Now that one guy has dismissed my video as “conspiracy theory” (a charge suggesting that he’s either marvelously ignorant, or working as a troll), I offer this quick catalogue of evidence, not just that our elections CAN be stolen, but that it’s happened here already:

“Democracy Lost,” from Election Justice USA; Jonathan Simon’s CODE RED: ELECTION FRAUD AND THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY; Mark Crispin Miller, FOOLED AGAIN: THE REAL CASE FOR ELECTORAL REFORM, and LOSER TAKE ALL: ELECTION FRAUD AND THE SUBVERSION OF DEMOCRACY, 2000-2008; Steven Freeman and Joel Bleifuss, WAS THE 2004 ELECTION STOLEN?; Harvey Wasserman, Robert Fitrakis and Steven Rosenfeld, WHAT WENT WRONG IN OHIO?; Richard Hayes Phillips, WITNESS TO A CRIME: A CITIZENS’ AUDIT OF AN AMERICAN ELECTION; Victoria Collier, “How to Rig an Election,” Harper’s, November, 2012; James Collier and Kenneth Collier, VOTESCAM: THE STEALING OF AMERICA (e-book now available from Open Road Media); Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., “Was the 2004 Election Stolen,” Rolling Stone, June, 2006, and “Will the Next Election Be Hacked?” Truthout, Sept. 21, 2006; and—last but not least—Greg Palast, THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY and BILLIONAIRES AND BALLOT BANDITS, as well as his recent expose, in Rolling Stone, of the Crosscheck system now being used to purge millions of (Democratic) voters from the voter rolls. And then there are the websites BradBlog (from Brad Friedman) and Black Box Voting (from Bev Harris).

And I also strongly recommend I VOTED?, the killer documentary by Jason Grant Smith, released in April of this year.

I hope that anyone whose work I may have failed to mention (there are several other first-rate documentaries on the subject) will forgive me for it, as I did this off the top of my head, and there’s surely work out there that I don’t know about.


Can US elections be stolen? Yes—and the threat lies NOT in “people voting 15 times” (as Donald Trump keeps charging), or in the Kremlin (as the Democrats and corporate press keep telling us).

As Mark Crispin Miller explains in this 8-minute video, election theft in the United States today is based on an insidious “one-two punch”
of vote suppression AND computerized election fraud—a clear and present danger that’s been too long laughed off as a “conspiracy theory.”

It doesn’t matter who you’re voting for. If you believe that the United States should be a real electoral democracy, please send this link to everyone you know, so we can face the awful truth about our wretched voting system, and finally take the proper steps to make it work, and so return this country to its people.


 By Noah Higdon

The 2016 Media Freedom Summit celebrated 40 years of Project Censored. The event also brought together independent journalists, media activists, professors, students, and members of the public to discuss the links between media power and political power, and to share effective strategies for advancing social justice by promoting media freedom and critical media literacy.

The round-table for the 2016 Media Freedom Summit took place at Sonoma State University on October 21, 2016. The speakers included Abby Martin (Empire Files) with Mnar Muhawesh (Mint Press News), David Talbot (journalist, author and media entrepreneur), and Mark Crispin Miller (New York University)

I appeared on RT today, along with radio host/peace activist Don DeBar, and Bruce Fein, a lawyer who worked in the Reagan administration, and who’s been highly critical of Bush, Clinton and Obama.

Although our topic was James Comey’s volte-face, and its likely impact on the presidential race, I spoke at length about election fraud, and the dire need for real reform of our abysmal voting system (something I would never be allowed to talk about on CNN, MSNBC, or in the New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, you name it).


US Propaganda and the “Putin” Threat: Interview with Mark Crispin Miller

New York University Mark Crispin Miller talks about US government propaganda, the corporate media, the CIA and the Russian “Putin” threat. Miller talks about how Rupert Murdoch’s VICE tried to get him fired, using a graduate student in NYU’s journalism department. He also discusses the role of the CIA and the US government in their organized effort to demonize Putin and Russia and create a wave of war hysteria reminiscent of the 1950s.

