NYU Tisch students can’t learn their craft remotely, so asked for their money back; and the dean responded with a video of herself DANCING

Student/university relations in the Age of Trump. 



A brilliant take on Dylan’s bold elegy for JFK

Murder most foul, as in the best it is;      

But this most foul, strange and unnatural
Hamlet, I.v.27-28

From an old friend (since grad school in English):

Listened again to “Murder Most Foul,” realized that the line “Wolfman Jack speaking in tongues” is key. Of course, It references the popular radio d.j., but more importantly describes “Jack” Kennedy himself speaking from beyond the grave through Dylan, who invokes song titles as the “tongue”—the national idiom—to tell his elegy, which transfigures into new meaning all the titles, many of wh(are themselves idiomatic American phrases: “lonely at the top,” “lonely are the brave,” “the good die young.” But when Dylan sings these, he transforms them from their ordinary pop identities into evocations of JFK’s tragic grandeur—as if the phrases of popular culture have been always waiting to be used as messengers, ready to circulate in and through the voice of JFK/Dylan. 

In the Bible, the disciples speak in tongues unconsciously, and thereby spread the word of Jesus all over the world.

So Dylan is “speaking in tongues”—that is, as a medium,  the instrument of a higher power, demanding…. what? Justice (?), vengeance (?), recognition (?). The answer, of course, is all three; and this is confirmed when we unpack the title’s allusion: the Shakespearean “tongue” Dylan adopts—for “murder most foul” is uttered the by ghost of Hamlet’s father, as he urges his son to avenge him for this “most foul, strange & unnatural” crime. Here is the primal seed of Dylan’s dirge, as he takes upon himself the task his father demands: vengeance, justice, recognition.

And the composite ghost of Hamlet’s father/JFK—both bathed in blood—tells his son, Hamlet/Dylan, that he knows of unspeakable crimes. . . if only he was permitted to divulge them. 

This “if only” is precisely the source of the permanently elusive guesswork, speculation, possibilities, unknowability, that has been the vortex around the events of Nov. 22, 1963.


Did a (Rockefeller) vaccine experiment on US soldiers cause the “Spanish flu”? (MUST-READ)

That “Spanish flu”—which was neither flu nor Spanish—killed 50-100 million people all around the world; so, though that pandemic happened over a century ago, we are obliged to know what really happened, then as now.



CIA tempts cut-off students in the terrifying shadow of COVID-19


After receiving $25 million coronavirus bailout, JFK Center stops paying musicians

What would JFK say?

(ZeroHedge, according to today’s NYTimes, is a “far-right financial site,” with links [it is implied] to Russia.)


After Receiving $25 Million Coronavirus Bailout, JFK Center Stops Paying Musicians


No, no, no, no, Building 7 was NOT destroyed by fire: U Alaska’s final report definitively wipes out the official story

As we’re all reeling here in lockdown, variously shattered by the COVID-19 story, and its awesome exploitation by the Powers That Be, let’s recall the last time an unprecedented horror was used to keep us all in line—and note this latest proof that it was bogus. 

9/11 was a killer, and so is this new coronavirus. The urgent questions then are still germane: Who was behind it, and to what ends?



Bill Gates is using “charity” to fatten corporations—and control the world

Also—though unmentioned in this article—his “charity” is a eugenic enterprise, deployed to whittle down the global population, by numbers that would made Adolf Hitler envious.


Bill Gates’s Charity Paradox


Why did Dylan choose this moment to come out with “Murder Most Foul”?

Dylan Recognizes Another “Hit” When He Sees One

Bob Dylan has chosen this moment, of all moments, to release his masterful epic on the assassination of President Kennedy, “Murder Most Foul.”  Why now?

Could it be that his artist’s heart feels a world under assault, once again, by the powers that be?  For whatever the actual lethality of the virus (a question whose answer now appears to be far less terrifying than originally advertised), there is no doubt that we are all suffering from the same sort of “shock and awe” we did when our collective hopes for a New Frontier were blown away in 1963.

Now much of the world is locked down, physically and socially isolated, bankrupted and thrown out of work, with a whole “new normal” of medical and governmental authoritarianism on the way

And Wall Street is about to receive the lion’s share of two trillion dollars. 

