He’s seven—and already “LGBTQ”!

Caught this poster (attached) on the subway in NYC yesterday.

What is this kid, seven? And his "gender identity" is already fixed? (And will that "mother" love him just as much if he turns out to be straight?)

What's going on here? I sent this photo to a friend of mine, a health professional, who's African-American.This is his reply:

"Have you seen other versions of this ad? Honestly, my first reaction was surprise that the ad featured black people. I think many people may view this as another attack on the black people, the black family, or on black men.  With vaccination programs directed at communities of color, higher infant mortality rates, incarceration rates,  death (homicide) rates, etc. So this stinks of yet another effort at population control, do you think? This doesn't sit well with me on many levels."

In any case, here's yet one more example of a "movement" driven not by grass-roots activists, like the civil rights struggle, and the fights for women's rights and gay rights, but from on high—a topdown push effected through the state, the media, the medical establishment and academia.


Senate “bombshell” report on Russian vote-hacking “in all 50 states” actually reveals THERE WASN’T ANY

And so it goes, the Senate Democrats and "our free press" continuing to flog the fantasy of "Russian meddling," which distracts from the high likelihood that the Republicans will go onrigging our "elections" electronically, while the Democrats do nothing to prevent it (and do their own, more blatant "meddling" via vote suppression in their primaries).

What to do when the corruption—of the voting system, and the press, and Congress—iscomplete? That's not a rhetorical question.


Huge cache of court documents detail how Epstein/Maxwell lured girls into hell

The men named include Bill Richardson, George Mitchell and Tom Pritzker as well asPrince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz, among others.



Transgender weightlifter’s gold medal is a big win for misogyny

I call it "misogyny" because it means the end of girls' and women's sports, which have to be protected from competitors like Laurel Hubbard, with their overwhelming male advantages.