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Protecting the Vote– AlterNet Resources Page

Posted on November 3, 2006,
Many dozens of groups, lawyers, video makers, activists, bloggers, and concerned people are gearing up to make sure voters rights are protected and their votes counted.

AlterNet has gathered together in one place many of the resources and ideas available to help. Whether it is locating your polling place, reporting voter suppression, shooting video, receiving emergency text messages or getting rewards for evidence of voter fraud, you will find it all here, in AlterNet’s Voter Protection: Action & Resources.

Help us monitor Montana's Senate race!

As there’s an excellent chance that the Republicans will try to steal as many races as they need this next Election Day, we need to have as many independent exit polls as possible wherever we can set them up.

There is one critical venue, very high on the watchlist, that we (all cooperating orgs) have not yet been able to cover with any sort of check mechanism: Montana, where the Senate race between Jon Tester and Conrad Burns looms very large.

Montana is important, as Bush’s whopping “victory” there two years ago was, let us say, a bit anomalous, as the Democrats otherwise swept the state there, and the Billings Gazette endorsed John Kerry.

We can get an independent exit poll of high quality done there for $20,000. This is extraordinarily important under the circumstances. The logistical deadline for commissioning is tonight.
Jonathan Simon
Mark Crispin Miller
Election Defense Alliance

If you can help, please contact Jonathan at VerifiedVote2004[at]

GOP pre-propaganda from Tennessee


November 3, 2006

Several electronic voting cards, used to cast ballots, are missing from a polling place in Memphis, according to the Tennessee Republican Party.

In a letter to the Shelby County Election Commission, state GOP chairman Bob Davis Jr. charges the “lack of oversight and control” over the so-called Smartcards “has created a situation which could allow for voter fraud.”

He said the missing cards could lead to illegal votes being cast in Tuesday’s election.

“Once cast, an illegal vote made with the reprogrammed Smartcard would be indistinguishable from a legally cast vote,” Davis wrote.

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Dear Mark,
The 866-OUR-VOTE hotline got a call this morning from a New Jersey voter with a question about his voter registration status, and Rob, one of our trained legal volunteers, answered his question within minutes, while the caller was still on the phone. You remember the long lines, deceptive flyers, and missing names on registration lists two years ago. Our non-partisan hotline helped hundreds of thousands of voters in 2004, and we are ready to help again to prevent massive disenfranchisement.
In just four days, American citizens will go to the polls to make historic decisions about the future of our nation. Like you, we are committed to ensure that elections are determined by the will of the voters. The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and the National Campaign for Fair Elections are poised to provide voters with the tools they need to cast a ballot, but we urgently need your help in the home stretch. Make a contribution NOW, at to help us assist voters across the country.
As the lead legal partner in Election Protection, the Lawyers’ Committee runs the nation’s only voter protection and assistance hotline staffed by live, trained volunteers like Rob: 866-OUR-VOTE. In the last three weeks, we have already helped thousands of voters. Hotline volunteers will be tracking incidents across the country and building the nation’s largest and most detailed database of election information to paint a clearer picture of the problems that face our democratic infrastructure.
We have also set up legal teams in over 40 counties in 19 states that stand ready to help voters navigate the often rough waters of election administration, guard against voter intimidation, protect voters from voting machine malfunctions, and take legal action, if necessary, to protect the rights of eligible voters to cast a meaningful ballot. We are very close to success, but your immediate financial contribution is needed to deploy this plan.
Between the 866-OUR-VOTE hotline and our legal teams on the ground, the Lawyers’ Committee has recruited and trained over 2,000 volunteers, committed to protecting your vote. We are so close, but we need your support!
Mark, your contribution will allow us to:
  • Advertise the hotline in key districts across the country that are facing electoral meltdowns, voter intimidation and obstacles at the polls
  • Provide resources for volunteers to immediately respond to your voting questions and problems
  • Support our state-of-the-art hotline and data collection technology
  • Protect voters by providing the tools for our lawyers on the ground to take action when needed
By answering questions, reporting problems, and tracking incidents, the 866-OUR-VOTE hotline and the Lawyers’ Committee’s Election Protection legal field program are vital tools in ensuring a fair and transparent voting process. Please help strengthen our democracy by making your tax-deductible gift to the National Campaign for Fair Elections today.
Barbara Arnwine
Executive Director

A smart move by the Registrar in Humboldt County, CA

And bookmark this Website, friends! It will be very helpful on Election Day!


