Greta Thunberg’s “climate movement,” and the “Green New Deal,” will actually DESTROY the planet, in the name of saving it. (MUST-HEAR interviews with Naomi Wolf and Cory Morningstar)

Those twin propaganda masterpieces have too many of us hypnotized—a lethal trance, induced to servethe very interests that have brought us all to the environmental brink. 

Please listen to these interviews, and send them far and wide.


This week’s Global Research News Hour takes a critical look at the Green New Deal and the Greta Thunberg inspired climate actions from a perspective acknowledging the severity of the climate crisis. In the first half hour journalist, author and political consultant Naomi Wolf reveals some of the troublesome and undemocratic aspects of the Green New Deal resolution presented by Congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes. In the second half hour, investigative journalist and long time environmental activist presents her research into Greta Thunberg’s background, the elite interests that have encircled her, and the documentation detailing detrimental environmental and social consequences from an elite agenda being masked by benign sounding sustainability initiatives.

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