Aluminum and you (MUST-READ)

From Dick Atlee:

One of the things that has become increasingly clear in research over the
past decade is the role of aluminum in neurodegenerative diseases, from
Alzheimers and autism to multiple sclerosis. New research findings are
coming out of laboratories in the U.K., Japan, France, and Israel — though
very definitely not in the U.S. Much of the work is funded privately or by
agencies/institutions that are not beholden to the pharmaceutical industry.
This is because

(a) aluminum salts (“adjuvants” to stimulate an immune response that
otherwise would not happen) are key to any effectiveness offered by
vaccines that are based on killed or attenuated antigens, and
(b) it is growing increasingly clear that the aluminum in vaccines is
ending up in the central nervous system (CNS) of recipients.

Both these findings are extremely dangerous to the pharmaceutical industry.

The keys to the connection between aluminum and neurodegenerative disease
became available when it was found that, unlike ingested aluminum, injected
aluminum is picked up by macrophage cells which eventually end up in the
CNS before the aluminum finally kills them, depositing the aluminum there.

Aluminum has long been known to be a serious neurotoxin and inducer of
inflammation (particularly dangerous in the brain), and the connection
between it and Alzheimers and autism was strengthened by the research of
Dr. Chrisopher Exley in the U.K., widely acknowledged as the world’s
premier expert on aluminum and its interaction with biological systems  —
see more at and .

His research found unprecedented levels of aluminum in the brains of
victims of both those diseases.

The pharmaceutical industry and medical profession have traditionally
deflected concerns about aluminum by ignoring (and aggressively obscuring):

(a) the difference between inGESted aluminum and inJECted aluminum — “You
get lots of aluminum in breast milk and everything you eat,”
(b) the significant impact of the allegedly “tiny” bit of aluminum in
vaccines — “There’s more aluminum in breast milk than the tiny bit of
aluminum in vaccines”, and
(c) the difference between chronic and acute exposure to the toxin* —
again, breast milk vs. vaccines.

Prominent vaccine-spokesman physicians such as Dr. Paul Offit of the
Philadelphia Children’s Hospital falsely assert that aluminum has a role in
essential human biological processes, deliberately obscuring the research
that has shown, quite to the contrary, that over 200 metabolic reactions
are damaged by aluminum.

This perspective is important immunization against the drumbeat falsehood that “[all] vaccines are safe.” A significant proportion of vaccines contain various aluminum salts (all of which are subject to the sameproblematic dynamic Exley describes):

 Diptheria/Tetanus/attenuated Pertussis
 Hepatitis A
 Hepatitis B
 Haemophilus Influenza
 Human Papilloma Virus
 Japanese Encephalitis
 Meningitis B

In further immunizing yourself, I would recommend a fascinating and very accessible interview with Exley on Youtube from last June:


Exley discusses what his research has uncovered, and specifically addresses these issues, while also taking pains to acknowledge that we live in the
“Aluminum Age” and that there is nothing inherently wrong with aluminum as
long as it is used in ways that do not present biological danger. He
describes how aluminum — the second most plentiful element on earth — has for billions of years been chemically tied up in the earth’s crust and thus unavailable to biological processes during their evolutionary development.
Since it was released on them by man in the 1800s, its chemical nature —
with its +3 charge — has been a destructive influence on all of these
unprepared processes. He also describes the way water rich in silica (the
compound to which aluminum is bound in the earth’s crust) removes aluminum from the body.


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