By Jim Bronskill

Elections Canada has quietly warned staff to be on the lookout for increasingly sophisticated tactics aimed at discouraging — or even stopping — voters from casting a ballot.
The advanced voter suppression techniques flourishing in the United States are likely to spill into other countries, employees were advised in a presentation aimed at raising awareness prior to the Oct. 19 federal election.


Two hundred and seven International scientists including EMF researchers, university professors, and medical doctors from 40 countries have signed an appeal which calls upon the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the UN Member States to address the emerging public health crisis related to cellphones, wireless devices, wireless utility meters, and wireless infrastructure in neighbourhoods. They also urge the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) to initiate an assessment of alternatives to current exposure standards and practices that could substantially lower human exposures to non-ionizing radiation.


By Josh Harkinson

Are government officials doing enough to protect us from the potential long-term health effects of wearable devices and cellphones? Maybe not. A letter released today, signed by 195 scientists from 39 countries, calls on the United Nations, the World Health Organization (WHO), and national governments to develop stricter controls on these and other products that create electromagnetic fields (EMF).


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A government headed by opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn could face “a mutiny” from the British Army if he tries to downgrade it or pull out of NATO, a senior serving general told The Sunday Times.

Corbyn’s victory as Labour’s leader and the head of Westminster’s official opposition has been greeted with “wholesale dismay,” even among Labour-supporting soldiers, a senior serving general told The Sunday Times, on condition of anonymity.

Moreover, if Corbyn wins the 2020 general election, in which he plans to run for PM, and attempts to downgrade the armed forces, scrap the Trident nuclear program or pull out of NATO “there would be mass resignations at all levels and you would face the very real prospect of an event which would effectively be a mutiny,” he said.


By Alex Zimmerman

A New York University student who grabbed headlines when she accused the school of pulling a bait-and-switch with its sticker price has been forced to move into university housing under threat of expulsion. Nia Mirza, who, after being told by university officials that she could live with relatives near NYU’s Washington D.C. campus to help offset the cost of her tuition, says she must now move into campus housing if she wishes to continue her education there.

NYU’s Student Labor Action Movement is arguing that the university’s backtracking on the housing exemption that was granted earlier this year is in retaliation for Mirza’s outspoken comments about the school’s high tuition costs.


By John Vibes

To comply with the 2005 Real ID Act, which the U.S. government has been slowly implementing for the past decade, citizens in a number of different U.S. states will now be forced to obtain a passport if they want to board an airplane – even for domestic flights.

The Department of Homeland Security and representatives with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection have declined to comment on why certain states have been singled out, but starting in 2016, residents of New York, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and American Samoa will need a passport to fly domestically. All other states will still be able to use their state-issued driver’s licenses and IDs — for now, at least.


We note the sudden death of Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, 59—renowned oncologist,
particularly famous as “an advocate for alternative treatments,” according to
the New York Times:
The cause was suicide, said Kevin Skype, senior investigator for the Columbia County sheriff. Further details were not available.
We also note, as common sense obliges us, that Dr. Gaynor is the 11th “natural
health” doctor to die prematurely, not by natural causes, since mid-June.
While this (to say the least) suspicious trend has been reported by a range of
online outlets (see below), our corporate press—the Times includedhas,
as usual, ignored it, presumably because it’s a “conspiracy theory.”
Such is the (foregone) conclusion of the “skepticism” industry. Back in mid-July,
by which time “only” five had died untimely deaths, dismissed
the story with its usual deceptive blend of jeering quibbles and irrelevant
statistics, ending with this brilliant disquisition:

As of March 2015, there was an estimated range of 897,000 to just over 1,000,000 doctors in the United States, and per every 100,000 people (of all vocations) each year, approximately 821 die. Going by those numbers alone, between 6,500 and 8,200 medical doctors will statistically die of myriad causes in any given year. Each month approximately 700 doctors would die (based upon the number of American doctors and the number of overall deaths), thirteen of whom could be expected to live in Florida before accounting for rate fluctuations based on whether a state (like Florida) is exceptionally populous. As such, six to eight deaths is well within the realm of expected doctor deaths

Back then, I asked the mathematician Richard Charnin for his take on Snopes’ tap-dance, and he sent me this eye-opening reply:

This is the same faulty logic that was used to explain all the JFK-related deaths.

The problem is not how many will die, but how did they die and in what time period.

What the author fails to appreciate is that we are concerned with UNNATURAL DEATHS,  nor deaths from any cause.

We  need to know:

1. The number of holistic medical professionals,

2. How many died UNNATURALLY,

3. The time interval,

4. The unnatural mortality rates.

The probability of being murdered in a given year is P= 0.00005=1/20,000.

The probability of being murdered in a 4 week period is P= 1/(13*20,000) = 1 in 260,000. 

Probability of at least 5 homicides among 10,000 alternative medicine professionals 

in a 4 week period: 1 in 800 million

In short: This sudden spike in the mortality of all those “natural health” doctors is extraordinarily suspicious—and so is the refusal of our corporate press to mention it, no less than Snopes’ readiness to laugh it off.

11th Holistic MD & Best Selling Author Mitchell Gaynor Found Dead In Woods

September 16, 2015 by Erin Elizabeth

– See more at:

Report: NYC’s Mitchell Gaynor is 11th Natural Health Doctor to Die Mysteriously


By Anthony

I have something in common with Ahmed Mohamed: as a youngster, I was also an electronics enthusiast. At his age and even earlier, I frequently took apart electronic devices – anything from my own toys, to broken things around the house, and even that dirty garbage-picked black and white TV my parents dragged home that they knew I’d have a blast playing with (I did.) I’d try and troubleshoot, repair, or sometimes just disassemble things and salvage components for future projects. I’d try and imagine how all those bits and pieces, lengths of wires, mazes of conductive circuit board traces all came together to produce an image, or a sound, or some other useful function. I wanted to know how it all worked.


Extensive and destructive floods across eastern Japan have swept more than 700 bags containing Fukushima-contaminated soil and grass into Japan’s rivers, with many still unaccounted for and some spilling their radioactive content into the water system.
Authorities in the small city of Nikko in Japan’s Tochigi Prefecture, some 175 km away from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, have said that at least 334 bags containing radioactive soil have been swept into a tributary of the Kinugawa river, The Asahi Shimbun reports.


The man accused in a string of freeway shootings in Phoenix appeared in court Saturday and insisted to a judge that cops have “the wrong guy.”

Leslie Allen Merritt, 21, was arraigned on multiple charges, including four counts each of carrying out a drive- by shooting and intentional acts of terrorism. He was ordered held on $1 million cash bail.


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