Doctors shred the propaganda meme about the dangers of hydroxychloroquine

“The comments are priceless and tear up the narrative on the dangers of hydroxychloroquine,” writes Meryl Nass.



Former cop arrested for playing catch with daughter in a Colorado park; Boston suburb sets up one-way sidewalks, will fine anyone “who walks in the wrong direction”; Michigan bans “travel between two residences” (3)


Il Fauci pooh-poohs an inexpensive drug (that clearly works), preferring a far costlier vaccine that doesn’t yet exist (and more from Meryl Nass)




“Immunity cards” for Americans? Il Fauci says it’s “being discussed”


Looks like Dr. Kyle-Sidell was RIGHT about the risk of using ventilators: “Highwire” digs into that and more (MUST-SEE)


Israeli COVID-19 treatment shows 100% survival rate (preliminary data)

Yet another promising drug treatment that “our free press” surely won’t report.



Some clarity on 5G and COVID-19

On the relationship between 5G and COVID-19, it’s crucial to know more about how electricity per se has long been doing grave harm to human health—the subject of Arthur Firstenberg’s The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, a must-read book just out from Chelsea Green:

From Guy Vantresca:

All unnatural (human-made) radiation (EMF/EMR/Microwave, Radio frequency), transmitted from any mobile phone towers, whether 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G, negatively impacts all biological health. This is in addition to unnatural radiation from WiFi, Satellites, Smart meters, Bluetooth, Computers, TV, Radio, Power Lines, in fact, the entire electric grid.   

All of it negatively impacts life, because plant, animal, human life is Electro-magnetic in nature, and unnatural radiation gets absorbed by the body and initiates cellular defense mechanisms which try to prevent penetration of the cell, which also stops nutrient absorption…nothing in, nothing out. Cellular waste remains, when it would normally be flushed out. This causes degradation of cellular integrity because of toxic overload. The more the exposure to unnatural radiation, the more cellular damage. This is for all unnatural radiation, regardless of type.  

So, after that mouthful, I can tell you the Novel Covid-19 virus is real. It is a “new” version, as the name implies. It may be, I repeat, may be, “bio-enhanced” or “bio-modified” in a civilian or military laboratory. The technology is there…has been for decades.  

But none of that matters, because it’s here. I have a good friend who is head of ER in a Berkshires hospital, and he has seen the shredded lungs of dead patients.   

This thing is very real.  

My opinion, the virus is not created by 5G. Merely, the damage it causes is accelerated by ALL unnatural radiation that permeates the atmosphere. People are dying of immune vulnerability that is the cumulative effect of all these factors; Covid-19, respiratory weakness, prescription drug use, air pollution (esp. northern Italy), a food supply that has been depleted of nutrient value by overuse of petroleum based chemical synthetics and GMOs, and finally, metal residue in the body from vaccines, mercury fillings, geo-engineering. Then you can add the Radiation effect of EMF.  Age can be another factor, but youngsters are dropping dead, too. Most people are dying WITH Covid-19, not necessary FROM Covid-19. But the statisticians are claiming death FROM the virus, which makes their numbers more impactful, increasing the fear factor, and justifying Government crackdowns.


More on quiet hospitals in California (and the need to know which ones, nationwide, are really overwhelmed)

From Marilyn Langlois:

Thanks for sharing these observations about hospital activity.  I have also read that in northern Italy there are certain hospitals that are totally overwhelmed and others that are not at all.  Apparently CBS once showed footage supposedly of a crowded  hospital in NY that was actually in Italy.  Also scenes of coffins lined up in Italy are identical to a similar scene from a movie (don’t have all those references handy now).

Yesterday I went on a bike ride around Richmond CA, where I live.  Kaiser Richmond hospital has a bunch of tents in the parking area by the emergency room where ambulances normally pull up.  Saw a couple workers come and go, but couldn’t detect any other unusual activity.  

Then rode out to the Craneway Pavillion, a huge event venue, which the newspaper reported had been converted into a field hospital.  Before you could get to the entrance of it, near the ferry dock, there was a big chain link fence and a security guard who told me the rest of the trail around the building on the Bay side is closed.  I asked if any patients were there yet, and he said no. It looked very quiet and empty.

Apparently San Francisco hospitals are pretty quiet, too.  There’s an article in today’s SF Chronicle about a woman whose brain tumor surgery was postponed (fortunately after her making a lot of noise it will now happen Monday), along with all “elective” procedures and anything that isn’t immediately life-threatening.  Apparently the operating rooms are empty or rarely used as they’re being held ready to be converted into ICU’s when the “surge” of COVID-19 patients come.

There clearly needs to be a more accurate accounting of what percentage of hospitals in any locale are actually overwhelmed.  And those that are need help.



Mike Cernovich debunked the Times’ Big Lie about Trump/Sanofi—so Amazon is blacking out his documentary about fake news (!)

From Dick Atlee:
Mike Cernovich, an investigative reporter and documentary producer, dug
into the facts behind a New York Times article alleging that part of the
reason Trump is touting chloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment is that he owns
stock in Sanofi, the drug company that patented chloroquine. He published
his findings on his website in a very succinct short article that consists
mostly of two screenshots of Trumps financial disclosures and a few
2nd-grade math calculations:

Trump owns between $29 and $435 of Sanofi Stock
April 7, 2020

Summing it up, Mike found that Trump has somewhere between $1000 and
$15,000 in a mutual fund, of which Sanofi makes up 2.9%, for a total
interest in Sanofi of between $29 and $435. And the drug is off patent, so
Sanofi can’t make any money off of it.

It’s this kind of straightforward research that so often pulls the curtain
away from mainstream mislead. But now there are a host of NYT readers who
now believe Trump is stereotypically pushing a drug so he can make money
from it, which will make it all the harder for that drug to begin to cut
into the virus death rate.

Two days later, Mike gave an interview to The Highwire:

in which he described this. He also raised the fact that the mainstream
news always talks about chloroquine as “untested” (despite decades of
trivial use) and never mentions the concept of “off-label use” (for
COVID-19 instead of the licensed anti-malarial purpose) which characterizes
so many drugs.

Nothing fake news about any of this. The only problem was that Mike had
also made a documentary on the “mainstream-media-as-fake-news” issue called
“Hoax”, which was available on Amazon:
“HOAXED is an insider’s look at the Fake News phenomenon and the
consequences of media misinformation, with interviews from those who have
been accused of spreading it themselves.”

After The Highwire interview, Amazon suddenly cut off sales of the film and
is reported to have started removing it from the Kindles of purchasers.

It is now apparently the best-selling video on iTunes, or was at one point.
So there is a happy ending to Mike’s part of the story.

But what does it say about the New York Times? And about Jeff Bezos’s
Amazon? And the connection between them? And the larger picture of the
conflict between those who want to prolong the lockdown and those who say
its cost/benefit ratio is not what is claimed?