Petition to free Julian Assange

From Mitchel Cohen:

This petition was circulating in Europe prior to this morning’s break-in by British police into the Ecuadoran embassy in London and the arrest of Julian Assange, whose publication, Wikileaks, published and exposed the U.S. government’s secret manipulations for war and its war crimes and crimes against humanity. These included the U.S. government’s and England’s bombing of civilians and journalists in Iraq, their targeting of civilians, establishment of secret “black ops” prisons in countries all over the world where prisoners were renditioned without trial and tortured, and much much more.

We, people of conscience in the U.S. and elsewhere, stand against those crimes against humanity, and the U.S. government’s campaign against Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and other heroes, whistleblowers and journalists, and demand not only that they not be extradited, but that they be freed and protected. 

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To the governments of Ecuador and UK

Julian Assange, through Wikileaks, has done the world a great service in documenting American war crimes, its spying on allies and other dirty secrets of the world’s most powerful regimes, organisations and corporations. This has not endeared him to the American deep state. Both Obama, Clinton and Trump have declared that arresting Julian Assange should be a priority. We have recently received confirmation [1] that he has been charged in secret so as to have him extradited to the USA as soon as he can be arrested. 

Assange’s persecution, the persecution of a publisher for publishing information [2] that was truthful and clearly in the interest of the public – and which has been republished in major newspapers around the world – is a danger to freedom of the press everywhere, especially as the USA is asserting a right to arrest and try a non-American who neither is nor was then on American soil. The sentence is already clear: if not the death penalty then life in a supermax prison and ill treatment like Chelsea Manning. The very extradition of Julian Assange to the United States would at the same time mean the final death of freedom of the press in the West. 

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The courageous nation of Ecuador has offered Assange political asylum within its London embassy for several years until now. However, under pressure by the USA, the new government has made it clear that they want to drive Assange out of the embassy and into the arms of the waiting police as soon as possible. They have already curtailed his internet and his visitors and turned the heating off, leaving him freezing in a desolate state for the past few months and leading to the rapid decline of his health, breaching UK obligations under the European Convention of Human Rights. Therefore, our demand both to the government of Ecuador and the government of the UK is: don’t extradite Assange to the US! Guarantee his human rights, make his stay at the embassy as bearable as possible and enable him to leave the embassy towards a secure country as soon as there are guarantees not to arrest and extradite him. Furthermore, we, as EU voters, encourage European nations to take proactive steps to protect a journalist in danger. The world is still watching.

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Popular Resistance is calling for a protest today at 5 pm the British embassy in DC and are urging people around the world to do the same. Assange’s lawyer confirms he is being held for extradition to the United States. Below is our call to action. Please share the link.


By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance.
April 11, 2019

Above photo: Rally outside the British embassy in Washington,DC in June, 2018. By Margaret Flowers

April 11, 2019 – Today, Wikileaks publisheer, Julian Assange, was expelled from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he was granted asylum almost seven years ago, and arrested by British police. He is being held for extradition to the United States. Assange is a journalist who should not be prosecuted for publishing the truth.


Julian Assange being removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy in the United Kingdom under arrest on April 11, 2019. From Ruptly video.

