70 doctors warn PM of Baden-Württemberg (in Germany) NOT to launch 5G

From Joel Moskowitz:
Doctors delegation moves to the State Ministry
Handover of an open letter on 5G in StuttgartDiagnose: Funk (wireless), Oct 23, 2019   (Google translation from German)

70 doctors from Baden-Württemberg have signed the open letter to Prime Minister Kretschmann. The physicians refer to the disease electrohypersensitivity (EHS), which according to studies already affects 5 to 10 percent of the population and caused by mobile and WLAN radiation. In addition, several relevant internal studies on the cancer-promoting and -auslösenden effect are cited in the open letter. The doctors’ demand on Kretschmann is to minimize exposure to electromagnetic fields – so-called electrosmog.

Therefore, they warn the Prime Minister before the introduction of 5G mobile.

The Doctors’ Action in front of the Ministry of State and the open letter were supported by the “Ärztegruppe Mobilfunk” and the “Ärzte-Arbeitskreis digitale Medien”. These are independent groups of physicians who take the international study on the health hazards of mobile phone radiation seriously and demand political consequences.

  • Dr. med. Cornelia Mästle, initiator of the open medical letter: “The World Health Organization (WHO) has called mobile phone radiation since 2011 ‘possibly carcinogenic’. The tumor-promoting, ie growth-promoting effect on cancerous tumors by mobile phone radiation is considered secure, as the Federal Office for Radiation Protection has also proven by its own studies. All of this justifies prevention strategies to protect the population, further research needs and a moratorium on 5G mobile communications. Prime Minister Kretschmann must not close his eyes and ears here before our legitimate concerns. “
  • Dr. med. Jörg Schmid, one of the initial signatories of the open letter: “The scientific evidence of an increased risk of cancer from mobile and WLAN radiation is clear. The WHO Expert Committee on Electromagnetic Fields therefore called for the upgrading to ‘probably carcinogenic’ or even ‘carcinogenic’ on 22.4.2019 due to new explosive study results. Prime Minister Kretschmann must therefore give up his one-sided 5G enforcement course. To protect the population, we need Wi-Fi-free schools and a 5G moratorium! “
  • “The studies on fertility damage in men using a smartphone in their trouser pockets and electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) urgently need to be on the table at the State Ministry,” Dr. med. Susanne Richter, also first signatory of the open medical letter. “The health of the population must come first. Prime Minister Kretschmann has to deal with this issue in detail instead of playing the servant of the mobile industry. I repeat the request of my colleagues: We need a moratorium on 5G mobile communications and we need WLAN-free schools! “

“If 70 physicians warn against 5G mobile communications, the state government must take this very seriously,” says Peter Hensinger, second chairman of diagnose: funk, who took part in the action. “The study situation is clearly at the expense of mobile and WLAN radiation. This is also confirmed by the brand-new study overview of leading international experts available in German since the day before yesterday. Now Prime Minister Kretschmann must act! “

The study overview (review) “Effects of high-frequency radiation of mobile phones and wireless devices on health and well-being” in German translation is available on the website of diagnostose: funk as a PDF download: articles / detail & newsid = 1465


Stuttgarter Zeitung: Doctors protest against 5G mobile communications

Stuttgarter Nachrichten: Doctors protest against 5G mobile communications

>>> TV report in Regio TV StuttgartPhoto caption: Handover of the open letter to the representative of the Civic Participation Unit. Picture: Julian Rettig / diagnosis: radio

Open letter: Doctors warn about 5G       September 2019

Dear Mr. Kretschmann,

With great concern for the health of our patients and the population in our region, we turn to you personally today.

An increasing number of people suffers from nonspecific symptoms such as headaches, sleep disorders, tinnitus, difficulty concentrating, nervousness, arrhythmia, burnout etc. Often it is only after years randomly found that the symptoms improve in not a few affected in mobile wireless areas. Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), caused by ever-increasing exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), already affects 5 to 10 percent of the population today (1). The dangers associated with mobile communications are well known to science and mobile operators (2). For example, Telekom writes in its manual for the Telekom router Speedport Smart 2017 on page 21:

“The integrated antennas of your Speedport send and receive radio signals, for example for the provision of your WLAN. Avoid setting up your Speedport in close proximity to bedrooms, children’s rooms and lounges to minimize exposure to electromagnetic fields. “

Numerous studies have shown clear indications of the cancer-promoting effect of mobile phone radiation (3). Scientists warn against the dangers of the new mobile communications standard 5G, which is to be introduced in the express procedure without technology assessment (4). The only chance to prevent a further dramatic increase in electrohypersensitive individuals and worsening of symptoms among those already affected is to minimize exposure to “electrosmog”.

Please allow us in a personal conversation to illustrate the problem in more detail. We would like to explain to you the possibilities to operate on the part of the policy provision by information. A first overview gives an Arte post, now available at

With thanks for the opportunity for a personal conversation and best regards

Dr. med. Cornelia Mästle med. Susanne Richter med. Joerg Schmid   

Internal Medicine Specialist Orthopedic Specialist in Psychiatry       

(1) EUROPEAN Guideline 2016 on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related complaints and diseases                                          

(2) Wilke, I .: Biological and pathological effects of radiation of 2.45 GHz on cells, fertility, brain and behavior     

(3) Cancer-promoting effect of mobile phone radiation (Annex A)                                                    

(4) Scientists 5G appeal

Signed by 70 doctors, see PDF under Downloads.

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