Udo Ulfkotte talks about the CIA’s (and BND’s) corruption of the news

Udo Ulfkotte's book Gekaufte Journalisten was scheduled to come out in English some two years ago, under thetitle Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News—and then  it didn't, and never has. On Amazon you'll findthat a few hard copies are (ostensibly) for sale at prohibitive prices, $900 or $1,000; and that, if you should orderone of them (as someone generously offered to enable me to do), the vendor will inform you that the book is not available after all. (Such, at least, was my experience, not once but twice.)

In any case, here's a video of a talk that Ulfkotte gave on the subject in 2015. He talks mainly about the corruptionof the press through bribery of various kinds, managed by the CIA and BND (German intelligence). Toward the end of the part that's subtitled (about the first 48 minutes) he also talks about his (highly controversial) books on the immigration crisis in Germany. Those rightist works have been deployed to cast him as a crank given to( what else?) "conspiracy theory"—which, for all I know, they may well be; but I for one would like very much to read his book on journalists, and find this lecture whole credible, and eye-opening.

Ulfkotte died, at 57, of a heart attack (reportedly), a few years after that forbidden book came out in Germany.


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