it seems, no democratic vote, no dissenting media can alter this. We’re going to be in border, resource, and forever wars for the next 10, 20, 100 years, until Trump (who our shadow government will never allow to exercise power) actually said in his straight way of talking, “our cities go bust.” Our media has been drained and made callous by war, increasingly sensationalized by TV, looking for the next high in the next headline, the more outrageous the better. Modesty in American politics is dead — it’s better to be sensational.

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Your Taxes Are Being Spent on Making It Harder for Americans to Vote
Thanks to Kris Kobach and his federal disciples.


MADISON, WISCONSIN—One of the most charming features of the failed state of Brownbackistan, once known as Kansas, is that it is also the de facto ground zero for the ongoing campaign to squeeze out of the political process those people unlikely to vote for Republican candidates. This is largely due to its Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, who not only is one of the primary innovators in the field of voter suppression, but also is one of the primary parental units for anti-immigrant legislation, having been the author of Arizona’s notorious “Papers, Please” law. These two things, of course, work in obvious harmony to squeeze out of the political process those people who are unlikely to vote for Republican candidates. Nice work, Kris. In the 1950s, people went to prison for rigging college basketball games less egregiously than you’re trying to rig democracy.

Lately, we’ve seen more evidence of how thoroughgoing this depravity truly is. Central to it is something called the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, an institution created with good intentions in the aftermath of the Great Florida Heist in 2000. One of the things the commission is tasked with is overseeing the national voter registration form. It is supposed to be staffed by two members from each party. Now, however, to the surprise of approximately nobody, there are two Republicans and one Democrat because a vacancy has gone unfilled. One of the Republicans is a guy named Brian Newby, and here’s where voters in Alabama and Georgia discover that, as far as their right to vote is concerned, they’re also living in Brownbackistan.

Newby, the commission’s executive director, got his start overseeing elections in Johnson County in Kansas. He is one of Kobach’s proteges—if, by protégé, you mean faithful minion and dutiful mole.

An email provided to The Associated Press through open records requests offers a glimpse into the mindset of Brian Newby, executive director of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, who decided—without public comment or approval from bosses—that residents of Alabama, Kansas and Georgia can no longer register to vote using a national form without providing proof of U.S. citizenship. As a finalist for the job of executive director, Newby said in a June email to his benefactor, Kansas’ Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach, that he was friends with two of the commissioners at the federal agency, and told Kobach: “I think I would enter the job empowered to lead the way I want to.” Voting rights advocates were stunned by Newby’s action once he got the job and have sued to overturn it. Activists say it flies in the face of the commission’s mission to provide a simple, easy form to encourage voter registration.

You will undoubtedly fall over in shock to discover that the commission’s mission is not Newby’s. Or Kobach’s.

Documents obtained by AP show Newby’s ties to Kobach, the architect of voter ID and other restrictive voter registration laws around the nation that he says are needed to prevent voter fraud. Critics say there is very little voter fraud and Kobach’s measures hurt voter registration and deprive eligible voters of the right to vote. Kobach had appointed Newby to be a county elections commissioner in Kansas, and helped him get the federal job that he took in November. “I wanted you in the loop, in part because of other issues in the past with the EAC,” Newby emailed Kobach. “I also don’t want you thinking that you can’t count on me in an upcoming period that will tax our resources.”

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