“Our free press” is blacking out what really happened in Bolivia: an outright, brutal MILITARY COUP (6)

Compare what you learn from these two excellent videos, and the various reports linked here,with the baloney sold by "our free press"—especially the New York Times, whose backgroundertoday, by Max "The Interpreter" Fisher, obfuscates the fact that this was a military coupanda brutal one at that.


The two videos are at the top, followed by complementary material.



News from Underground now marked as a “deceptive site”

The crackdown continues.


Posted on Facebook by Maggie Zhou:

The censors are using all the strong arming tactics to prevent truthful news from spreading. When you try to visit the excellent website by professor Mark Crispin Miller (“News From Underground”) with cutting edge news and brief commentaries, you have to jump through the hoop first by ignoring the warning message “Deceptive site ahead”! … You can sign up for his email newsletter to be up-to-date.

Some reasons not to go for Trump’s impeachment

This came in response to Jeff Greenfield's "When JFK Was Trump," which I sent out on Nov. 1.(https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/10/30/when-jfk-was-trump-229888)

I think this makes a lot of sense, though I would add, re: #4, that there's good reason not to see Trump as the people's choice, inasmuch as there's considerable evidence that his electoral college "win" was just as bogus as Hillary's "victory" as her party's nominee.


From Paul Lehto:

Mark, thanks very much for sending this very important article by Jeff Greenfield showing that not all things Trump are to be destroyed.

As abominable as Trump is, he also occupies critical spaces necessary for the achievement of democracy. We would really be throwing thedemocracy baby out with the Trump bathwater if we reject the following things, as Democrats are increasingly doing:

1. The power of We the People to run the country. As Jeff Greenfield points out, distrust of the CIA and “deep state” was one of JFK’s better features. Greenfield writes: “We shouldn’t let the current president’s lapses reset our expectations for civiliancontrol over the military and foreign affairs.” This impeachment is CIA-sponsored and it is importantnot to have the CIA removing Presidents or involved in domestic affairs.

2. Freedom of thought. (Trump’s affinity for “conspiracy theory” could resuscitate this freedom or kill it forever.)

3. Freedom to have a movement to support elected presidents.  (Trump going direct with twitter so media can’t control all communications.) 

4. Protecting elections and publicly talking about election fraud. (Early on, Trump alleged “rigging” of elections, opening space for mainstream discussion of election fraud. If everything Trump is disgraceful then we won’t be able to talk about insider rigging, just election fraud by foreigners.)

5. Populism. (Trump is being painted as the reason why all populism should be suppressed or distrusted, yet populism suh as Bernie’s is key to progressive gains). 

6. Renegotiating corporate multilateral treaties. (The WTO corporate control regime could become even more completely hegemonic if all things Trump are bad and therefore “free trade” must always reign post-Trump, and tariffsall be rejected.)   

7. Anti-Corporate censorship. (Reaction to Trump excesses in lying political ads are prompting unseemly demands by Dems for MORE corporate censorship by Facebook and Twitter, rather than less.) 

We need to call the good the good with Trump, in addition to calling out the more prevalent bad.  Restoring democracy means more than impeaching Trump. If we don’t protect the above values from being smeared by association with Trump, impeaching Trump will not save democracy it will be a box of nails for the coffin of democracy.

Udo Ulfkotte’s “Bought Journalists”—about the CIA’s control of Western “news”—is (finally) out in English!



Subtitle: Embedded in the Pay of the CIA: A Confession from the ProfessionAuthor bio:  Dr. Udo Ulfkotte Author name:  Udo Ulfkotte

Udo Ulfkotte, a German journalist, reveals how he and his colleagues are corrupted and entrapped like modern-day Mockingbirds on the tentacles of paymaster CIA. The book became a best seller in Germany – then Ulfkotte died in mysterious circumstances. A small US publisher named “Tayen Lane” promised to publish an English edition here – but apparently never got as far as translating it. Tayen Lane , which looks to have been a print-on-demand vanity press, is now defunct. There was considerable speculation that the translation was suppressed by the powers that be, for instance, in the review in the Off-Guardian below. 

The original title translates to “Bought Journalists: how politicians, secret agencies and high finance steer Germany’s mass media.” This is more accurate than  “Embedded in the Pay of the CIA,” which is a quick caricature. There was no need to slip payoff envelopes to newsmen. They get the bribe in their regular paycheck. The entire system is not only bought, it was installed by the U.S. during the Occupation after WW2. Ulfkotte hammers away at the corruption of Elite Organizations and Media, which set the tone and the rules of the game for the puppets who pen their pieces of the program. 

Paperback edition published Oct. 18, 2019 

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* Read the excellent review of this work here:

See also: 

When they ban a book, you know it’s going to be good! 
m0ckingbird.com/bought-journalists-by-udo-ulfkotte-bootleg-edition Links to a machine translation
Any boost you can give it on social media will be hugely appreciated!

Did US pay for electronic vote-counts in Bolivia, to steal Morales’ re-election? (2)

Here are two crucial pieces on what's happened in Bolivia: a coup launched on the pretext of "irregularities"and "fraud" in Evo Morales' re-election. 