Popular Resistance calls for the immediate release of Julian Assange and is organizing a protest today at 5:00 pm at the British embassy in Washington, DC. Please attend and urge others to attend. Share this Facebook page.
If you cannot attend, protest at a British embassy near you or email or call them. Here is a list of British embassies in the U.S.:
Washington, DC3100 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008Phone: +1-202-5886500 Â +1-202-588-7800Email:
Atlanta, GAGeorgia Pacific Center, Suite 3400, 133 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta, GA 30303Phone: +1-404-9547700Fax: +1-404-9547702Email:
Boston, MAOne Memorial Drive, 15th Floor Suite 1500 Boston, MA 02142Phone: +1-617-2454500Fax: +1-617-6210220
Chicago, IL625 N Michigan Avenue, Suite 2200 Chicago, IL 60611Phone:+1-312-970-3800Fax:+1-312-9703852
Denver, COWorld Trade Centre Tower 1625 Broadway, Suite 720 Denver, CO 80202Phone: +1-303-5925200Fax: +1-303-5925209Email:
Houston, TXSuite 1900, Wells Fargo Plaza, 1000 Louisiana Suite 1900 Houston, TX 77002Phone: +1-713-6596270Fax: +1-713-6597094Email:
Los Angeles, CA2029 Century Park East, Suite 1350 Los Angeles, CA 90067Phone: +1-310-4810031Fax: +1-310-4812960Email:
Miami, FL1001 Brickell Bay Drive Miami, FL 33131Phone: +1-305-4006400
New York, NY845 Third Avenue New York, NY 10022Phone: +1-212-7450200Fax: +1-212-759-0359Email:
San Francisco, CA1 Sansome Street, Suite 850 San Francisco, CA 94104Phone: +1-415-6171300Fax: +1-415-4342018Email:

We urge people in the UK, US, Australia and around the world to protest the extradition and prosecution of Julian Assange at every step of legal proceedings. Popular Resistance will be doing all it can to build a broad movement for freedom for Julian Assange so he can continue his important work as a publisher and journalist. Assange has committed no crime and has had his political asylum, which has been recognized by the UN, taken away from him for no legitimate reason.

The prosecution of Julian Assange is an attackon Freedom of the Press in the 21st Century. WikiLeaks is democratizing journalism, redistributing power and increasing transparency. Publishing the truth is not a crime. The attack on Assange is a threat not only to journalism but opposition to war and empire. People need to stand up for Assange, our right to know and build a movement against US imperialism.

Wikileaks’ breakthrough journalism has been a public service that exposed US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, human rights violations at the Guantanamo Bay prison and showed corporate corruption of US foreign policy in State Department cables. Wikileaks has published documents concerning governments and corporations throughout the world.

Wikileaks has democratized the media by creating the ability for people to expose crimes of governments and corporations by anonymously leaking documents that show their activities. This innovation gives power to people to be the media. Such power is essential at this time of corporate concentration of media, where six companies control 90 percent of the news.

Wikileaks documents have been covered in major news outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post and have had an impact on the development of public policies.

The US and international courts should be prosecuting those who committed crimes exposed in the documents published by Wikileaks, not the media outlet who exposed the crimes.

Chelsea Manning, who leaked documents to Wikileaks, is being held for refusing to testify before a grand jury in Alexandria, VA. She refuses to testify in secret against Julian Assange. Manning should be released. Manning and Assange are sacrificing their freedom for our right to know
Yesterday, was the 30th Anniversary of the Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA). Beginning under President Obama and continuing under President Trump, whistleblowers are being arrested and charged with the Espionage Act at increasing levels. From the time the Espionage Act was passed in 1917 until the Obama administration took office, it was used against one person. Eight people were prosecuted by the Obama Department of Justice. The number of investigations of leaked information has tripled under the Trump administration.

Build power and resistance
Popular Resistance
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Democratize the Media
Clearing the FOG (Forces of Greed) 


Assange Has Been Arrested For US Extradition. The Time To Act Is Now.

by Caitlin Johnstone


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested and taken into custody by the London’s Metropolitan police, just as WikiLeaks warned days ago was about to happen. Assange’s lawyer Jen Robinson reports that his arrest is related to an extradition request from the United States, which the British government has until now refused to admit exists.

“Just confirmed: #Assange has been arrested not just for breach of bail conditions but also in relation to a US extradition request,” tweeted Robinson.

“From #Assange: The US warrant was issued in December 2017 and is for conspiracy with Chelsea Manning in early 2010,” Robinson added.


So there you have it. Extradited for journalism. In a blur, everything that Assange and WikiLeaks have been warning about for years has been proven correct, contrary to mountains of claims to the contrary by establishment loyalists everywhere. The same government which tortured Chelsea Manning is in the process of extraditing her publisher so that they can silence him forever. Everyone who has ever denied that this was happening needs to hang their heads in shame for scoffing at a very real threat to press freedoms everywhere when they could have been opposing this obscene agenda. It’s time for some serious soul searching.