This interview was done during the Project Censored 40th anniversary at Sonoma State University on October 22, 2016 by Pacifica KPFA WorkWeek host Steve Zeltzer.

‘Abject failure of US press’: Media reports on Russian involvement in leaks despite no evidence

Hillary Clinton’s camp has again decided to play the Russian card. But this time it’s not only Moscow that’s behind the leak of DNC and Podesta emails – somehow RT is also involved, Clinton’s team claims. This after Defense Intelligence Agency Director James Clapper – who was proven wrong on NSA spying after the Snowden leaks – accused Russia of being behind the Podesta and DNC leaks. Mark Crispin Miller, professor of Media Studies at New York University, joins RT America’s Manila Chan to weigh in.

OCTOBER 11, 2016

Mark Crispin Miller – Episode 56

This week Eric sits down with author and academic Mark Crispin Miller to discuss the controlled corporate media and its grip on discourse in the United States, conspiracy theories versus conspiracy facts, US elections as both farce and illusion, and much more. Eric and Mark begin with a discussion of the history of media propaganda, and how the corporate media we know and loathe came to be the monolithic servant of power it is today. The conversation then turns to the issue of conspiracy theories and the importance of nuanced analysis that is skeptical of power but also avoids the pitfalls, and outright fascism, of the online conspiracy world. The final part of the program shifts into vote fraud and the controlled and manipulated election system in the US which, Eric and Mark both argue, simply cannot be trusted. So much ground is covered in this wide-ranging discussion on CounterPunch Radio.

Also, check out the Forbidden Bookshelf series edited by Mark Crispin Miller.

Musical Interlude: The Doors – “Strange Days”

Audio Link:


So the peace deal in Colombia was narrowly rejected at the polls, thanks to a “surprise surge by the ‘no’ vote—nearly all major polls had indicated resounding approval,” according to the New York Times.

That familiar story raises questions, not just about that vote per se, but also—and as usual—about who stands to benefit from that “defeat.”
The Times obscures one very likely answer to that larger question, by giving us a highly airbrushed version of Colombia’s civil war, conveying three important misimpressions:
1) The atrocities throughout that 52-year conflict were all perpetrated by “the Marxist FARC rebels.” (“To many Colombians who had endured years of kidnappings and killings by the rebels, the agreement was too lenient,” etc.)
2) The US government was not involved (there being no mention of it in the article).
3) The cocaine trade was not a major factor in the war (there being no mention of it in the article).
Since plenty has been written on that war as it was fought in what we call “reality,” I couldn’t possibly do justice to the subject here, but will just note a very few reports that devastate the Times’ version of the truth:
From Wikipedia:
Right-wing paramilitary groups in Colombia are armed groups acting in opposition to revolutionary Marxist-Leninist guerrilla forces and their allies among the civilian population. These paramilitary groups control the large majority of the illegal drug trade of cocaine and other substances and are the parties responsible for most of the human rights violations in the latter half of the ongoing Colombian Armed Conflict. According to several international human rights and governmental organizations, right-wing paramilitary groups have been responsible for at least 70 to 80% of political murders in Colombia per year, with the remainder committed by leftist guerrillas and government forces.
And from “Covert Action in Colombia,” a story by the Washington Post‘s Dana Priest (Dec. 21, 2013):

The 50-year-old Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), once considered the best-funded insurgency in the world, is at its smallest and most vulnerable state in decades, due in part to a CIA covert action program that has helped Colombian forces kill at least two dozen rebel leaders, according to interviews with more than 30 former and current U.S. and Colombian officials.

The secret assistance, which also includes substantial eavesdropping help from the National Security Agency, is funded through a multibillion-dollar black budget. It is not a part of the public $9 billion package of mostly U.S. military aid called Plan Colombia, which began in 2000.