You don’t have to have a religious streak for it all to feel something like the fulfillment of the prophesy spoken to Dylan’s narrator:

The day that they killed him, someone said to me, “Son,
The Age of the Antichrist has just only begun” 

When Kennedy died, so died the efforts he had been making to end the Cold War, to withdraw from Vietnam, to create a rising economic tide that would “lift all boats.”

And while much has been made of Lyndon Johnson’s carrying-on of Kennedy-era social and civil rights initiatives, the reality was as Martin Luther King described it: “The promises of the Great Society have been shot down on the battlefields of Vietnam, making the poor, white and Negro, bear the heaviest burden, both at the front and at home.”

Well, as Mark Twain once allegedly said: “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.” Dylan describes the Kennedy assassination as “the greatest magic trick ever under the sun/ Perfectly executed, skillfully done.”

What trick is playing out all around us as you read this?  And would we see it now, as so few really saw it then?

It happened so quickly, so quick by surprise
Right there in front of everyone’s eyes 

It would seem Dylan, courageously, has sent us a message when we needed it most, with little in the way of encryption. It is up to us to break the simple code, take in its meaning, and act.

Act as we didn’t then.“This is an unreleased song we recorded a while back that you might find interesting.

Stay safe, stay observant and may God be with you.”

And also with you, Bob.  


Objections to James Grundvig’s piece on 5G and COVID-19

From Dick Atlee:

To me, this is another example of problems that happen when someone starts talking about something on a superficial level without “knowing what he’s
talking about.” Maybe I’m missing something — and I’m not saying 5G isn’t extremely dangerous — but the linkage to COVID-19 in this article just doesn’t hang together.

Here are a few points.

* If Wuhan was bad because it is a 5G city, what is happening in Houston TX, which is the US model 5G city? Is the implication of the lack of death headlines from Houston that despite being fully infrastructured for 5G, the city hasn’t turned the system on yet?

* Are those three cruise ships actually 5G hotspots? Why would you want 5G on ship? It doesn’t make any practical sense. And if those three actually WERE outfitted with 5G, is it the case that no other cruise ship are? If there are others, are they also Corona-ridden?

* “The IOC recently canceled the Tokyo Summer Olympics, not due to the outbreak in Japan, but likely from so many nations that are now battling
the virus.”

He’s correct on that, but doesn’t point out the actual reason — that the Olympic trials were schedule to come up soon, and with so many athletes in lockdown in some countries, they won’t have been able to train to reach
their peaks, while at the same time other countries are not so disadvantaged, which is an unfair imbalance.

* “no new vaccine trials were launched in Wuhan in 2019”

I’m not sure how this squares with the Chinese launching of a major vaccination drive (not a “trial”) on December 1, 2019, as noted on Highwire several episodes ago.

* “Hakusui noted that 60GHz was the true radiofrequency that would allow for reliable transmission of data, due to its “98 percent oxygen absorption” rate. That allowed for the invisible signals to be sent from point A and B, and back again on the same path. Super-efficient and a
technological milestone…“Since the presence of O2 is fairly consistent at ground level, its effect on 60GHz radio propagation is easily modeled for margin budgeting purposes. Also, the high level of attenuation from oxygen absorption…”

from which Grundvig concludes

“If 5G at 60 GHz frequency zips through the air, absorbing most of the oxygen…”

Microwaves do NOT absorb oxygen. Period. Grundvig is getting backwards what Hakusui is saying, from a startling misunderstanding of chemistry/physics. I’m having trouble myself parsing Hakusui, but the fact is that matter absorbs EM radiation, not the other way around. What the significance of the oxygen is in Hakusui’s piece is not yet clear to me, but it ain’t what Grundvig is saying — and he goes farther to bring in the oxygen in water, which is NOT what Hakusui is talking about when he refers to O2.

If 5G is having the biological effect Grundvig talks about in terms of absorbing oxygen — we’re talking about a fundamental metabolic reality of humans, in fact all life — why didn’t everyone in Wuhan die immediately?



New Downing Street adviser called for “universal contraception” to stop “permanent underclass”

The eugenic master-plan keeps popping out into the open, here and there.