Sig_ca_voteraction Dan Ashby

E-mail: ca.voteraction[at]
Phone: 510-233-2144
Voicemail and Fax: 510-740-0572

Press 1 to send voicemail
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Or stay on the line to send a fax
All messages will be transmitted as e-mail attachments.

The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which all other rights are protected.
To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery. . . Thomas Paine


What you can do on E-Day

From Bo Lipari:

On November 7, citizens around the country will be participating in the first phase of a multi-year, nationwide effort to provide citizen observation and oversight of elections.

Here in New York State, pollworkers, poll watchers, and voters will be assisting and observing elections, monitoring for problems related to voter registration and identification requirements, voter intimidation, affidavit ballots, and machine failures.

Even if you are not signed up as a pollworker (called Election Inspectors in New York State) or poll watcher, you can participate by reporting any problems you see while you are voting.

Here’s 4 ways you can take part in this historic effort:

Be a Paid Election Inspector
Many counties still need election inspectors who are paid for their time at the polls. Election inspectors must be residents of the County and registered Republicans or Democrats. Contact your county Board of Elections to see if they still need help. A list of phone numbers for County Boards can be found here:
Be a Poll Watcher
NYVV is organizing poll watching in counties around the state. Those of you who are not registered Democrats or Republicans can still be poll watchers. To find out how to be certified as a poll watcher in your county, send an email to

Report Election Day Problems to 866-OUR-VOTE
If you encounter or see problems on Election Day where voters are being denied access to vote for any reason, you can report the problem in real time by calling the 866-OUR-VOTE hotline.

The hotline is administered by the Lawyers’ Committee at call centers across the country. 866-OUR-VOTE is the only national hotline that offers voters immediate assistance from volunteers trained to provide state specific information, identify issues that compromise the administration of elections, and respond to problems.

Sign Up with P4D and Report Problems Online
Volunteers for the Pollworkers for Democracy effort have access to an easy to use online Election Problem Reporting form. The observations you make on Election Day will be collected through an online survey, and will be part of a national Election Incident Reporting Database, a national database of election problems.

In order to use the P4D form,please sign up here:

Having huge numbers of informed citizens taking part in observing local elections is the key to a transparent and accountable democracy. Please join us on Election Day!

-Bo Lipari


US press bends over for Karl Rove (as usual)

Nov. 02, 2006 – 4:38 PM

Press Blows Up the Kerry Story, Honest Debate Gets Smacked Down
Gal Beckerman
He left out a two-letter word, “us.” What he meant to say, what his prepared remarks have him saying is this: “Do you know where you end up if you don’t study, if you aren’t smart, if you’re intellectually lazy? You end up getting us stuck in a war in Iraq. Just ask President Bush.”
It’s almost impossible to believe that the omission of one tiny word could create such noise. But, as we all know by now, John Kerry’s “blundered joke” on Monday afternoon has ricocheted through the media many times over in the past two days, and, incredible as it seems, becoming a factor in next week’s midterm election.
The reason Kerry’s comment has passed before our eyes so many times–rather than, say, something of substance–is that Republicans, from Bush on down, gleefully took the misspoken words at face value, implying that somehow Kerry, a decorated veteran, hates the military, and repeated them over and over again. The vice president, truly outdoing himself, even managed to rehash one of the great laugh lines of 2004: “Senator Kerry said he was just making a joke and he botched it up. I guess we didn’t get the nuance. Actually, he was for the joke before he was against it.”

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Yet another pious closet case

Perhaps you saw the pastor in the documentary Jesus Camp….

BuzzFlash – Here’s a bombshell announcement – Right-Wing Gay-Basher Ted Haggard has “confessed.” This should drive more people to vote AGAINST the hate amendments promoted by the bigoted Republican Party.

