Hillary’s “feminism” strikes again

The problem here is actually threefold. 

First, and most obviously, there's Hillary's usual egregiously bad faith as a "feminist," whereby what'smeant is that she strove (and is, God help us, striving still) to be America's First Female President. Such "feminism" never has prevented her from jeering and defaming women who charge male members (so to speak) of her team with sexual predation. Thus what is, or was, REALLY BAD when, say, Trump, or Brett Kavanaugh, or Clarence Thomas does or did it is okay, or never happened, when her own bestial husband did it (and in his case we're talking rape as well as sexual harassment), or when Joe "The Groper" Biden does it, as he has for years.

And speaking of The Groper, there's another problem in the fact, which the NYTimes et al. have carefullysuppressed, that it's not only women whom he's stroked and nuzzled with increasingly senile abandonbut—serially, right out in the open—little girls. Thus the scourge of elite pedophilia all too often vanishes into the liberal fogbank of #MeToo, with its range of (mostly) upper-middle-class victims. 

And then there's the less lurid problem of what we might call the "DNC premise" of this article, andHillary's defense, which is that Biden is "the Democratic front-runner"—which, I'm sorry, but I don'tbelieve he is or ever was, the myth of his supremacy having been contrived through sketchy polling,so as to upstage Bernie Sanders: Biden is, in short, every bit as popular as he deserves for his integrity,his honesty, his clarity of mind, his belief in peace and civil rights, and his respect for girls and women.


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