The time to act is now. It’s too late to prevent Assange from losing his asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy, so the goal now is to fight extradition. Activist groups are swiftly organizing as I type this, so it will be easy for people around the world to find rallies to attend and online movements to help boost. I encourage everyone in the US, the UK and Australia to contact their elected representatives and politely but urgently inform them that the agenda to extradite Assange to the US must be fought at all costs. Educate yourself as best as you can on Assange’s case, and inform everyone you know about what’s going on.

This is seriously gut wrenching news. Here are ten thoughts on the matter in no particular order:

1 – The Metropolitan police were let into the embassy by the Ecuadorian ambassador, his political asylum revoked under entirely false pretenses in gross violation of international law. Shame on Ecuador.

2 – Assange is an Australian citizen. As of this writing, the Australian government has still not interceded to protect its citizen. Shame on Australia.

3 – The US government is setting a precedent which, if carried out, will constitute a grave threat to press freedoms the world over and a greater leap in the direction of Orwellian dystopia than the Patriot Act. Shame on America.

4 – The UK government is collaborating with the US government’s efforts to imprison a journalist for publishing evidence of US war crimes, just as it has collaborated with the US government in perpetrating war crimes. Shame on the UK.

5 – This arrest warrant was issued under the Trump administration, in full alignment with what the Trump administration has openly been saying about its agenda to silence WikiLeaks. Shame on Trump, and shame on anyone who continues to support him.

6 – This arrest is a Trump administration action, and has nothing to do with the 2016 Russia nonsense that Democrats have been shrieking about, yet these same Democrats who claim to oppose Trump and oppose his war on the press are currently cheerleading for Trump’s prosecution of a journalist who told the truth. Shame on Democrats.

7 – I am going to have a zero tolerance policy for QAnon cultists who try to tell me that this is actually 5-D chess by Trump to overthrow the Deep State. Stay out of my comments, stay out of my social media notifications, stay the hell away from me, and please rethink your worldview.

8 – The precedent set by imprisoning a foreign journalist under the Espionage Act will enable the US government to arrest leak publishers anywhere in the world who expose its crimes. This will cripple our ability to hold the most powerful institution on the planet to account in any way. There is no excuse for any journalist anywhere not to oppose this tooth and claw. If you see anyone calling themselves a journalist but failing to oppose Assange’s extradition, you should call them out for the frauds that they are.

9 – And yes, like it or not, Assange is a journalist. There is no legitimate argument to the contrary.

10 – This is it, folks. This is where we find out what we’re made of as a species. This is where we find out if humanity gets to survive, and if it deserves to. If we can’t stop the empire from imprisoning a journalist for publishing facts right in front of our eyes, we might as well roll over and tap out right now, because if we lose this one it’s never going to get any better from there. If we can’t pass this test, the oligarchs and the opaque government agencies which are allied with them will march us into extinction or Orwellian dystopia, and there’ll be no tool in our toolbox to stop them. We need to seriously dig deep on this one.

Mrs. Christine Assange  @AssangeMrsHelp Julian NOW! 1) FOLLOW/share widely @Wikileaks@DefendAssange 2) RALLY *UK court hearings *Global Rallies 5) PRESSURE Politicians *No US Extradition *Abide by @UN Decision 6) MONITOR Media Correct disinfo with FACTS 7) DONATE Legal DefenceFund



Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch oppose Julian Assange’s extradition

Amnesty International:

“Amnesty International believes that Julian Assange should not be extradited or subjected to any other transfer to the USA, where there are concerns that he would face a real risk of serious human rights violations due to his work with Wikileaks:

  • Violation of his right to freedom of expression
  • Violation of his right to liberty, arising from any pre-trial detention and/or prison sentence that was imposed on the basis of a prosecution that violated his freedom of expression
  • Violation of his right to life, if the death penalty were to be available in any proceedings that he might face in the USA
  • Being held in conditions that violate his rights to humane treatment and respect for his dignity and potentially his right not to be subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

Kenneth Roth, Director of Human Rights Watch:

“If Ecuador and the UK were serious about protecting Assange, they would provide guarantees not only against the death penalty but also against prosecution for anything that journalists typically do such as publishing leaked information”.

