Protect yourself from WiFi, 5G, dirty energy! NYC event on Wednesday, 10/30

The Green Sanctuary Committee and NYC 5G Wake-up Call present:


WHEN: Wednesday October 30th, 7 pm

WHERE: “The Gallery” – 28 East 35th Street, red door between Park and Madison Avenue, Manhattan

SUGGESTED DONATION: $5, no one turned away


Patti Wood, filmmaker and educator from Grassroots Environmental Education

EMF remediation specialist Terri from Wireless Safety Solutions

Since the 1980s, levels of atmospheric microwaves radiating from wi-fi, cell phones, cell towers, “smart meters” and other smart devices have increased by a factor of a quintillion. These EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) are compounded by electrical currents or “dirty electricity” emanating from aging or poorly-shielded transformers, electrical wiring and transmission lines. Even more alarming is the latest iteration of wireless technology known as 5G that uses harmful millimeter wave pulse frequencies, originally developed as military-grade energy weaponry for use in crowd control.

EMFs, dirty electricity and especially millimeter wave pulsed frequencies are incompatible with the body’s own biological electrical system and exposure can lead to serious illnesses including diabetes, DNA damage, and cancer.

Learn more about the growing threat of wi-fi, 5G and “dirty electricity” and find out how you can mitigate exposure in your home and stay safe.

Sponsored by the Green Sanctuary Committee CCNY,UU:

and NYC 5G Wake-Up Call:———- Forwarded message ———
From: Cat McGuire <>
Date: Sun, Oct 27, 2019 at 11:22 PM
Subject: 5G dangers – very important talk by Dr. Beverly Rubik – Nov 18
To: Cat McGuire <>
5G, the new generation of wireless technology, is fraught with disturbing health hazards and surveillance capabilities, and yet is being rapidly rolled out across the country with barely any public education or approval process.  Unlike distant cell phone towers, the 5G antennas are being installed in our neighborhoods every 200-1,000 feet, directly at apartment window levels!  The 5G installation below is right on my corner.  How far away is your home from a 5G installation?
Bonus factoid — Did you know Con Ed workmen implementing 5G boxes are instructed not to stay near them longer than 20 minutes?  
What: The Perils of Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless: Health, Environmental and Political DimensionsWho:  Dr. Beverly Rubik, an expert from California in biophysics and energy medicineWhen:  Monday, November 18, 2019, 7:00-9:30 pmWhere: Union Theological Seminary – the ChapelAddress:  3041 Broadway (121st/122nd)Cost: Suggested donation – $10 or students $5(Truth in advertising:  Dr. Rubik will be staying at my home)

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