A great website now censored by Facebook

I strongly recommend that you subscribe to 21st Century Wire, which has been censored by Facebook. It's an excellent site overall, now in the cyber-doghouse for its Syria coverage in particular.

The notice just below is from my friend Patrick Henningsen.


WE ARE GOING TO NEED YOUR HELP SHARING OUR CONTENT GOING FORWARD: I believe I’m being targeted for censorship by Facebook and/or Users who routinely report to FB anything I post from 21WIRE as ‘abusive content’. For example, I just tried to share latest Syria post at 21WIRE, and look what Facebook just did to my account – a 3 month ban on sharing any content to/or from my Account to/from Groups or Friends. I can’t even share a Friend’s post to my page. I’ve had weekly bans sharing to Groups before, but never seen anything like this. Facebook has ZERO accountability, they give no reason or evidence for their blanket censorship. Look:

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