Media figures unite in deploring US government indictment of WikiLeaks for publishing truthful information

New York Times:
“An indictment centering on the publication of information of public interest ­ even if it was obtained from Russian government hackers ­ would create a precedent with profound implications for press freedoms.”

Ben Wizner, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU):
“Any prosecution of Mr Assange for WikiLeaks’ publishing operations would be unprecedented and unconstitutional and would open the door to criminal investigations of other news organisations”.

Bruce Shapiro, contributing editor to The Nation:
“The notion of sealed charges against a publisher of leaked documents ought to have warning sirens screaming in every news organization, think tank, research service, university, and civil-liberties lobby…. The still-secret Assange charges, if unchallenged, could burn down the scaffolding of American investigative reporting”.

Courage Foundation supports WikiLeaks

In May 2017, the Courage Foundation announced that publishing organisation WikiLeaks would be its newest beneficiary. The announcement followed reports that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) was now preparing charges against WikiLeaks members, in particular its founding editor Julian Assange.

Courage runs an ongoing liveblog on Julian Assange’s situation in the Ecuadorian Embassy

DOJ threats against WikiLeaks

The US Department of Justice has run an unprecedented and wide-ranging investigation into WikiLeaks for its publishing and sourcing work since 2010. It has involved paid informers, illegal interrogations in Europe and secret search warrants. Recently CIA Director Mike Pompeo called WikiLeaks a “non-state hostile intelligence service.”

Offences cited through the investigation, and allegedly in the charges, include conspiracy, espionage and theft of government property. Recent reports cite Cablegate, the Iraq and Afghan War Logs and Vault 7 publications as well as WikiLeaks’ work in getting NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden asylum, as key to the investigation.

This is about more than one publisher – it is about press freedom more broadly and the steady erosion of the First Amendment in the United States. The Obama Administration prosecuted more whistleblowers than all presidents before combined, and ran the longest investigation into a publisher ever in the US with its WikiLeaks Grand Jury. It has continued to the point where Trump’s Department of Justice has stated that charging WikiLeaks Editor, Julian Assange, is now a “priority”.

Courage’s chief demand is for the US to close the Grand Jury investigation into WikiLeaks and to drop any charges against any WikiLeaks staff. Courage’s campaign for WikiLeaks is launched on this new site, along with information on the continuing work of WikiLeaks and the actions taken against it.

Follow Courage on Twitter for updates.

Protection of WikiLeaks

This is the first time the Courage Foundation has taken on an organisation, as opposed to an individual, as a beneficiary. We are working to ensure the protection of all WikiLeaks staff, including Julian Assange, Joseph Farrell, Sarah Harrison and Kristinn Hrafnsson.

Julian Assange continues to be arbitrarily detained in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has asylum due to the US threats against him.

Courage Trustee and journalist John Pilger

In standing up for WikiLeaks, we are defending courage ­ the courage of those who say ‘no’ to the perennial bullies seeking a divine power over human affairs. Founded and led by Julian Assange, WikiLeaks has provided people all over the world with an armory of truth about wars and politics and the aims of violent, unaccountable power. This is real journalism and a principle of freedom so fundamental that its defeat would mean the conquest of all of us.

Please donate here.

From Darwin Hoop:

Blasé de Mayorio is targeting the New York’s Orthodox community with a mandatory lethal injection program. Measles is harmless, even to most adults. MOST measles is caused by laboratory strain measles acquired directly from the injection itself or by shedding from the vaccinated. Recent peer-reviewed studies are clear: The MMR causes autism. The MMR causes encephalitis in a shockingly high number of vaccinated children. The MMR causes autoimmunity. The MMR causes SIDS. And, the MMR is a BIG KILLER.

