Some (awful) truth about the Trump/Ukraine “scandal” (2)

A good discussion between Jimmy Dore and Aaron Maté:

Defending a “CIA whistleblower” who’s really not a whistleblower at all (but just a spook), “our free press” ignores REAL whistleblowers (like Chelsea Manning)

If that guy had blown the whistle on the CIA, he'd an authentic whistleblower, instead of yet another deep-state instrument deployedas part of Russia-gate 2.0. 

Meanwhile, Chelsea Manning has been in federal prison for over six months now, without charges—and with no press coverage (the NYTimes having been mum on her imprisonment since mid-May):


Bill Gates donates $15 million to push GMOs on the world’s small farmers

From February.

Gates' drive to push GMOs on the world's small farmers is not meant to "end world hunger," but (a) tomake Gates even richer (as an investor in Monsanto) and (b) to end the world's hungry—i.e., exterminatethe planet's useless feeders, in pursuit of the Gates' family's eugenics program. 

On Gates' investments in Monsanto:

"In addition, the Foundation particularly believes that it should be the private sector which guides these technologies (despite the public investments in their research). In their Letter, Bill and Melinda Gates specifically praised their partnering with Monsanto in this regard. In fact, an examination indicates that frequently the charitable activities of the Foundation have been designed with a goal of promoting capitalist profits, although it cultivates an image of merely pursuing good works. This is very true in the Foundation's agricultural development programme in Africa."

On the eugenics program pursued by Bill's parents, Bill, Sr. and Mary:

.... and there's plenty more out there, for those willing to perceive it.


GLYPHOSATE the cause of massive ocean die-off in the Bay of Fundy (northeast of Maine)

From Douglas Yates:

Stephanie Seneff, MIT scientist and glyphosate expert, says land managers are responsible for the unprecedented ocean die-off in the fall of 2016 in the Bay of Fundy region (northeast of Maine). Land managers permit aerial spraying of glyphosate to suppress the forest’s hardwood component in order to promote faster-growing conifers. Apparently, managers fail to account for glyphosate’s solubility in water. Rain and gravity transport the herbicide to the tideline.–the-harmful-poisons-being-pushed-on-the-public (Bay of Fundy reference at 10:30 minutes)

Massive Ocean Life Die Off: Nova Scotia