The first of these two pieces is a press release from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) in Washington, noting the results of a forensic study showing that the outcome of that "dubious" election wasn't dubious at all. This finding has, of course, gone unreported by the New York Times et al.,  which have, as usual, been bellowing the State Department line on Morales' ouster as a victory for democracy [sic]. "'The End of Tyranny,'" proclaimed the subhead of the Times' front-page celebration what clearly was—again—a coup.

So Morales, evidently, really was the people's choice; and yet that doesn't necessarily mean that hisre-election was entirely sound—because, according to the second piece below, the vote-count inBolivia had been conducted on some new machinery, paid for by the US embassy, along with the EUand other players, including the Jubileo Foundation, a "Bolivian think tank" whose leadership hadfretted publicly about Morales' alleged moves toward a "dictatorship." 

What all this means, in short, is that Bolivia was now equipped with the same sort of electronic voting infrastructure that's been used repeatedly to rig elections here, from coast to coast—aninfrastructure meant not just to make the vote-count faster, as advertised, but to make sure thatit doesn't go the way the US doesn't want it to; and so it's more than likely that Morales' actual victory margin was larger than reported.

I note that there are problems with the second piece, which doesn't name its author, and doesn'tdocument its claims. However, that it also fails to headline that explosive revelation, and buries it deep down in the 25th paragraph, suggests that it was not devised for propaganda purposes, but is quite true, and, as such, just one part of the larger awful truth of how the US took Morales out. (Indeed, the whole piece is worth reading.)

Thus Morales was apparently done in by the same election-fraud-cum-"democratic"-propaganda that has also been deployed against Maduro in Venezuela, among other leaders all around the world,without a peep about it not just by the Western corporate press but by our left/liberal press as well. Election theft is still blacked out by "our free press" across the board (unless it can be cast asPutin's doing). 


From the second piece below:

“[I]n the month of July a private meeting between the opponents Jaime Antonio Alarcón Daza, Iván Arias and other members of the civic committees was carried out, in which it was agreed to acquire “machines for fast vote counting” for the coming presidential elections, for the sake of manipulating public opinion on the electoral results.

“These machines would altogether have a cost of 300 thousand dollars. The U.S. Embassy and the representation of the European Union in the country would contribute financing the purchase, which they would provide through the Jubileo Foundation and the Evangelical Church. With that specific aim, they have already managed to gather more of $800 thousand dollars, from which the payment to the people participating in the fast count of votes would also come out.

“The intention is to locate the machines in each settled down election board and organizing through the civic committees their coverage (people trained beforehand for this maneuver) during all the electoral working day, this would be accompanied by a media coverage to invite the population to come along with this system of counting votes as a way of supervising the outcomes, without the mediation of the Electoral Supreme Court.”


Merck’s “March for Science” using dirty tricks to keep us in the dark about the lethal side effects of Gardasil

March for Science, Dorit Reiss attempt to shut down NY HPV presentation
More Info

Don't let them get away with it

 Vaccine-industry front organization March for Science, and tireless social media troll Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, are attempting to shut down a presentation slated for Huntington, New York on issues with Gardasil, Merck’s monopoly human papilloma virus vaccine, and ways to prevent Gardasil from becoming mandatory in New York to attend school.  March for Science issued an incorrect claim last Friday saying that the event had been cancelled, along with exhortations from Rubinstein Reiss encouraging people to contact the venue hired for the event and ask them to shut it down.

 The event focuses on a presentation by Eileen Iorio, co-author of the book HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed. Iorio and her co-authors documented the lies, distortions and cover-ups that were necessary to license Gardasil, Merck’s HPV vaccine that currently has a monopoly in the US. The preface to the book was written by Luc Montagnier, Nobel prize-winning discoverer of the HIV/AIDS virus, who wrote, “ This is the tragic example of our society, worldwide, placing economic interests before the health and protection of the younger generation.”

  March for Science and Rubinstein Reiss also attacked Dr. Larry Palevsky, a practicing pediatrician, and an out-spoken advocate of parental choice in vaccine and other healthcare decisions, who will also speak at the event.  

 Rita Palma of Children’s Health Defense and John Gilmore of the Autism Action Network  will speak on legislation in New York to mandate the HPV to attend school, and another bill that would allow children as young as 9 to get the Gardasil injections without parental knowledge or consent. They will coach attendees on how to organize and fight these bills.

Censorship of books, speech, social media, films, and presentations on vaccine rights are running rampant, Don’t let them get a way with it. Get educated and get organized:

Get more information and purchase tickets here:


 Rubinstein Reiss is a professor at Hastings Law School in California, even though she is not licensed to practice law in any state. She is probably best known for her tireless trolling on social media promoting the vaccine industry and harassing parents of vaccine-injured children. Reiss has made more than 900 posts in a single 24 hour period. 

See the attacks here:

Redacted but verified. Good job, Marchers.

Posted by March for Science on Saturday, November 9, 2019
 Please share this message with family and friends, and please share on social media while we still can.