If we extrapolate from VAERS data, the MMR has killed more than 40,000 kids over the last decade. We can infer this from the CDC’s statement that only about 1% of adverse events are ever entered into the VAERS database. 429 deaths attributed to the MMR alone are entered into the VAERS database. Only 3 deaths have been attributed to measles during the same period, and even so, not decisively. The patients in question were also suffering from serious co-morbid illnesses. The common cold could just as easily have served as coup de grace. 

Oh yeah, the damned vaccine doesn’t even work. The majority of those infected with measles are as likely as not to be fully compliant with the vaccine schedule. What they intend to do here is to inject ALL of these people with toxic aluminum, cells from aborted fetuses, some preservative, laboratory strain virus (which will seed the neighborhood quickly with highly-infections viral sheddings, and a proprietary witches’ brew of cellular tissue and nanoparticle that might now include nano-scale microchips. 

Vaccines have such a strong historical connection to eugenics, the targeting of such a large Jewish community with forced injections could be the act of overreach that puts the vaccinationists down for the count for everyone’s benefit–in the hands of the right author and appearing in right publication.

APRIL 10, 2019

NYC Mandatory Measles Vaccination Violates NY State Law, CHD Challenges Legality.

Yesterday, 60 New York vaccine safety advocates and religious leaders visited the office of Assembly member Jeffrey Dinowitz, author of A2371, a bill that would eliminate religious vaccine exemptions state wide.

CHD PRESS RELEASE, NEW YORK, April 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The New York City Commissioner of Health declared a public health emergency yesterday, ordering all people who live, work or reside in four Brooklyn zip codes to be vaccinated with the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine declared to be “effective and safe.” Non-compliance with the order is a misdemeanor subject to criminal and civil fines, including imprisonment. Mayor Bill de Blasio warned that residents have 48 hours to get the vaccine or face a $1,000 fine. Only those with documented immunity, medical contraindications or infants under six months are exempt from the vaccine mandate.

This order primarily affects Orthodox and Hasidic Jews living in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn who do not vaccinate because it violates their core religious beliefs. The MMR vaccine is manufactured using WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts obtained from aborted fetal tissue. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in response that is was “legally questionable” whether people can be forced to get vaccinated if it violates their religious beliefs.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is supporting a legal challenge to this dangerous, unprecedented overreach.  While the City has unquestionable authority to control disease outbreaks, it may not violate the bedrock principle of prior, free and informed consent to all medical interventions, including vaccines. This is a fundamental human right. The City may quarantine, isolate, trace contacts and strongly urge vaccination, but it may not impose such a draconian mandate without demonstrating necessity, reasonableness, proportionality, harm avoidance, non-discrimination, due process and equal protection. The Commissioner has failed to do this; the City’s actions violate New York State law.

“I am shocked that Mayor De Blasio would resort to such police state techniques to control an outbreak of measles. I don’t believe the City’s actions will withstand legal scrutiny,” said CHD Board Member Mary Holland, JD. The City is requiring that people receive Merck’s MMR vaccine, even though the outbreak is only for measles. The MMR II product insert acknowledges that death is a potential side effect from the vaccine, along with a long raft of other potential permanent injuries. A review of claims submitted to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program of identified 48 cases of encephalopathy following MMR vaccine. Of those, eight children died, and the remainder had mental regression and retardation, chronic seizures, motor and sensory deficits, and movement disorders. The authors, all associated with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program concluded that a causal relationship between measles vaccine and encephalopathy may exist as a rare complication of measles immunization.

Robin Stavola, a member of CHD, commented on the order saying “I regret every day of my life that I was not given full informed consent about the MMR vaccination as my healthy and beautiful daughter, Holly, suffered for days before dying at 5 years old from encephalopathy as a result of her MMR vaccine required before entering school.” Her family cautions that the order has the potential to create long-term adverse health consequences that may be worse than what it purportedly prevents.

