Kenyan doctors claim that UNICEF’s tetanus vaccine is sterilizing women

The UN's commitment to "population control" appears to be manifest in UNICEF's tetanus vaccination of Kenyan women—a story most of us won't read, or hear, or see, just like the story of the 47,500 Indians killed by vaccines imported by the Gates Foundation. (On that, see below what I sent out on Jan. 14.) 



My email on the Gates eugenics program, sent out on 1/14/18:

About a month ago, I noted that, if you search "India polio cases Gates" on DuckDuckGo,you find broad coverage of the Gates' catastrophic polio vaccine campaign in India,resulting in the deaths or paralysis of 47,500 people; whereas, if you search those same terms on Google, you get two pieces on that "mishap," buried in the midstof many paeans to the program, most of them from Gates himself or his p.r. machine—"India Records One Year Without Polio Cases" (from the Gates Foundation); "'Ending polio in India is the world's greatest health achievement,' says Bill Gates" (from the Telegraph); "The Secret To Polio Eradication In India" (from Forbes), and on and on and on. 

Since propaganda largely works by telling us what we prefer to hear, the probableeffect of that first page of Google search results was to wash away those two discordant headlines, casting them as cranky deviations from the happy (fake) consensus that the Gates campaign was (a) benign and (b) a great humanitarian success. The only readers likely to think otherwise would be those few who know enough already not to swallowthat "consensus," presuming that those two  "eccentric" pieces can't be true.

I called that item, "Google is a propaganda tool for Bill Gates and Big Pharma (among other evils)," which you may find here:

Thus it was primarily a piece on thought control, and only tacitly about what Gates had really done in India, and why—as to which, a friend has passed along Jean Perior's new essay in New Eastern Outlook, on the eugenics program that Bill Gates bluntly advocated not so long ago, and that other, larger players have been pursuing aggressively for decades, all over the world. 

"So, with all these facts being known to the media for a long time," Perier concludes, "how much longer will it take for the international community to prosecute the criminal activities of Western financial elites aimed at the extermination of the population of our planet?"

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is, "A whole lot longer," because those "facts" are "known to" a "free press" that only buries them, with Google helping them to hide the awful truth.  


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