It’s happening on your dime. Don’t look away from it.

The massacre in Gaza just goes on and on—with full US support, and (therefore) not a peep aboutit in the Western media. "Our free press" bellows endlessly about the (largely US-driven) protests in Hong Kong, and the oppression of the Uighurs and Rohingya: ills used to attack the devil powers in (what Winston Smith knows as) Eastasia, while Israel's daily slaughter of the Palestinians in Gaza—the world's biggest open-air prison—gets no press in the corporate media, and almost nonein the left/liberal press, no matter how atrocious Israel's practices.

Please take a moment to donate whatever sum you can afford to Amal Arafa's group of volunteernurses over there:


From Amal Arafa: 

This is what we are exposed to every day

This past week, a young man was killed—shot in the chest—and over 60 people wounded. Such violence is routing for the Israeli military, and we do what we can to help the injured.

I don’t want to write too much. All we need from you is just a little help so we can keep up our humanitarian work; so I can hope that you will share the link below with friends, so we can pay for what we need so desperately: first aid supplies, antibiotics and painkillers.AmalNurse in the Gaza Strip


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