Smart meters and dirty electricity: A warning for all US city-dwellers

From Lila York:

I am subscribing to a series of talks on the 5G crisis, by engineers, scientists and doctors. I just listened to a talk by an electrical engineer—his website is above.What he says is that smart meters cause spikes in electricity of 10,000 volts all day long. The meters turn the entire electrical system of the building into antennae,and create “dirty electricity” which causes cancer faster than emf. All the illnesses people are suffering from smart meters are from this, not the emf radiation—which will also kill you, just more slowly.  This dirty electricity causes migraines, heart arrhythmia, insomnia and buzzing sounds in the ears. Thousands of New Yorkers could suffer heart attacks as a result of this. It also will double everyone’s electric bills even if you use less electricity. So now I guess we can see why Con Ed is so eager to install these things.

You need to subscribe to 5G crisis  to hear this and other interviews; but also check out the website above, and his short video on YouTube:

This guy makes a product that cleans up dirty electricity in homes. I have no idea if this can work in an apartment building. People who have been sickened report that all symptoms stopped when they installed this guy’s equipment. 

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