On the food-industrial complex, and the basis of sound nutrition: Artemis Simopoulos to speak in NYC on 10/15

From Daphne Pinkerson:

Artemis Simopoulos (my mother-in-law) will be speaking as part of the Great Thinkers series at Hunter College on October 15th at 6:45pm.  It’s open to the public, but they request an RSVP.   Here is the RSVP link:–cultur–culture-at-hunter-collegee-at-hunter-college

The event will be in Hemmerdinger Hall on the 7th floor the East Building at Hunter College. Enter campus on the SE corner of Lexington Avenue and 68th Street, and you’ll be directed to the room where Artemis will be speaking. I hope you’re free that evening. I think you’ll find it very interesting!

Great Thinkers

Artemis Simopoulos | Tuesday, October 15th at 6:45pm

Known for her groundbreaking research on Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in the 1980’s, Dr. Simopoulos’ insights resulted in a clash with vegetable-oil lobbyists and the pharmaceutical industry. But soon after, her theories were validated scientifically and accepted by nutritionists and the public. Her books include the 2008 Aristeon Award-winning, The Omega Diet, and The Omega Plan. Among her numerous honors and awards is the first Presidential Award for Studies in the Field of Obesity and Weight Control. 

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