The previously undisclosed CIA program was authorized by President George W. Bush in the early 2000s and has continued under President Obama, according to U.S. military, intelligence and diplomatic officials. Most of those interviewed spoke on the condition of anonymity because the program is classified and ongoing. snip>

Clearly, then, that civil war was worth a pretty penny to the USA, in both weapons sales

and drug transactions—surely a sufficient motive to prolong it, even if Colombians hoped
to end it, and voted that way, overwhelmingly.

Yet another frightening trend that Snopes can tell us isn’t happening.


Strange Deaths of JPMorgan Workers Continue 

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: September 29, 2016

Last Thursday, September 22, 2016, the body of Ann Korkki, a Senior Administrative Assistant in the Wealth Management division of JPMorgan Chase in Denver, Colorado was found with the body of her sister, Robin Korkki, inside their luxury vacation villa at the Maia Resort on Seychelles, an island in the Indian Ocean off the East African coast. Ann Korkki was 37; her sister Robin was 42.

According to the local Seychelles newspaper, there was no sign of violence on the bodies of the women who were on a one week vacation at the resort. The mother and brother of the sisters are currently in Seychelles “pressing U.S. and local officials for details” and making arrangements to bring the sisters back to the U.S. according to a news report in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which covered the story because the sisters had attended high school in the area.

This latest unusual death of a JPMorgan Chase employee adds to a stunning roster of bizarre deaths since 2014 – a period which has also seen three felony counts leveled against the firm by the U.S. Justice Department and billions of dollars in fines for wide-ranging charges of wrongdoing.

News reports on the bizarre deaths began with Gabriel Magee, a JPMorgan Vice President who worked in computer infrastructure. Magee, 39, is alleged to have leaped from the rooftop of the 33-story JPMorgan European headquarters building at 25 Bank Street on the evening of January 27, 2014 or the morning ofJanuary 28, 2014. London tabloids initially reported that Magee’s jump was observed by “thousands of commuters” and JPMorgan colleagues. But after an official inquest, no eyewitnesses could be produced who had actually seen Magee jump. The coroner ruled that Magee’s death was a suicide.

Three weeks after Magee’s alleged leap from the bank’s skyscraper in London, a JPMorgan employee in Hong Kong, 33-year old Dennis Li (Junjie), is said to have leaped to this death on February 18, 2014 from the 30-story Chater House office building in Hong Kong where JPMorgan occupied the top floors. At the time of the death, Wall Street On Parade received elusive answers from the communication team at JPMorgan Chase as to the young man’s job function at the bank. The South China Morning Post newspaper called Li an “investment banker”;  the Standard newspaper in Hong Kong wrote that Li was an accounting major who worked in the finance department at JPMorgan. The China Times wrote that Li was a “Forex trader.” On May 20 of last year, JPMorgan Chase pleaded guilty to a felony count by the U.S. Justice Department for its role in rigging foreign currency exchange trading.

Read More: 

Trump’s noisy retro-fascist act is nowhere near as dangerous as the kinder, gentler fascism promoted by both parties and the media: the fascism of unprecedented mass surveillance and unending “terror threats”; “elections” run by private companies that “count the vote” in secret; a “free press” pumping out fantastic lies, in strident unanimity against “our” latest enemies, and ridiculing anyone who questions the official line; whistle-blowers imprisoned, or in hiding, or in flight; protestors penned in “First Amendment zones,” and/or clubbed, gassed, and/or hauled off to jail en masse; dissidents whose efforts are subverted by agents provocateurs; prisoners routinely tortured, and exploited as slave laborers; and—last but not least—rampant police brutality (including summary execution on what seems to be a daily basis).

That all of this (and more) seems normal now is scarier by far than anything that Donald Trump might do if he should “win”—which he probably won’t, despite those terroristic polls, which help blind us to what’s happened here already.


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Forbidden Bookshelf

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