Did US pay for electronic vote-counts in Bolivia, to steal Morales’ re-election? (2)

Here are two crucial pieces on what's happened in Bolivia: a coup launched on the pretext of "irregularities"and "fraud" in Evo Morales' re-election. 

The first of these two pieces is a press release from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) in Washington, noting the results of a forensic study showing that the outcome of that "dubious" election wasn't dubious at all. This finding has, of course, gone unreported by the New York Times et al.,  which have, as usual, been bellowing the State Department line on Morales' ouster as a victory for democracy [sic]. "'The End of Tyranny,'" proclaimed the subhead of the Times' front-page celebration what clearly was—again—a coup.

So Morales, evidently, really was the people's choice; and yet that doesn't necessarily mean that hisre-election was entirely sound—because, according to the second piece below, the vote-count inBolivia had been conducted on some new machinery, paid for by the US embassy, along with the EUand other players, including the Jubileo Foundation, a "Bolivian think tank" whose leadership hadfretted publicly about Morales' alleged moves toward a "dictatorship." 

What all this means, in short, is that Bolivia was now equipped with the same sort of electronic voting infrastructure that's been used repeatedly to rig elections here, from coast to coast—aninfrastructure meant not just to make the vote-count faster, as advertised, but to make sure thatit doesn't go the way the US doesn't want it to; and so it's more than likely that Morales' actual victory margin was larger than reported.

I note that there are problems with the second piece, which doesn't name its author, and doesn'tdocument its claims. However, that it also fails to headline that explosive revelation, and buries it deep down in the 25th paragraph, suggests that it was not devised for propaganda purposes, but is quite true, and, as such, just one part of the larger awful truth of how the US took Morales out. (Indeed, the whole piece is worth reading.)

Thus Morales was apparently done in by the same election-fraud-cum-"democratic"-propaganda that has also been deployed against Maduro in Venezuela, among other leaders all around the world,without a peep about it not just by the Western corporate press but by our left/liberal press as well. Election theft is still blacked out by "our free press" across the board (unless it can be cast asPutin's doing). 


From the second piece below:

“[I]n the month of July a private meeting between the opponents Jaime Antonio Alarcón Daza, Iván Arias and other members of the civic committees was carried out, in which it was agreed to acquire “machines for fast vote counting” for the coming presidential elections, for the sake of manipulating public opinion on the electoral results.

“These machines would altogether have a cost of 300 thousand dollars. The U.S. Embassy and the representation of the European Union in the country would contribute financing the purchase, which they would provide through the Jubileo Foundation and the Evangelical Church. With that specific aim, they have already managed to gather more of $800 thousand dollars, from which the payment to the people participating in the fast count of votes would also come out.

“The intention is to locate the machines in each settled down election board and organizing through the civic committees their coverage (people trained beforehand for this maneuver) during all the electoral working day, this would be accompanied by a media coverage to invite the population to come along with this system of counting votes as a way of supervising the outcomes, without the mediation of the Electoral Supreme Court.”

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