There IS a revolution simmering in the USA—against forced vaccination (and 5G)

And when it comes, it won't be from the US "left," but from parents in defense of their own children, and countless others worried about their health, while the NYTimes et al. will go on jeering those concerns.From Dick Atlee, on those 93,000 signatures in Maine, on a call to veto the state's mandatory vaccination law:

One of those volunteers, the mother of five children, put her entire life on hold and collected 4,000 signatures (!). As of the press conference they had a save margin of 74,000 that had already survived checking by the various towns’ town clerks. I’ve done a lot of signature collecting on Maine ballot initiatives over the years, the latest being Death With Dignity, and I’ve NEVER heard of that quick a gathering of that many signatures!

I regret to say that — despite my considerable activism against the bill —I doubted (and told them so) the wisdom of even trying for such a short horizon when the bill doesn’t go into effect until September 2021. I was sure as hell wrong about THAT.


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