“This case goes beyond a dispute over religious freedom,” said CHD Chairman Robert F. Kennedy Jr. “Thanks to the Merck federal whistleblower litigation, we now know that Merck’s MMR should have never been approved, much less mandated. To get its license Merck allegedly ordered its scientists to falsify efficacy data to fraudulently conceal the fact that the mumps component quickly wanes, triggering dangerous outbreaks in older populations where it can cause sterility in men and women. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 150 outbreaks resulting in 9,200 cases of mumps in fully vaccinated adults, dwarfing the recent measles outbreaks. We are confident that no American court will allow government bureaucrats to force American citizens to take risky pharmaceutical products against their will.”

Children’s Health Defense looks forward to the opportunity to have a neutral arbitrator scrutinize the legitimacy of the City’s order.

Concerned citizens are encouraged to donate to Children’s Health Defense legal efforts.

Some news (not much) on the continuing labor fight in Mexico

This is what’s come out this month, as tracked by Joe Surkiewicz (and blacked out by “our free press”)

From WSWS: Companies and police violently attack remaining strikes in Matamoros

A one-sided, short AP article in the SF Chronicle:

Mexican police break up 3 wildcat blockades at border plants

Ozy, a news website for people trendier than me: 

Labor protests rock Mexico’s low-cost reputation

Published in Dissent Mexican Labor Reawakens

#WinstonSmith, is that you? The establishment of Britain’s Ministry of Truth

From Lucy Morgan Edwards:

The walls are closing in on freedom of press, publishing and inquiry in the U.K. as a ‘Ministry of Truth’ is set up with the connivance of big tech and GCHQ.

Please find here a summary of the recent statements, meetings and events that have led to this awful state of affairs in the U.K..  It is compiled by the excellent news site, UK Column, which not being part of Theresa May’s Pravda, will soon find itself gone.  This on the day Julian Assange was dragged out of the Ecquadorian Embassy in London to his uncertain fate. 


Update on my health

Friends, as those of you who’ve long subscribed to News from Underground are well aware, I have been battling Lyme disease for quite some time—since the summer of 2011, although I wasn’t properly diagnosed until the fall of 2017.

Since then I’ve been treated for it by Dr. Kenneth Liegner, an eminent specialist up in Pawling, NY. Although it’s been a great relief to know exactly what’s been ailing me, and to be treated by a genuine expert (as opposed to the many charlatans who had been treating me for illnesses that I don’t have—some of them working at the finest hospitals in New York City, and at the Mayo Clinic), it’s also posed a great financial burden, since, as I explained in a long prior post, United Healthcare has consistently refused to reimburse me for my treatment. Like all the other major health insurance companies, United doesn’t think there’s such a thing as chronic Lyme disease (a view held also by the CDC).

This problem set me back by several thousand dollars, which I was finally able to afford thanks to a lot of friends, including many generous subscribers to this list. And now I’m forced to turn to you again, in order to afford the further therapies that I need now.

As I don’t want to bore you with the details of my recent treatment, let me say only that I’ve been quite sick these last several weeks, due largely to the side effects of an experimental drug that showed great promise in my case, affording me about a month, last year, of what felt like a cure. I then relapsed, and have been trying it again, more rigorously—a regimen whose side effects can be quite hard to take, as they have lately been for me.

This explains my silence since the middle of last month. Unable to afford acupuncture or massage—therapies that alleviated my symptoms—I’ve not felt well enough to keep this effort going on a daily basis. This has been especially frustrating for me, and, I expect, disappointing for you, now that the state and “our free press” are bluntly censoring so much important news on vital subjects of all kinds. With US “social media” now having gone Chinese, there is a dire need for lists like New from Underground; and so I’m asking you to help me keep it up.

Let me add that I’ve sustained considerable nerve damage—damage that could very likely be reversed by stem cell therapy, which tends to be expensive. (Harvesting the cells costs over $8,000.) As I’m now having trouble walking, and some difficulty seeing, and suffering other symptoms of neuropathy, I’m hoping I can also try that therapy as well.

So, if you appreciate this list as much as I believe in it myself, please consider either making a one-time donation, or paying for a monthly subscription, which you may do by clicking on “donations” at You can also donate to me directly via PayPal, at Believe me when I say that I will be extremely grateful for whatever sum you can afford.

Mark Crispin Miller