What’s up with those fires in Australia (AND California)?

According to the “logic” of the moment, the wildfires burning up Australia, like those that blasted some 2 million acres in California, are proof that “climate change” has now brought on the planetary emergency that we’ve been warned about for decades.

I put “logic” in scare quotes (so to speak) because that inference isn’t really logical at all—that is, not based on any actual forensic study of the fires in question—but an emotional reaction to the terroristic spectacle of all that fire, and its authoritative gloss by “our free press” as “proof” that “climate change” has brought us to the brink of global ruin. Under pressure of that grimly annotated spectacle, anyone who questions whether “climate change” has brought on such “unprecedented” fires is a “denialist” almost as dangerous as the fires themselves.   

While the “logic” of that panicked inference is quite unrelated either to pyrology or careful climatology, it would be wrong to say it has no scientific basis—for it does reflect directly on a science that those panicking cannot even perceive, much less comprehend: the science of propaganda. The long, incessant, ever-louder drumbeat of those climate-change assertions and predictions, culminating now in those convenient terrifying “proofs” that those assertions have been true, and those predictions accurate, comprise a global drama exemplifying propaganda at its most sophisticated, and certainly enhanced by yet another scientific coup that those “well-educated” panicked masses also can’t (or won’t) perceive.

That high technical accomplishment is geoengineering, whereby those fires would seem to have been created and prolonged. 

An enlightening video on Australia’s fires:

Relatedly, on the fact that Australia has not been unusually “dry” this last half-century, as widely advertised, but fairly wet (in a piece that blames poor forest management for the disaster):

Also relatedly, Australian police are claiming that the fires were caused by “arsonists” and lightning, not climate change (without suggesting that such “arsonists” may have been operating overhead):

On the apparent use of energy-directed weapons to set off the fires in California (three of many pieces on that question):

All this is—or should be—food for thought.


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