Haggard Admits to Some of the Allegations

Updated: 3:38 AM, Nov. 3, 2006

By Tak Landrock and Dave Rose

Pastor Ted Haggard is now admitting that some of the allegations by former gay escort, Mike Jones are true.

In an e-mail obtained by NEWSCHANNEL 13, Acting Senior Pastor Ross Parsley says Haggard confessed to the board of overseers. Parsley told members of New Life Church; “He has willingly and humbly submitted to the authority of the board of overseers, and will remain on administrative leave during the course of the investigation.”

The e-mail goes on to say the leadership team is strong and untied. We remain resolute in our commitment to serving New Life Church and the people of our community. It also asks members to continue to keep Ted and Gayle and their family in your prayers.

Ted Haggard was the Senior Pastor of the 14-thousand member New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He placed himself on leave from his church duties Thursday afternoon. He also resigned from his position as President of the National Association of Evangelicals.

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Election Preview 2006

Prof. Miller,

In case you haven’t seen this, I found a really comprehensive and informative election preview guide from here.

Also, the website’s resource library has a lot of the same information broken down into different categories, by state here.


PS I work for an online literary magazine called Void and decided to review Cruel and Unusual in a 100-word “Two Cent Revue” so I’ll pass the link along to you.


Citizen Audits/Parallel Elections

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Candidates Advised To ‘Citizen Audit’ Race Before Conceding
Philadelphia, PA/Nov. 2/ — Candidates should ‘citizen audit’ at least some polls before conceding an election. They should ask voters to go public with their votes. That’s the advice of Lynn Landes, a freelance journalist who specializes in voting security issues.

“With the election essentially controlled by ES&S and Diebold, the stage is set for another easy-to-rig election,” says Landes. ES&S and Diebold will count 80% of all votes using proprietary software operating in both optical scanners and touchscreen machines.

Adding fuel to the fire, touch-screen machines are reportedly flipping votes from Democratic candidates to Republicans during early voting in Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Florida, according to Democrats must be feeling deja vu, if not outright panic. Vote flipping has been reported in several races since the 2000 presidential election. And it always appears to favor Republicans over Democrats.

A Citizen Audit/Parallel Election is an idea that Landes first proposed in a January 2005 article. Its main purpose is to collect “hard” evidence of how people voted by asking voters to “go public” with their votes. Voters fill-out ballots that include their name, address, signature, and for whom they voted. Those ballots can then be used to verify or challenge election results. A Citizen Audit adds transparency to the voting process. It stands in sharp contrast to official audits which recount anonymous ballots, or traditional exit polls which rely on anonymous respondents.

Landes notes, “Most voters don’t realize that before the Civil War, voting was a completely transparent process. It was only after the Civil War, as the right to vote expanded to African Americans, that the voting process itself began to recede from public view and meaningful oversight. It started with absentee voting in the 1870’s, secret ballots in the 1880’s, and voting machines in the 1890’s. Today, 30% of all voting is by absentee or early, 95% of all votes are machine-processed, and 100% of all ballots are secret.”

Since Landes wrote her article, activists in Texas, Florida, California, Georgia, and Ohio have conducted Citizen Audit/Parallel Elections. And many have noticed interesting results. In a 2005 San Diego election, activists observed a shift of four percent of the vote from Democratic candidates to Republicans, when their results were compared to the official tally. On the basis of that evidence, a recount was ordered.

Democrats have considerable cause to be concerned about their candidates. Last spring, San Diego Democrats were flabbergasted when Francine Busby conceded the election to Republican Brian Bilbray before all the ballots were counted. She left thousands of absentee ballots uncounted, more than enough to win her the election. Busby should have taken a lesson from Republican candidate Steve Troxler from North Carolina, who rounded up affidavits from more than 1,400 voters who said they had voted for him in precincts where voting machines had lost votes. As a result, his Democratic opponent conceded.

If candidates don’t take steps to ensure the accuracy of election results, Landes predicts a complete collapse of public confidence in America’s voting system.


Lynn Landes, publisher