Something’s rotten in the Botham Jean murder case

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I’m very disturbed by the messages of forgiveness surrounding Amber Guyger’s murder of Botham Jean. The way the story progressed last year followingthe murder was odd, because the murderer’s story changed three or four times. Here’s an interview with a witness, Bunny:

She made a recording with her phone after hearing theshots, then hearing Botham ask, “Why did you shoot me?” But the video was seized by prosecutors, and Bunny put under a gag order. The video hasnot been seen by the public. Bunny was fired from her job, her Instagram account (where she was selling clothes—mostly t-shirts, nothing in the least obscene), and started having somany issues on the back end of her website that she had to take it down. I’m currently trying to find some information on Botham before he was murdered, or some early reports of the murder.

Have you seen anything?

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