Toronto’s top librarian refuses to bar talk by Meghan Murphy

Murphy on the anti-feminist impact of trans fascism:

"We are now at a place where we are not only allowing men to dictate what a woman is, but to destroy hard-fought-for rights won by feminists, very quickly, without any public debate. We are putting women and girls in danger in order to avoid offending the feelings of a tiny minority of people, without a public debate. We are allowing women to be fired, threatened, harassed, smeared, silenced, intimidated, ostracized, and even beaten in order to accommodate the feelings of men. This is what’s actually happening, and I don’t care if this is shocking for some of you here, because it’s true, and I refuse to accept or repeat lies under threat, especially lies that are clearly hurtful."

That passage comes from Murphy's remarks at Vancouver Public Library in January (an appearance ferociously contested by trans-activists, and that the library itself tried to prevent):

On Twitter banning Meghan Murphy for "hateful conduct"—i.e., calling a man a "man,"even though he calls himself a woman:


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